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January 2, 2011

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Treatment of inflammatory bowel disease

Depending on the diagnosis, gastroenterologists usually prescribe a number of medications to stop the inflammatory processes in the following phases:

  • Control: to suppress and control the inflammatory process, prescribed by a special anti-inflammatory medications. In some cases, when an overactive immune system, administration of drugs recommended that act as inhibitors of the immune system. In particularly serious cases, the inflammation may be prescribed steroids.
  • Protection: antifungals and antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?  Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?
   prescribed for extermination of pathogenic bacteria and protect the body against infection caused by inflammatory bowel disease. To get rid of the pain and discomfort prescribed painkillers.
  • Maintaining a diet: for patients with inflammatory bowel disease are recommended certain changes in the diet. In some cases excluded from the diet of wheat and all its products, dairy, and refined products. In inflammatory bowel disease are recommended Special supplements Food additives - basic classification  Food additives - basic classification
   vitamin E, vitamin C, magnesium and glutamine.
  • Certain changes in lifestyle - such as smoking cessation in the case of Crohn's disease - are also recommended in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. To speed up the recovery process recommended adequate physical activity and maintaining a proper balance of moisture in the body. For patients suffering from depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
 Prescribed by a special anti-depressants are available to reduce the symptoms of depression and to control the inflammatory process.
  • Surgery: In severe cases of ulcerative colitis, doctors resort to surgical intervention. Depending on the degree of damage to the surgical method removes part or all of the colon to prevent the spread of infection to other organs. Gastroenterologists recommend surgery only when other treatments have failed. In most cases, however, surgery is the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease is not applicable.

After a series of studies on alternative methods of treating inflammatory bowel disease, it has been proven that the most effective possess:

  • Acupressure
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Acupuncture

To resort to these methods of treatment must only under the supervision of a qualified physician, and only after an assessment of the severity of the condition. The discomfort caused by inflammatory bowel disease, in some cases, may facilitate natural remedies - such as garlic Garlic health: almost a panacea  Garlic health: almost a panacea
 , Chamomile tea extract, fish oil, probiotics.

Inflammatory bowel disease: symptoms and treatment - Forum

January 2, 2011

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Symptoms and Treatment
  • Causes
  • Treatment
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I read comments here and horrified. People are calling you to something? Sitting at home and die, but do not go to the doctor? I am sure that all the brave souls who are here so rush to the words about the fact that you need to wait for a chair with blood in order to visit the doctor, just have no clue about the disease, otherwise silent. Do not listen, you have to go to the hospital if you feel bad, even a little.
Inna, I agree with you. With this disease should be immediately to the doctor, especially when it comes to children. So no, many run to the pharmacy and consult with a pharmacist. Or when any disease is one magic pill - paracetamol. Herself to treat such things seriously, especially if the kids are sick, once in the hospital, you never know that there are any signs of the disease.
I believe that it is necessary to see a doctor only when severe pain and when to forgive, diarrhea with blood coming out of you. A simple bowel disorder and not leaving the house can be eliminated. Firstly, starvation, and secondly, the simple antibiotics intestine. Go and furazolidone in every house there will. If each breakdown in the clinic to run, then the glory of feeble to ... you provided.
Yes, a simple hunger + antibiotics directly into the hearse. The horror! What kind of nonsense you are talking about? Where can I know this is a simple or a complex disorder and what consequences it has for a bear? Any discomfort in the gut - this is a reason to see a doctor and be tested, instead of waiting, as you say - Calla blood. Girls, do not let it go ever, and even then, such as Olga tearing his hair for lost time!
Timka, well, you're delusional or what? What is diarrhea with blood? Maybe teeth should be treated as already fall out and not ache? It is interesting to me would be to look at your card. You are either very healthy or just really stupid. There is another option, of course, *** Istan, but it's your own business. And advise others to go to the hospital only when there is almost nothing you can do better not.
Timka, yeah, better yet go to the doctor for a certificate of death - what nonsense are you talking about? If it's a simple breakdown that takes place in a day or two, and then we can drink kefir at home, but if it continues for a long time, then you need to sound the alarm and run to the doctor. A decision on antibiotics in any case should not be taken by yourself! This should be done by the doctor. Self-medication is not allowed.
Increasingly cause "fast" to children and adolescents who complain of severe abdominal pain, vomiting, poor stool, etc. When the doctors come, it turns out that the day before kids nalopalis any rubbish (chips kirieshek, snacks, etc.) or go to McDonald's. So I ask, from health to take, if we do give their children money for such rubbish!
Here nalopayutsya once bad chips and fast food. Will they feel bad, but next time will think a hundred times before taking a crap in your mouth. Teens because they are so far on the example will not check, do not understand. And there's so much ponasovetovali: and just run to the doctor that self-engaged. I think everywhere should have its own middle. May soon cause not worth it except stabbing pain medication can not do anything.
That's right, Michael! What is there to talk about polrastayuschem generation even when we vzroschennye on environmentally friendly products in the villages grandmothers suffer from pain in the gastrointestinal tract. And we raise their children in the sausages. in chickens, which are stuffed with penicillin and sweets made with the addition of emulsifiers and palm oil. So the worst is yet to come!
When my mother was taken to the emergency room with severe pain in the abdomen, the doctors thought at first that it is related to gynecology. It was assigned to emergency surgery, and on the operating table, it turned out that she is an inflammation in the sigmoid colon. After discharge, he appointed a strict diet for life and "reassured" that there is no guarantee that this will not happen again.
Natalia, Yeah story. Unfortunately it is not uncommon. But the causes of this disease are not named? It's so much easier to prevent a recurrence, if you know where the shoe pinches. But then again they are just that, and on the operating table. A person at the age of such stress is absolutely necessary, and young too. The best remedy is, of course, prevention.
The intestine - is the cornerstone of the human body. It is impossible to live without. Therefore, all problems must be solved necessarily a physician. Chephirah, and diet, herbs - is very good, but only a doctor can determine what's really going on. Inflammatory processes in the peritoneum - it is very painful and life-threatening. Take care of health - it is you have one!
Marina, the truth of the verb! Only in this way and no other. Self-medication in this situation - not an option, and indeed always greater expert will tell about the disease than you look on the internet or books. Fits all seriously, do not leave the issue for later, the body is undergoing tests every six months and do not tighten until recently, it is fraught with consequences.
Ltd., today remembered the case when Kompashki went to bathe in the indoor pond naturally pobesitsya there ponaglotalis little water and on the same day all came down with the stomach. It turned out, E. coli, well, we have recovered more quickly. In general, I advise on almost all occasions activated carbon. It helps to fight bloating, and displays the bacteria from the body.
Oh, no, Dyusya, this advice is not for me! I'm in the spirit of this coal can not stand, especially from inflammation he does not help, and generally pretty useless pills. If we really hurts the gut, then in addition to antibiotics are unlikely to help. But first, you still need to do ultrasound or kopologrammu, otherwise the risk and exacerbate the problem Increase the treatment.
There's less than someone unsubscribed, it is better not to engage in self-medicate, and it is better to go to the doctor. With normal medical care, of course. But our - is another matter. Can pain and frivolous and will do, and doctors will have to pay for the survey a lot of money. There have been cases, as a result of her stomach because of something bad prepared and quickly passed, and money has already been paid for the survey.
So what Yaroslav! Do not spare money on their health, it is better to prevent than to treat, after frantically trying. After all, ignoring the cramps, you can skip this terrible disease as cancer or polyps in the intestines, and in fact they are detected by ultrasound (which also costs money). We have one woman died, thinking that she had a stomach ache, and polyps appeared!
Dear comrades should be treated by a doctor. The more inflammation in the intestine may be masked gynecological problems. You treat women's issues, and assist each should be treated. And not grandmother's methods, and after a detailed examination. For simple inflammation can hide cancers. So a doctor and a doctor!
I think a simple diarrhea is also a manifestation of colitis. What? Here, too, irritated bowel wall, so the food whistling flies. First Aid at my grandmother was this: she took dried cherries, pour a handful of boiled water in a cup, boil a little bit, and how to cool down - it gave dine. An hour later, the problem goes away. That's what a folk remedy.
Licking, you are deeply mistaken, simple diarrhea can be caused by poisoning some food or medicines, rotavirus infection, even SARS, but it does not necessarily have to be associated with inflammation! Everything is much more complicated. Bowel disease, even inflammation can cause severe pain and sometimes chronic colitis becomes cancer. I know that the treatment of colitis well helps fennel and anise.
Veronica, that's for sure. Our gut is actually a very sensitive organ, ready to react to the slightest irritation. So it should be very careful with him. Any poor quality food or a viral infection can cause symptoms that will not find it! So I never eat on the street, and at the slightest symptoms of a cold start taking antiviral drugs.
My brother recently had such. It is very hard ill before this (month lain with the temperature reached almost to 41 degrees). The doctor said it was due to the general weakening of the body. I do not know how much this is likely, but their assigned treatment helped pretty quickly. But while he was ill, we have gone through so much! He had a horrible pain. Now it's normal.
Christine, your brother must necessarily be examined in order to establish the true cause of the condition, which he had. Especially because now it is not the acute period. It is possible that all of the symptoms, including fever, a disease associated with. He needs to examine the colon and then the doctor will tell you whether it should be treated with some drugs.
Diseases associated with the intestines, very much. But they are all connected by one feature - the wrong chair, and pain in the gastrointestinal tract. And all this is happening because of the wrong of our food, dear comrades. If you have put more hot and liquid, it is necessary to do so. There is nothing in a hurry to eat all kinds of junk fudami yes pies of questionable test.
What makes you think that fast-food is the fault of these dangerous intestinal diseases? Is there any scientific basis? I know that due to the large calorie, all those burgers and hot dogs lead to obesity. But what to do, life is not the same to go hungry all day or soup in a saucepan to work to carry. A direct way to ulcers is very spicy Korean food)
That's right, Louise. I treated my husband on this sore on their own, he visited periodic attacks. Tired of lying on the hospital, I learned everything on the disease and made the so-called cure. First of all, it replaced the diet - only hot liquid, milk and jam. At the same time anti-inflammatory herbal infusions, the same daisy with celandine before meals for half an hour. For several years now everything is fine, mmm.
Larissa, well, you did not kill her husband infusion of celandine. And maybe this is what achieved? This is a very dangerous grass! It is in any case should not be taken by yourself! It causes severe burns mucosal toxic liver and kidney damage. Who do you say that it can help in diseases of your husband? And you advise others to do the same?
Marina N., well, you and skazanuli! I'm not the first day of married, not because the concentrate or pure juice of celandine gave and a small leaf in the tea leaves. Without you, I know that it is a poisonous herb. And without it, the effect is not so. It is necessary for the poison and germs and bacteria in the stomach. Generally speaking, everybody loves a winner. Now everything is fine, and then all I wish. I'm proud of myself that helped improvised means.
Larissa, if you know something in medicine, you would know that the stomach bacteria can not live other than Helicobacter, which is able to escape from the gastric juice. So still a lot of doubt on how much you are able to cure the person, even if you do not know from which he was treated. We're talking about colitis, and you're talking about the stomach screwed. Do what you want, but then the doctors do not have to blame that they are ill-treated.
Louise agreed. In most cases, blame fast food. In our environment, the quality not clear, stress, and the like do not really being healthy. But poison themselves further such filth it is beyond stupid. Of course not everyone has the opportunity to prepare their normal food, but you can do something very ordinary.
The digestive tract is formed on the walls of plaque, which then hardens and so from this people the problems begin. Not even all the doctors say about this patient, although I have described are probably at all, without exception. We must combat this by using not a complicated procedure, called an enema. It can be done at home, from the equipment need only a pear, which can be bought at any drugstore.
Light, you really nonsense some bear! What are the stones in the intestines !? In order to form stones in the toilet did not have to walk at least a week! A enema is not really as harmless as you say! When it is executed, you can not only damage the lining of the rectum and make hemorrhoids. And if you repeat it several times, then dysbiosis you exactly guaranteed.
Anyutik, Light right. Over the years, the walls of the body of accumulated fecal stones. Moreover, it does not depend on normal human chair or not. I went to the cleansing of the body. I did wash, in my view, a procedure called a colonoscopy. Unpleasant, but extremely useful. That's when I heard about the stones. This news really surprised me too.
Lera, Light, do not carry nonsense! You do this just annoying! Colonoscopy - a endoscopy internal lumen of the colon is a very serious diagnostic procedure, which is performed by specially trained physicians with this certificate. Is directed to the study strictly on the evidence and not to wash the gut of rocks that kind of nonsense!
Light, how can so simply advise such a complex operation. Now you've got to heal. And if a sudden medical error? Who would you answer it, probably just go into denial, such as that they do not have their brains? But seriously, then this procedure is not so easy to be carried out. Firstly, there are contraindications. Secondly, there are certain rules of conduct.
Nowadays, with the use of fast food and other junk food - inflammatory bowel disease is not uncommon, but rather the rule. And the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease in women is very similar to the symptoms of gynecological diseases, so diagnosis of the disease is somewhat more complicated. And in this case the most important thing - not to lose time.
At the slightest symptoms of bowel disease should immediately contact a doctor, so that after passing the required examinations and tests to obtain all the necessary requirements under that will have to change your lifestyle and diet. Many Getting lazy, for which he later greatly regret, but time is lost.
Prompt, where it hurts the gut? I on the right side under the rib hurts, do ultrasound of the liver was told that the liver is normal and gut inflammation. Now worried
Symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease may occur gradually and can progress very rapidly and if torturing severe diarrhea, it is a very alarming signal - dehydration can occur quickly, so you need to start active treatment. At least to start to binders.
Almost never met such that the bowel disease were hereditary, it is not a group of genetic diseases. Treatment of inflammatory bowel disease need to start with yourself - say no flour and fat, and accustom themselves to useful products. And it often happens that people are at a loss when diet is almost completely restores the intestines.
Of course, much depends on power. Remember how you ate as a child and how to eat right now, and being compared. Many simply believe that healthy food is always tasteless, but the thing is that they have all the receptors sausage scored. It is strange that inflammatory bowel disease is so small I thought bolshe.Konechno from power, much depends. Remember how you ate as a child and how to eat right now, and being compared. Many simply believe that healthy food is always tasteless, but the thing is that they have all the receptors sausage scored. It is strange that inflammatory bowel disease is so little, I thought more.
Unfortunately, beat bowel disease has always been quite difficult. The intestine is partly the key to our immune system - because of its flora is responsible for immunity and absorption of nutrients. Intestine "elevate" is necessary from childhood. Glass bifidka or yogurt at night - an excellent prevention of inflammatory bowel disease.
With abdominal pain trifled with. I have read the symptoms and it seems my husband ulcerative colitis. The hospital does not want to go, here and live from aggravation to the aggravation. It can do self-medicate, if the hospital is not. Symptoms something there? On the other hand there are so many diagnoses a doctor can understand.
Anna and her husband what you talked about? Only the terms and medical complications frightened? The same man, they see a doctor not pound. You better sit down with any evening, and tell us how to love him and worried about him that you would like to see him healthy and vigorous, and the soul that you are very restless. A self in the presence of heaps of symptoms and other illnesses can hurt. In an extreme case, if the husband did not go themselves to visit a specialist and even describe in words the situation. And then we'll see.
All the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease are very similar. My husband could not determine the year and made the diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome. And it is not a diagnosis per se. Colonoscopy has not helped.
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