Cyclodynon and alcohol - it is not necessary to combine

August 26, 2012

 Cyclodynon alcohol
 The instructions to Cyclodynon developed by the manufacturer (of the German pharmaceutical company Bionorica), says nothing about whether it is possible to combine the reception Cyclodynon alcohol. So, most likely, nothing terrible on such a combination will not happen. But how it will affect the efficiency of treatment?

 Cyclodynon and alcohol - it is not necessary to combine

Which diseases appoint Cyclodynon

Cyclodynon - a herbal medicinal products, active substances which is a dry extract of K. prostrata ordinary. Cyclodynon Available as tablets and oral drops. The composition includes 96% of droplets alcohol.

The mechanism of action Cyclodynon based on the fact that it inhibits the secretion of anterior pituitary hormone prolactin Prolactin - effect on the body is not fully known  Prolactin - effect on the body is not fully known
 . Elevated levels of prolactin in the blood is often the cause of menstrual disorders of women, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and mastitis. This occurs by reducing the secretion under the influence of gonadotropin-releasing hormone of pituitary prolactin - folliklstimuliruyuschego (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) - these hormones contribute to the maturation of the egg and its exit from the ovary - ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?  Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?
 . Prolactin upsets the balance between the pituitary gonadotropin-releasing hormone and sex hormones, but also violates the relationship between the various sexual hormones.

When receiving Cyclodynon suppression of prolactin secretion occurs slowly and gently. It is also slowly recovering hormonal woman, her fertility and childbearing. Such action Cyclodynon does this drug effective in the treatment of infertility Infertility Treatment - What principles are priority  Infertility Treatment - What principles are priority
 Associated with disturbances of the second half of the menstrual cycle, premenstrual syndrome and mastitis.

A side effect of Cyclodynon a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, which can lead to motor and mental agitation, confusion and even hallucinations.

Furthermore, Ciclodinone promotes development in the body of the neurotransmitter dopamine and hormones, which in turn stimulates the vomiting center receptors and thus participates in the act of emesis.

 Cyclodynon and alcohol - it is not necessary to combine

How does a woman's body on alcohol

Alcohol - a toxic substance, it is a poison for the specific cells of the nervous system and the liver. In addition, he actively involved in all metabolic processes and modifies them. The body of a healthy person is designed so that on receipt of toxic substances it reacts vomiting that occurs during the use of large amounts of alcohol. At a constant alcohol consumption increases the body tolerability and body no longer responds to the receipt of this poison vomiting, which leads to chronic alcohol poisoning.

On the central nervous system of alcohol acts to suppress the braking process that leads to development of uncontrollable excitement. As neurogenic poison, alcohol can not help but have a negative effect on the pituitary gland, including the synthesis of his gonadotropins.

 Cyclodynon and alcohol - it is not necessary to combine

What happens if you combine the treatment with alcohol Cyclodynon

It is unlikely that such a combination will manifest some visible negative effects. If it were possible, even just theoretically, the manufacturer is required to be reflected in the instructions. But in many ways, such effects depend on the amount of alcohol consumed and its fortress. As you know, in the use of alcohol may cause vomiting when drunk is enough. If alcohol consumption occurs in patients receiving Cyclodynon, gag reflex may be caused by even a small amount of intake of alcoholic beverages rather weak.

May also increase arousal, as is happening at the same time a slight stimulus Cyclodynon and suppression of inhibitory processes in the central nervous system under the influence of alcohol. Even receiving a Cyclodynon some women cause confusion and hallucinations, and in combination with alcohol, all these effects are likely to worsen.

More likely is that no visible effects of combining alcohol Cyclodynon reception will not occur. But the intervention of alcohol in all metabolic processes necessarily affect the effectiveness of the treatment. Alcohol can significantly reduce the effectiveness of treatment and then receive Cyclodynon it will come to nothing. So whether or not to combine the intake of these substances?

Perhaps before long course of treatment of menstrual disorders, infertility, premenstrual syndrome or mastitis woman should clearly define for themselves how important it is to cure. Then there will be at issue combination treatment Cyclodynon Cyclodynon - will help restore hormones woman  Cyclodynon - will help restore hormones woman
   with alcohol.

Galina Romanenko

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Cervical cytology - a Pap test

August 23, 2014

 cervical cytology
 Cytology is the science of the life cycle, structure, reproduction and functioning of living cells. The term cervical cytology is used to describe a diagnostic test, also known as a Pap test and a Pap smear.

During the procedure, the doctor takes a small sample of cells - scraping - from the surface of the cervix. Then it is applied to a special glass and fixed with ethyl alcohol (Pap smear) or first placed in a special solution and only then is applied to the glass (liquid cytology cervical). The latter technique is considered to be more accurate, but, in general, today it is successfully used both methods. Samples were sent to the laboratory and examined under a microscope.


What does cervical cytology

With this test can detect precancerous changes (dysplasia) and cervical cancer.

In most countries, women are encouraged to do the first time cervical cytology at age 21 or three years after first sexual intercourse.

Women aged 25 to 49 years, an analysis should be done every three years to women between 50 and 64 years of age - once in five years. Patients over 65 years of making cytology necessary, if they do not pass this test 50 or if the previous tests have shown the presence of atypical cells.

Regular carrying out of this test allows time to detect dysplasia Dysplasia - what is it?  Dysplasia - what is it?
   or cancer, and to begin treatment. Analysis of cervical cytology is widely used for more than seventy years, and during this time the number of deaths related to cervical cancer has declined significantly.


Preparing for cervical cytology

The analysis should not be performed during menstruation, because the presence of blood smears can reduce the accuracy of the test. When minor bleeding do cervical cytology possible, but still desirable.

At least one day before the visit to the gynecologist, do not use any vaginal medications, sprays, powders for intimate places and do not douche Douching - a controversial procedure  Douching - a controversial procedure

Before the procedure, tell your doctor if you are pregnant or suspect that you may be pregnant, if you have any symptoms of urinary tract infection, such as itching, redness and swelling in the genital area, or unusual vaginal discharge The whole truth about vaginal secretions  The whole truth about vaginal secretions
 . Also tell if you have previously had an abnormal cytology of the cervix (if you do the analysis, for example, in another country and the doctor does not have access to its results).

Your doctor may ask you, did you used to cervical cytology, whether you use combined oral contraceptives, when you began last month and how long they lasted, did you like the ever operation in the reproductive organs.

In the process it is not necessary to come with a full bladder - it is not required, but you will feel more comfortable.


How is the procedure

To collect a sample of cervical cells the patient sits in a gynecological chair Gynaecological chair: Take a closer look  Gynaecological chair: Take a closer look
 As a conventional examination. Expander is inserted into the vagina and cervical cells collected by a special brush, spatula or a cotton swab. Usually the patient during the examination do not feel pain, but may feel some discomfort when injected extender.

The pain during the procedure usually occurs only in patients with inflammatory diseases of the vagina and / or cervix. To reduce discomfort, try to breathe deeply and stretch the muscles.


Explanation of cervical cytology

Typically, tests are ready in a few days, though in some cases the processing of samples can last more than a week. The results of cervical cytology reported by the patient and the doctor explains.

Approximately nine out of ten tests show normal results, that is, the absence of atypical cells in the smear. In such cases, the patient just suggestions reanalysis three or five years - depending on their age.

It is important to understand that if the transcript of cervical cytology showed atypical cells in the patient missing, it means that the likelihood of developing cancer in the near future is very low, but this does not mean that the risk is completely excluded. It should also be borne in mind that analysis is not completely accurate, and this is another reason that is so important to take it regularly.

Approximately 2 of 100 patients in the smear is not detected enough cells for analysis. In such cases make scraping again and again study a sample under a microscope. If similar results are obtained three consecutive times, you need a colposcopy.

In a twenty cases smears atypical cells. Bad cervical cytology does not necessarily mean that a woman has cancer; most often it is a sign of dysplasia, which in the majority of patients over time goes by without treatment. However, patients who have revealed abnormal cells, it is still necessary to pass examinations and often closely monitor their health.

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