Linseed oil capsules: a useful preventive agent

April 2, 2012

 flaxseed oil capsules
 Flaxseed oil is a biologically active food supplements, which includes the body needs a source of essential fatty acids. It is recommended to take at various metabolic disorders, atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer and many other diseases.

 Linseed oil capsules: a useful preventive agent

How does flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil is a vegetable oil that is produced from flax seed by cold pressing. Linseed oil produced in the form of capsules and vials, and used in the form of a biologically active food additive. Linseed oil has a rapid and complete assimilation in the body, which as a result is enriched with essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA - their linseed oil twice than in fish oils). It consists of saturated (11%) and unsaturated (90%) fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acids contained in the linseed oil - is an omega-3, omega-6 linoleic, linolenic, oleic. Moreover, in the oil has antioxidants Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits  Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits
   (vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin E), vitamin F, vitamin K, B vitamins, and minerals.

PUFA Omega-3 and omega-6 are essential for the body, they are a part of cell membranes and stimulates its vitality and renewal. Linseed oil has a positive effect on metabolism when disturbances of lipid metabolism, reduces the level of "bad" cholesterol levels, which are formed of atherosclerotic plaques, clogging blood vessels.

Flaxseed oil is a source of phosphatides that perform important functions in the human body. Phosphatides part of cell membranes and other parts of the cell involved in the processes of cell division and restore their function. They are also involved in the transport of fats, fatty acids and cholesterol in the blood, have an impact on the intensity of the absorption of fats and their use in tissue.

Lack of phosphatides in the organism contributes to atherosclerosis. The content of phosphatide in oil depends on the kind of seed and its technical methods of extraction. In Bad linseed oil phosphatides present in an amount sufficient to cover the daily requirements of a human body.

Admission linseed oil promotes partial recovery of liver function abnormalities, positive effect on the thyroid, gastrointestinal tract, improves sexual function.

All these properties are allowed to recommend flaxseed oil supplements for various metabolic disorders, atherosclerosis (including coronary heart disease and cerebral atherosclerosis), diabetes, cancer and so on.

It is used topically and flaxseed oil as it promotes healing of wounds, burns, frostbite, have a positive effect on the skin and its appendages - the hair and nails. It used for burns, frostbite, and radiation skin lesions.

 Linseed oil capsules: a useful preventive agent

Who should take

Since flaxseed oil has a positive effect on metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 , It is used for many diseases and conditions:

  • obesity - linseed oil restores normal fat metabolism and prevents the deposition of fat;
  • at elevated levels in the blood of "bad" cholesterol that is deposited in the blood vessels in the form of cholesterol;
  • cardiovascular diseases associated with metabolic disorders, such as coronary heart disease;
  • in diseases of the digestive system - contributes to the normalization of their functions;
  • in diseases of the thyroid gland - reduced its work with small functional disorders;
  • diabetes mellitus - normalizes carbohydrate metabolism and has a positive effect on blood vessel walls;
  • in diseases of the nervous system - the changes contribute to a reduction of the central and peripheral nervous systems;
  • when sexual dysfunction - restore sexual function;
  • in violation of the immunity - it restores the body's defenses;
  • various skin diseases - improves the skin and its appendages).

Contraindicated flaxseed oil only if you are hypersensitive to its components. Flaxseed oil can be used during pregnancy and lactation Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!  Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!
   child. Linseed oil capsules is recommended to take 14 years to 3 capsules twice a day with meals for a month. Side effects of BUD only known allergic reactions.

Store flaxseed oil should be refrigerated. It should not be heated, as it may lose its curative properties. Flaxseed oil is sold in pharmacies without a prescription.

Flaxseed oil supplements Linseed oil - the healing properties of a beautiful flower  Linseed oil - the healing properties of a beautiful flower
   - It is a useful preventive tool that can be taken in many diseases.

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The use of quail eggs - obvious advantages

September 14, 2014

 the use of quail eggs
 The use of quail eggs is great. Quail eggs - a storehouse of nutrients that nature gives us. Since ancient times, this delicacy was famous for its healing properties.


Benefits and harms of quail eggs

Even though quail eggs are very small and weigh only 10-12 grams, they contain a lot of biologically active substances we need for health. They are a rich source of minerals and vitamins.

Compared to chicken eggs, quail eggs contain six times more vitamin B1, fifteen times more vitamin B2, five times more phosphorus, iron, potassium. In these larger proteins, vitamins A and E, calcium, zinc and sulfur.

With its surprising composition, quail eggs are considered a dietary product. They do not contain "bad" cholesterol (LDL), and very rich in good cholesterol (HDL), so they can consume even the elderly. Regular consumption of quail eggs to help fight many diseases.

The ancient Japanese, Egyptians and Chinese used quail eggs for the treatment of asthma and impotence Impotence - a female perspective on the problem  Impotence - a female perspective on the problem
 . In 1067 the medicinal properties of quail eggs were reopened in France Trufferom doctor, who successfully applied in the treatment of impotence, and allergies.

Today, interest in the quail egg is gradually increasing, and more and more people are beginning to use them as a natural remedy, instead of chemicals, which have so many side effects.

Experts in the field of natural medicine say that quail eggs have a positive effect on people suffering from stress, hypertension, digestive disorders, stomach ulcers, liver disease, migraine headaches, asthma, anemia, various kinds of allergies, eczema, heart problems, bronchitis, depression, anxiety states. Quail eggs are also known that stimulate growth, increase sexual desire, stimulate brain function, raise the intellectual level, and rejuvenate the body as a whole.

In addition, high levels of antioxidants in the quail eggs helps prevent age-related macular degeneration, which is the main cause of blindness in developed countries.

Contraindications to the use of quail eggs there is little, with the exception of people with complex allergies or have difficulty digesting protein.


The use of quail eggs for children

Quail eggs - a great product for the growth and development of children of all ages. Unlike chicken eggs, quail eggs rarely cause allergies. They can be gradually introduced into the children's menu at an early age.

When a child begins to eat solid food at the age of about 9 months, you can enter it in the menu egg yolks, and after one year can be added and proteins.

Recommended servings of quail eggs for children:

  • 9 months - 1 year: 1 egg yolk a day;
  • 1-3 years: 1 egg per day (yolk and white);
  • 3-7 years, 2-3 eggs a day;
  • 7 years or older: 3-5 eggs a day.

Even though quail eggs are less likely to cause allergies than chicken eggs, it is better to introduce them to the children's menu with caution. If you want to start giving your child the whole egg before 1 year, talk to your pediatrician how best to do it.

Because of important nutrients contained in the quail eggs, they are considered one of the most useful products for stimulation of immunity. Doctors say that small children who often eat quail eggs, 6 times less susceptible to infections.

For the physical and mental development of children it is recommended to use quail eggs in cooked and raw. Quail eggs increase IQ.


The use of quail eggs for women and men

The use of quail eggs for men is that they provide a prostate phosphorus, proteins and vitamins, which can be a powerful stimulant of sexual potency.

The use of quail eggs for women no less great. They improve the complexion and strengthens hair. For this reason, quail eggs are used in cosmetics for skin and hair care products.

The use of quail eggs strengthens the woman's body during pregnancy and lactation, and after surgery and radiotherapy.

Quail eggs also have a positive impact on the fruit (his physical and mental development), as well as the mother's body after childbirth, because they help to restore and rejuvenate the body's cells. Quail eggs also improve the quality of breast milk.

Use raw quail eggs, compared with cooked, it is that they have a strong tonic effect on the body. If you want to strengthen your health, you can fearlessly eat raw quail eggs, having washed them in boiled water. You can not be afraid of salmonellosis by eating raw quail eggs, quail because resistance to infection due to the high content of the enzyme lysozyme, which kills the harmful bacteria. Three to four raw quail eggs, eaten in the morning, strengthen immunity and improve metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting


How to eat quail eggs

Quail eggs are best eaten raw, after washing them with boiled water. The eggs must be very fresh. Drink them in the morning on an empty stomach, for about half an hour before breakfast. People who can not swallow raw eggs, can mix them with honey or lemon juice. The body temperature of quails is higher than the body temperature in the chicken, so it is believed that quail eggs can be eaten raw, without fear of salmonella Salmonellosis - features of the disease  Salmonellosis - features of the disease

Quail eggs can also be there, Gulf of boiling water and letting them stand for 10-15 minutes.

Quail eggs are very small, but you should not eat more than 20 pieces a day. Also, if you eat more than 5 quail eggs a day, you should reduce the consumption of other foods rich in vitamin A, such as carrots and fish oil Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?  Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?
 . The best option - to eat 3-5 quail eggs for breakfast.

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