Fish oil in bodybuilding: how to build muscle

June 4, 2014

 fish oil in bodybuilding
 Fish oil is used in bodybuilding today often enough. As you know, to build muscle bodybuilding, various biologically active food supplements - dietary supplements. Fish oil in the form of dietary supplements is able to actively influence the cellular metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 Promoting better digestion and utilization by the body protein.


Fish oil - which is included in its composition

The main value of fish oil is that it contains large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), the body needs for proper nutrition Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food  Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food

By the structure of molecules of fatty acids are divided into two main families - Omega-3 and Omega-6. And she and the other group of polyunsaturated fatty acids are essential fatty acids. They are vital to the body, but are not produced in the human body, so must be regularly supplied in the diet.

The main source of omega-3 PUFA - a fatty sea fish and flaxseed oil Linseed oil - the healing properties of a beautiful flower  Linseed oil - the healing properties of a beautiful flower
 . Furthermore, they are present in rapeseed, peanut, and soybean oil. The source of omega-6 PUFAs are all vegetable oil, including corn oil and sunflower oil.

Omega-3 PUFA and omega-6 compete with each other, because their metabolism involving the same enzymes. And as the vegetable oils we consume much more than oily fish, the majority of the population there is a deficiency of omega-3 PUFAs. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a diet in the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 as a 5: 1. To this end, in addition to a sufficient consumption of different vegetable oils should be at least two times a week, eat fatty marine fish. It was established that the most useful substances such fish preserved during baking.


Do I need an athlete fish oil?

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are involved in many metabolic processes. The special value of such substances for athletes is that they are easy to oxidation contributes to the rapid production of energy and maintenance of the body's endurance. The energy comes to the economical use of dietary protein for the construction of the cells of the skeletal muscles.

Acceptance of fish oil helps to increase the volume and strength of muscles. Increased muscle mass is celebrated after six weeks of regular reception of fish oil. This increases the number and volume of muscle cells.

The action of omega-3 PUFAs due to the fact that because they are formed in the body of eicosanoids - biologically active substances that act as local tissue hormones that regulate cell metabolism. They regulate the activity of leukocytes, and platelets, inflammatory responses, and the restriction of vasodilation, blood pressure, bronchial spasms, uterine contractions, and so on.


Fish oil and bodybuilding

Fish oil is recommended to enter the menu of all the athletes. But it is especially relevant with fish oil supplements for those who engage in sports, which are based on the construction of a beautiful body. It is to this sport is bodybuilding.

Fish oil in sports is an additional source of energy, so improves performance and endurance athlete. To make up for the deficit PUFA Omega-3 fish oil is also available in the form of dietary supplements. Previously, only the fish oil was prepared from the liver fatty fish mainly cod. Today, better quality fish oil is considered to be made of the soft tissues adjacent to the muscles of fish. This fish oil is less toxic substances - known to all toxins are concentrated in the liver. Fish oil okolomyshechnoy weight of the package is referred to as ihtienovoe or fish-oil.

Also produces fish oil supplements in the form of vitamins A, E, D. All of them enhance the effectiveness of the drug.

Take fish oil Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?  Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?
   capsules in the morning during or immediately after eating 1-2 capsules (500 mg per capsule) from one to four times a day for three months. Capsules are not chewed, swallowed whole with water. Sports doctor may prescribe, and a large dose of fish oil than recommended in the instructions, but on their own do not.

Yet recent studies have confirmed that omega-3 PUFAs are better absorbed from food than from dietary supplements. Therefore, an alternative to the reception of fish oil may be included in the diet of fatty food sea fish.


Are all athletes can take fish oil?

Fish oil has few contraindications and is generally well tolerated. You should not take it if you are hypersensitive to the drug, as well as in the event that there is any disease of the liver or pancreas.

Fish oil in bodybuilding can have a positive impact on the formation of the athlete's body.

Galina Romanenko

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Products that reduce blood sugar - food rules

October 17, 2013

 products reduce blood sugar
 Recently, various publications have written about the fact that coffee and cinnamon, as it turned out, can reduce the risk of diabetes and lower blood sugar levels. However, experts warn that you should not take products that reduce blood sugar, as magical tools that will quickly say goodbye to the disease - or at least its symptoms.

In fact, enough to drink several cups of coffee a day, and eat something with cinnamon (rolls, for example) to the blood sugar level was always within normal limits. Nothing can replace the need to follow the rules of healthy eating Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating  Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating
   and regularly engage in sports - all this is very important for diabetics.

Some foods, such as white bread, the body almost instantly converted into glucose and quickly raise blood sugar levels. Other products, such as, indeed, there are cinnamon, helps effectively control blood sugar levels.

 Products that reduce blood sugar - food rules


Oatmeal is great helps keep blood sugar normal, but, of course, do not add to it sugar or jam. It is a carbohydrate food, but belongs to the category of useful carbohydrates. Due to its high fiber content it is slowly digested and does not cause a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. The maximum effect can be achieved by regularly eating oatmeal.

In addition, oatmeal helps with weight control because it provides a feeling of satiety for a longer period than simple carbohydrates, which are contained, for example, for baking. This makes oatmeal valuable product for patients with Type II diabetes, including obesity is a very common problem.

Barley porridge in popularity considerably inferior to oatmeal, but, according to the research, not less effective in reducing blood sugar levels Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health  Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health
 . Many experts recommend that people with diabetes at least from time to time there are barley porridge instead of boiled rice. However, most whole grains are good choices for a diabetic diet.

 Products that reduce blood sugar - food rules

Broccoli, spinach and green beans

To reduce the level of blood sugar is recommended to eat as much as possible non-starchy vegetables such as broccoli, spinach and green beans. These foods are high in fiber and low in carbohydrates, so they do not lead to a rapid increase in blood sugar levels.

Starchy vegetables such as peas, potatoes, corn, squash and beans, though it is not necessary to exclude from your diet - they contain important health matter, and you need a balanced diet. However, they should be consumed in moderation.

The results confirm the effectiveness of vegetables to reduce blood sugar levels. Thus, it was found that people with type 2 diabetes who adhere to a vegan diet is better than others cope with the disease. In the study, 43% of patients with type 2 diabetes who for 22 weeks followed by rules vegan diet significantly reduced the need for antidiabetic drugs. Furthermore, in these subjects will reduce weight and cholesterol levels was normalized. Sticking vegan diet for most people is very difficult, and not all of it fits, but should take note of the basic principle: less fat and more plant foods.

 Products that reduce blood sugar - food rules


Some diabetics avoid strawberries, knowing that there is too much glucose - which is why she is so sweet. In fact, a cup of strawberries will raise your blood sugar too much, and will serve as a great alternative to pastries and sweets.

The strawberries are low in calories and carbohydrates, but high in fiber and water, so that it causes a prolonged feeling of satiety. With strawberries can cope with the regular need to eat something sweet, thus, lower the blood sugar level.

 Products that reduce blood sugar - food rules

Salmon and meat

Rich protein meat and fish do not affect the blood sugar level as carbohydrates. Therefore, these products are important components of the diet of those who need to control the level of blood sugar (but should choose a fish and meat, which contain not too much fat). These products should not be abused - ideal if they account for only 20-30% of the calories that you consume on a daily basis.

Especially useful fish is salmon, as it contains a lot of omega-3, essential for the health of blood vessels. 65% of people with diabetes die from heart attack or stroke; One way to prevent this - to increase the intake of omega-3.

Meat, among other things, is a rich source of chromium - mineral which promotes normal functioning of insulin and helps the body to process carbohydrates. Some people who have disorders associated with increased levels of blood sugar Blood sugar - a very important indicator  Blood sugar - a very important indicator
 Take supplements with chromium, but so far there is no evidence that they are quite effective. Experts say that the main sources of chromium for the person must be food.

 Products that reduce blood sugar - food rules

Sparkling water

You find it hard to give up soft drinks, or from time to time want to drink something other than water or tea? Drink carbonated water - plain or with fruit and berry flavors, but without sugar. This will help to satisfy the desire to drink something "gases", but will not lead to a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. In addition, these beverages contain virtually no calories since they can greatly facilitate the fight against overweight.

 Products that reduce blood sugar - food rules


The properties of cinnamon have been studied in a study involving 79 patients with type 2 diabetes. The subjects were divided into two groups. For four months, members of the first group of three times a day taken cinnamon extract, and patients from the second, control, group were given a placebo Placebo - an effective tool for self-hypnosis  Placebo - an effective tool for self-hypnosis
 . After four months, patients in the first group of blood sugar levels decreased on average by 10.3%, the subjects of the second group of - 3.4%. Researchers concluded that cinnamon extract is a moderately effective way to reduce blood sugar levels. Before doctors can start to recommend people with diabetes use cinnamon as a remedy (at least a subsidiary), it is necessary to conduct a number of studies, but if you start today to add a pinch of cinnamon to your morning cereal, it certainly will not hurt you.

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