Herb St. John's wort - a remedy for depression

January 9, 2014

 herb St. John's wort remedy for depression
 The fact that St. John's wort - herbal, was known in antiquity. Today is effectively used herb St. John's wort as a treatment for depression.

Medical herb St. John's wort - a representative distribution of the genus of plants that are found in vast areas of both hemispheres. Despite the fact that "St. John's wort» (Hypericum) - is the name of a year, usually it refers to one single plant - Common St. John's wort or wort, the one that is widely used in medicine.

This plant contains a lot of chemicals, some of which presumably facilitate depression preventing reabsorption of nerve cells of the brain neurotransmitter serotonin, as well as lowering the level of proteins that affect the immune system. Usually depression take standardized preparations of St. John's wort Preparations from St. John's wort - recipes of traditional medicine  Preparations from St. John's wort - recipes of traditional medicine
 Containing hypericin and hyperforin. It is important to keep in mind that although the herb Hypericum - natural remedy, it may interact with the chemical substances in the composition of various drugs and to cause certain side effects.

To date, there have been many studies in which St. John's wort was compared by various parameters with placebo Placebo - an effective tool for self-hypnosis  Placebo - an effective tool for self-hypnosis
   and antidepressants. In most cases, the study showed that St. John's wort is useful to placebo and as effective standard antidepressants that are commonly used to treat mild to moderate depression. However, it is unlikely that St. John's wort may be useful in lecheniibiologicheskoy depression.

In general, the medicinal herb St. John's wort is recommended as an alternative remedies instead of prescription antidepressants, which can be bought without a prescription, and usually at a lower price.

It is worth mentioning another study, which was attended by three thousand people suffering from clinical depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
 . For many of them, St. John's wort was significantly less effective than most prescription antidepressants.


Instructions on the use of herbs St. John's wort

Although St. John's wort as a whole is a fairly safe medicinal plant, it should be taken in a limited number. The maximum effective and safe dose of St. John's wort for different categories of patients while on the defined, but based on the results of clinical trials are formulated basic guidelines for receiving this herb to patients with depression.

When depression is recommended to take 300 mg of St. John's Wort extract three times a day. This dose is calculated on a standardized extract containing 0.3% of hypericin. However, some experts believe that it is better to take all the necessary amount of the drug once a day, a single large dose. Currently, it is unknown whether one or the other method of receiving St. John's wort most effective; When selecting the reception of the extract can proceed from their own preferences or to consult a doctor, the main thing - do not exceed the total recommended dose.

If you are taking any medications or have any chronic diseases before start taking St. John's wort, consult your doctor.

Since the production of drugs with St. John's wort is not controlled virtually, buy products only known, trusted manufacturers.

Try not to take St. John's wort in the afternoon - the later you accept, the greater the likelihood that it will cause insomnia.


Side effects of St. John's wort and precautions

Security Hypericum still causes some problems, but overall it is well tolerated by most patients. Its most common side effects are dry mouth, dizziness, sensitivity to sunlight, upset stomach, and fatigue.

St. John's wort is not recommended in conjunction with other antidepressant medications used in the treatment of HIV-infected patients, warfarin Warfarin - indirect anticoagulants  Warfarin - indirect anticoagulants
 As well as drugs that are being taken to prevent transplant rejection. If you are taking St. John's wort, and are going to start taking any other medication, prescription or not, be sure to consult your doctor.

St. John's wort should not be used in cases of suspected severe depression - in this disorder traditional medicines usually do not help, and we need as soon as possible to consult a doctor to avoid possible serious consequences of depression.

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Herb St. John's wort - a remedy for stress

January 2, 2014

 tincture of St. John's wort
 Alcohol tincture of St. John's wort - a popular non-prescription drug that can be found in almost any drugstore. The concentration of alcohol in such tinctures, usually not more than 45%, so that they can be taken, even for those who have an increased sensitivity to alcohol.



Herb St. John's wort is used for mild depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
 , Stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 , Anxiety Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?  Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?
   and sleep disorders Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 . It also alleviates the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder, premenstrual syndrome, seasonal affective disorder and menopause. In addition, St. John's wort tincture is sometimes recommended for patients who are being treated for alcohol or nicotine addiction.

Hypericin - the active ingredient in the composition of St. John's wort, which, presumably, has a calming effect and helps to cope with depression and other disorders. The mechanism of action of this substance is not well understood, and its effectiveness is still raises many questions among experts. Hypericin - a plant pigment red, which inhibits monoamine oxidase, and the reuptake of serotonin, that is valid, as many prescription antidepressants. Recent studies have demonstrated that hypericin itself is less strong antidepressant than Hypericum - probably a combination of all of its members into the useful substances, including flavonoids and hyperforin contributes most therapeutic effect. Bitters St. John's wort contains all the components of the plant.

St. John's Wort is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, largely due to the fact that it rarely causes side effects, unlike other antidepressants. Affects the so-called "green" trend - if possible, people increasingly prefer natural medicines. It is interesting that St. John's wort tincture is much cheaper than the majority of drugs for depression.

The infusion of St. John's wort can be bought without a prescription, but prior to its reception it is strongly recommended to consult with your doctor. Usually improvement becomes apparent after 4-8 weeks after beginning treatment.



The infusion of St. John's wort should not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is also contraindicated in children under six years of age and those who are allergic to hypericin and other components of the drug.



While receiving St. John's wort tincture should avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and sunbeds, because it makes the skin and eyes are more sensitive to ultraviolet radiation. If you are taking any medications or herbs, be sure to talk to your doctor before you start taking St. John's wort.

During the course of treatment should refrain from drinking alcohol.

Receiving tincture Hypericum should be stopped at least two weeks before any surgical operation.


Side effects

In rare cases, tincture of St. John's wort causes side effects such as dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and headaches. When side effects is necessary to reduce the daily dose of tincture. If this does not help, consult a doctor.


Drug Interactions

Herb St. John's wort may cause unwanted reactions when it is taken with antiepileptic simultaneous and antiretrovirals, immunosuppressants, combined oral contraceptives, antidepressants and opioids.


How to prepare a tincture of St. John's wort at home

The infusion of St. John's wort does not necessarily buy at the pharmacy - you can cook it yourself. First you need to collect the flowers St. John's wort - it blooms from late June to early August (flowering time depends on the weather and climate zone). It is best to collect them in the morning, as the sun's rays are at least a little, but still reduce the useful properties of St. John's wort.

Fill a clean glass jar of flowers - tightly rammed them, until you realize that the more flowers there just will not fit. Then slowly pour the vodka into a jar - as many as fit and close tightly. Place the jar on the sunny side of the window, and let stand for two weeks. During this time, the liquid in the pot will be a ruby-red. Strain the contents of the can, and pour it into a glass bottle. Then a bottle of tincture should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place; it can be wrapped in paper or in a brown paper bag, to provide additional protection from light.

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