Bartholin gland cyst: it is necessary to know

August 3, 2011

 Bartholin's cyst
 Every woman knows how important and necessary personal hygiene external genital organs. Careful hygiene prevents a woman from a variety of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, beginning and ending with vulvitis an inflammation of appendages Inflammation of the appendages - the cause infertility  Inflammation of the appendages - the cause infertility
   and uterus. But apart from these diseases is not uncommon to such pathology as a Bartholin gland cyst. The causes of cysts set, and the outcome is not always well-being.

 Bartholin gland cyst: it is necessary to know

Bartholin gland

Bartholin's gland - a gland vestibule, which is located in the interior, at the base of the labia majora. Bartholin glands are of a size and a half to two centimeters in diameter and ducts that open from the inside of the labia minora. The main function of Bartholin glands is to develop a greyish viscous fluid that acts as a lubricant and provides relief from the introduction of the penis into the vagina.

 Bartholin gland cyst: it is necessary to know

Bartholin's cyst

Cyst Bartholin's gland is a cavity, which accumulates as a result of the secret gland excretory duct blockage. With long-term course of the disease, weakening immunity, joining a secondary infection cyst abscesses and proceeds to the next stage of its development - an abscess Bartholin gland.

 Bartholin gland cyst: it is necessary to know

The main causes of Bartholin gland cyst and its festering

Cyst formation, as already mentioned, is due to blockage due to its ductless infection. This may occur in the following cases:

  • failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene;
  • trichomoniasis;
  • gonococcal infection;
  • ureaplasmosis Ureaplasmosis - inflammation of the urogenital system  Ureaplasmosis - inflammation of the urogenital system
   and chlamydia;
  • urogenital candidiasis (thrush).

 Bartholin gland cyst: it is necessary to know

The clinical picture of Bartholin gland cyst

As uncomplicated as Bartholin gland cyst appears as a rounded, almost painless education in the labia majora. Sizes range from educational values ​​of a pea to the size of a goose egg (about eight centimeters). For small cyst formation does not cause discomfort and patients often do not seek medical attention. If a Bartholin gland cyst grew to enormous size, there are complaints of difficulty in walking, pain during sexual intercourse.

In the case of the contents of the cyst develops festering abscess Abscess - why it is so dangerous ulcers?  Abscess - why it is so dangerous ulcers?
   Bartholin gland. Temperature rises to 38-39 degrees, there are signs of poisoning (nausea, vomiting, weakness, loss of appetite). The size of the abscess may reach 10-12 cm in diameter. In the area of ​​the vulva first appear tingling and burning, then a sharp, throbbing pain. The patient can not walk, or go, legs wide apart, so as not to touch the sore spot. Perhaps the spontaneous opening of the abscess, and then there pus (from the place of opening). Due to the fact that the abscess Bartholin gland cyst often occurs as a result of infections, sexually transmitted diseases, there may be symptoms of the underlying disease (purulent discharge from the vagina Vaginal discharge  Vaginal discharge
 , Redness of the vagina and vulva, endocervicitis).

 Bartholin gland cyst: it is necessary to know

Diagnosis of Bartholin gland cyst

Diagnosis of Bartholin gland cyst is not difficult and is based on:

  • the clinical picture;
  • gynecological examination;
  • Microscopic examination of the contents of the cyst (to identify the causative agent);
  • smear on the purity of the vagina.

 Bartholin gland cyst: it is necessary to know

Treatment of Bartholin gland cyst

Asymptomatic, neoslozhennenye and the small size of the cyst is generally not treated, they are removed only from a cosmetic purpose.

The treatment of cysts and abscesses larger Bartholin gland operative. Uncomplicated cyst after preliminary sanitation extirpate after opening the skin over a large gender lip, with simultaneous removal of the prostate. In the case of festering cysts produce autopsy abscess drainage followed him for three to five days. At the same time appointed antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics. Prevention Bartholin gland cyst involves careful personal hygiene and protection from sexually transmitted infections by.

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Serous ovarian cyst - a type of benign ovarian tumors

August 15, 2012

 serous ovarian cyst
 The problem of benign ovarian tumors is relevant to gynecology, which is determined primarily by the frequency of their distribution. Of all the tumors they account for up to 85%. The presence of cysts can decrease the reproductive potential of women, which should be considered when examining the couple from seeking fertility. Serous ovarian cyst refers to varieties of tumor entities and may be benign or malignant nature of the flow.

 Serous ovarian cyst - a type of benign ovarian tumors

Features of clinical manifestations of serous cysts

In its current serous cysts do not differ by the presence of some specific symptoms. Most of these are one-sided arrangement of education, are mobile and maloboleznennymi. If the patient detected simultaneously two serous cysts, such a condition must be regarded as suspicious for malignancy. Even in the absence of a bright clinical picture should be several major symptoms:

  • the presence of pain. When serous cyst pain is often dull and aching in nature localized in the lower abdomen or groin, the lumbar region. In some cases, the pain may radiate to the limbs or waist on the affected side
  • menstrual cycle in most cases is not broken, but it is possible the emergence of various types of violations. Violations related to the appearance of pain and changes in the volume of lost blood (scarce or abundant selection)

Serous ovarian cyst Ovarian cysts - normal or dangerous?  Ovarian cysts - normal or dangerous?
   often a diagnostic discovery during a routine annual checkup woman. When viewed on a chair Doctor detects rolling unilateral formation of small size tugoelastichnoy consistency with dense capsule. The size of such cysts can be up to fifteen centimeters, and the detected serous cysts sufficiently large dimensions that are already complicated clinical course. In identifying cysts in the future to appoint a woman needs a comprehensive survey, to be able to choose the treatment policy in each case.

Serous cyst, which reaches large, can compress adjacent organs, which is a serious complication and requires the provision of patient surgical care, sometimes in a matter of urgency. The woman said that pain is becoming more severe, there constipation Constipation - Watch out for food  Constipation - Watch out for food
   and disorders of the bladder. In some cases, an increase in the size of the stomach, which is related not only to the large size of the cyst and the formation of pathologic fluid in the abdomen (ascites appearance). This requires clinical suspicion of cancer.

 Serous ovarian cyst - a type of benign ovarian tumors

What should be the scope of medical care

A common tactic of treatment of serous ovarian cyst is its removal, after a full examination of the patient .  By choosing the amount of surgery, should be determined by the results of the research, as well as the woman's age .  If a woman of forty, and serous cyst is a one-sided arrangement, during the operation should be carried out rapid diagnosis (histological examination of the tumor), and restrict the removal of one ovary .  Acceptable removal or resection of the cyst within the healthy tissue, but only after receiving the data, excluding malignancy .  In the age group of over forty years in the identification of serous cysts advisable to conduct radical surgery due to severe risk of malignancy in this age .  When you reach the age of menopause spay on the affected side and the second ovary, even if it is not visually changed .  This is associated with an even higher risk of ovarian malignancy in this age group .

At present, it should be encouraged to carry out surgery using the laparoscopic approach. This access reduces the number of complications in the postoperative period, prevents the appearance of abdominal adhesions and leads to a more rapid rehabilitation of women. This is especially true for women in premenopausal age Premenopausal women - one step in a woman's life  Premenopausal women - one step in a woman's life
   menopausal and who have rehabilitation processes can proceed much longer. At that age should take into account the increased risk of thromboembolic complications in the early postoperative period, so in this case, laparoscopy is the most reasonable choice. Simultaneously, laparoscopic surgery may be performed for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Modern technologies allow for the removal of cysts using laparoscopy Laparoscopy - why is it necessary?  Laparoscopy - why is it necessary?
   even larger.

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