Running for weight loss - the basic rules

December 3, 2009

  • Running for weight loss - the basic rules
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 Running for weight loss
   Many people start running to lose weight. Indeed, running provides a very intense exercise that, with due persistence can help to cope with the extra weight. A person weighing 75 kg can burn about 100 calories, running only 1, 2 km away. However, to lose weight with the help of the run, you need to adhere to certain rules.

 Running for weight loss - the basic rules


Regular jogging does not eliminate the need to monitor the amount of calories consumed .  While running, the body burns a lot of calories, there is a strong sense of hunger, and people often allow themselves fairly high-calorie food, believing that to get rid of excess energy and fat during the next run .  However, the next time he will face the same temptation .  Therefore, many people began to run, find that their weight is not reduced, and sometimes even increases .  To deal with the uncontrolled consumption of food, for a few weeks write down everything you eat and drink, and every two or three days re-read my notes and at the same time, at least approximately, calculates how many calories you've got and how many - burned .  Rather, the results of such introspection make you take responsibility for your diet, even if you're running hard .  Total nutrition advice is simple - more complex carbohydrates, fiber and lean protein, less saturated and trans fats and simple carbohydrates .

 Running for weight loss - the basic rules

Follow the training plan

Following a clear plan of training, painted a few weeks ahead, is the most simple and effective way to motivate yourself to continue to run despite the laziness and other distractions. You will know exactly what you need to do today and tomorrow to get a certain result within a week and a month. Due to this transfer exercise for later easy - you'll know exactly what to lose, if you go on about your own laziness. In addition, the study plan will avoid the injuries that often get novice runners seeking to immediately run for five or ten kilometers a day. Training plan you can make yourself, but it is better to ask the advice of an experienced coach or a person who himself has long been run.

 Running for weight loss - the basic rules

Run regularly

If you do not want to deal with on a definite plan, you will still need to adhere to certain regulations, as you can not lose weight if you will run once a week. Ideally, you should run at least a little every day, but if that is not possible, run at least three or four times a week.

 Running for weight loss - the basic rules

Run speed

Fast running allows to burn a lot of calories in a short period of time. In addition, alternating jogging with an average speed with fast jog, make workouts more interesting. Finally, a quick run increases muscle mass, which means that the body will expend more calories even while at rest.

 Running for weight loss - the basic rules

If running does not help to lose weight

It often happens that a person runs regularly for a few months, and if the scales stopped at one place. Faced with this problem, you must first pay attention to your diet. As mentioned above, excessive calories may negate all the efforts that you are making on the treadmill.

Furthermore, the weight is not the most accurate indicator of the effectiveness of your weight loss program. Muscle tissue is denser than fat, and weight can be "no place to stand" because of what you build muscle mass. Measure your waist and hips, listen to the general state of health, to assess how running has helped reshape your body.

If running does not help to lose weight, should further reduce the consumption of calories (it is desirable to consult with a nutritionist) and increase the intensity of your workouts. If even these measures will not help to lose weight, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Yoga and scoliosis - asanas will help to strengthen the back muscles

May 3, 2014

 Yoga and scoliosis
 Yoga and scoliosis Scoliosis - when the spine is curved  Scoliosis - when the spine is curved
   - The combination of these concepts are not all experts are perceived with enthusiasm. However, there is experience in the treatment of scoliosis yoga. But the exercises (asanas) should be selected at the same time a trained taking into account features of the scoliosis patient.


Yoga for scoliosis

Scoliosis - a lateral curvature of the spine, which requires long-term systematic application of complex treatment. A major component of an integrated treatment of scoliosis is physiotherapy. This treatment is able to exercise stress in the early stages of the disease completely heal scoliosis, and later - to significantly improve the patient's condition and stop the progression of the disease.

Patients try to make a contribution in the treatment of scoliosis Scoliosis: treatment and prevention  Scoliosis: treatment and prevention
 Including using a variety of health practices, such as yoga. Unfortunately, the majority of orthopedic trauma no significant experience in the treatment of scoliosis yoga. Most are engaged in non-professional, which is a big minus.

Nevertheless, there is clinical evidence that carefully, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient and the characteristics of the disease, selected exercises (asanas) of yoga can help treat scoliosis. But clear scientifically verified recommendations on the use of yoga for scoliosis treatment does not exist. In contrast, medical gymnastics, traditionally used for the treatment of scoliosis.


Yoga and scoliosis - is it worth the risk?

Yoga - an ancient Indian spiritual practice, aimed at the spiritual and physical perfection of man. One of the areas is hatha yoga - yoga - a system of preparation of the physical body for complex meditations. The exercises, which are used in hatha yoga are called asanas. Each asana in a certain way affects a particular part of the body, so the asanas are performed not only for the improvement of the physical body, but also for the treatment of diseases.

Treatment of scoliosis yoga is also practiced. That's right, of course, if physical exercise for scoliosis Exercises for scoliosis - strengthening muscles that support the spine  Exercises for scoliosis - strengthening muscles that support the spine
   appoints orthopedic trauma. But it is not always. Therefore, all patients with scoliosis should know that yoga is relatively safe only at the initial stages of scoliosis in the absence of disease progression. If you begin to apply your own asanas at substantially curvature of the spine, you can get the desired result is the opposite.


Popular postures for scoliosis

There are some simple asanas, which are aimed at removing tension from the muscles, improve the elasticity of the spine. These asanas are relatively safe, they can be used for scoliosis, however, the high efficiency of this treatment can not be guaranteed.

  • Asan Cat. Starting position (SP) - on all fours, hands shoulder width apart much abut the floor, hips and knees - on the same level; make a slow smooth bending of the back, connect the blades and lightly stick out your buttocks; for a few seconds to stay in this position, and then do the reverse movement: open shoulders and hips inward, forming a back arc; exercise can be repeated several times.
  • Asana Rabbit. IP - sitting on the floor with legs stretched forward; bend the right foot under the right buttock and the left - under the left buttock; put his hands on his knees and make a slow breath through your nose; clasp your hands behind your heels, bend forward and take a breath, his forehead touching the floor between his knees; moving back and forth to the buttocks until your elbows are not straighten; to remain in that position for a few seconds; repeat the exercise several times;
  • Asana Snake (effectively relaxes the muscles of the back). IP - lying on his stomach, his legs stretched out together; bending your elbows, palms stretch the floor level of the pelvis, raise your head (exhale) and pull the body up, gradually straighten your hands; make two of inhalation and exhalation and bend even more, thus ensure that the legs are not expenses; stay in this position for a few seconds, and then slowly and gradually return to the SP.

Yoga for scoliosis should be carried out carefully, every new exercise should be introduced gradually, observing their condition and prevent any pain. If the pain is still there, the sessions should be discontinued.

The first lesson is best done with a coach who will select the most suitable exercises and teach them to properly perform.

Like many other physical exercises Myths about exercise: do not believe  Myths about exercise: do not believe
 Yoga for scoliosis may benefit, but only if the asanas correctly chosen, taking into account the type of scoliosis, the degree of curvature of the spine and the presence or absence of violations of other organs.

Galina Romanenko

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