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April 5, 2012

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Completely denying such a method of contraception, as the lowering of basal temperature before menstruation or increase, I would not. Its effectiveness is proven. After all, some women with spiral beremeeyut. And then there are situations where no other method of contraception can not be applied here then comes to the aid of this method, even though it has a low reliability.
Dear girls! Well, how can you be so "dense" and use this way of contraception? Someone basal temperature increase before menstruation, someone is not present and no one really gives 100% guarantee of protection from unwanted pregnancy according to this principle. But to conceive the most favorable period for 10-12 days from the start of the next cycle.
In consultation gynecologist often wondered what basal temperature before menstruation. By the way, she taught me to measure it and advised me to do it as user-friendly. I chose the rectal method. And much inconvenience he did not deliver. Although there are some women against. Do not be lazy to carry out a simple procedure, it will still be an indicator of women's health.
Plain woman, far away from medicine to some of basal temperature before menstruation, as well as during and after them still do not understand. Only a person with a medical background can understand why I would not recommend wasting your time on this activity. Only if there is a relative or a friend of a doctor, then you can still try, and if not then do not try.
Also agree that the rise in basal body temperature before menstruation - a dubious diagnostic indicator. Even measuring the temperature rectally, it is difficult to provide an ideal environment for temperature measurement, it is not clear whether it is necessary to measure it without getting in bed - under the covers or without covers. In general, all difficult, troublesome and low reliability. It is necessary to choose other methods of diagnosis
I applied this method as a method of contraception, when it was impossible to put a spiral, and as a result, I gave birth to a lovely son. In general, where - the count and is very happy about it. Basal before menstruation is a really plummets. I once had a case where I forgot the date of the last menstrual period, and with the temperature determined their offensive.
Katya, what tarakashki and what's not laziness? Any adequate gynecologist will recommend this method of self-examination, to complete the picture of health. Based on what is the basal temperature before menstruation can be assumed as pregnancy and inflammation. By the way, my doctor advised to measure ordinary mercury thermometer, before going to bed and it rectally.
And tell me, if the basal temperature before menstruation keeps around 37-37, 2 degrees, as it can speak? Could I get pregnant? I just spend a measurement is only the first month, but before all this is not followed. And now completely confused. Maybe I'd better buy a test, it will be more reliable than this graph? Somebody faced the such?
We have all realized that the basal body temperature changes before menstruation and it is possible to find out a little about the information that is tentative. I personally doubt that this way you can really find out what is, for me it is a waste of time and you should not do it. Otherwise, doctors do not prescribe to mass analysis, but this way everything would be recognized.
This topic applies to any woman, and at least some knowledge on this subject should be at each. To prepare graphs of basal temperature before menstruation is not too difficult. It's hard at first, and then it becomes a habit. Knowing how to measure the temperature, you can avoid many health problems. My measurements are not just coming to the aid of a gynecologist in determining the diagnosis.
Zvenkov, the mere knowledge of the basal body temperature charts to monthly is not enough. Let's say you took measurements and suggested a specific case. But you do not see the complete picture, which is available to the doctor who sees more than that, and the test results. Attending antenatal clinics in any case it is necessary, not relying only on itself because of the number of measurements on a quarterly basis.
I found a doctor gynecologist in consultation schedule of basal temperature at monthly, I decided to follow and see if I can figure out on their own state of health. I did everything as a doctor recommended to me, I have everything turned out and showed that all is well. Now I every 3 months to check themselves in this way, it only seems complicated, in fact, everything is simple.
I always have a decrease in basal body temperature before menstruation, before, I was worried because of this thinking. that it must necessarily increase. But even here the material indicated that the lower edge temperature can be up to 36, 4 degrees. How happy I was reading this, it turns out that I have everything in order and not have to go to the survey, which I hate.
I downloaded to your android a very useful application for women. In it you can see my schedule of basal temperature and monthly, every day I do the measurements, very carefully, I do it before the start of the period, then, am submitting the results of the program, it provides me complete control over their condition. Also, this app can tell me about the chance of pregnancy.
Albina, and what kind of application is the name of? I have already held five days before menstruation basal temperature of 37 degrees. I now even think that I could get pregnant. Actually why I am this schedule. If so, I'll be in seventh heaven)). My husband and I have long dreamed of the baby, but did not succeed. Maybe this is my chance.
I used to think that before the month's basal temperature increases, while it becomes a little lower. And now, reading the material I have absolutely got confused, everything was much more complicated. I think that this process is very difficult and is suitable only for those who is a physician and will be able to understand in detail. Now I will not even try to understand what is, and the more trying.
I use a method for measuring basal body temperature to protect for many years. I put a thermometer on the bedside tables in the morning without getting out of bed, as measured in the *** e. On day 5 from the beginning of menstruation - the temperature of 36, 5, and then it begins to gradually increase. This is a dangerous period and can become pregnant. Further, the temperature can jump to 36, 8. Then just go down or up. I look forward to when it will start to show consistently 37 or 36, 9. This is the safe period. The basal temperature before menstruation is reduced to 36, 6. Each month, I draw a graph.
I learned from her gynecologist schedule of basal temperature before menstruation to measure itself and see that whatever I have. But it turned out all that hard, hard to catch a few tenths of temperature and in the end I broke up with the idea to find out either way. I think that most of it will not work but have a superficial knowledge does not hurt.
Usually I basal temperature is quite stable, I do know how to measure and conducted charts for a while, when my husband and I planned a baby. But when I did not know she could only guess and test did not show, I found that the basal temperature 38 before menstruation and it was the first "beacon" for the ensuing pregnancy and true month did not come and will soon test showed two stripes))
For me this is a very complex subject, even now I'm confused reading too difficult for me to understand it all. My gynecologist has explained to me the rate of basal temperature before menstruation, but there was a feeling that she said to me in an unknown language, there are some words I knew, and the whole meaning of what she said did not reach me. There probably should have at least a secondary medical education.
I could not understand what it means high and low basal temperature before menstruation, after reading all the material received answers to many. And that at a reception at the gynecologist I do not understand what she had said, as well as detailed ask me, I just was not comfortable I chimed. Now, remember or write down the main points or not, sometimes to read now and then, and begin to understand what's what.
I was reading something on this subject which the work measured at the temperature and found that before menstruation basal temperature rises. And then I could not figure out what it means, too tangled in the source it was stated. Here the material is written simpler and much easier to understand and to find out the temperature in different periods, it means that one or another level.
At the girlfriend with her words basal temperature rises before menstruation, she is trying to determine the temperature when the best time to conceive a child. I thought she was telling far-fetched tales, and reading here I realized what it says in all seriousness and knowing the temperature at a certain time, you can learn a lot about your health.
In terms of basal body temperature during menstruation can learn a lot, but most of the girls even learned about this method will not resort to it. Although nothing complicated, if you carefully study this stuff, you can really learn a lot about their health as a result of multiple temperature measurements without having to visit doctors. That trust is necessary, but as far as possible and by trying to understand how things work with health.
I've been trying to get pregnant for this, I even had to go to the doctors, who provided me with this help. One doctor told me that the increased basal temperature before menstruation - 37, 5 ° C, says pregnancy. Therefore, I am for several years engaged in the measurement procedure. And finally it's a miracle! I saw the coveted 37 5! Now I am already in the sixth month, I will soon become a mother.
Also notice that before monthly rises basal temperature, but in general health is not affected menya.Po from my own experience I can say that to be protected in compliance with the basal body temperature is not stoit.Vo First, it is still not very reliable. Secondly, it is not convenient to measure each time that as a yes. My boyfriend was strongly against such manipulation.
And who comes to mind, so before menstruation basal temperature currently measured, even when I am sick, and I know that the temperature is raised, and then there Meyrueis - especially like this! I do not think that infertility depends on this factor, it is better to be surveyed properly. Although all its tarakashki run and sundry - please.
Girls, but I do not advise it for the purpose of protection from pregnancy is not desirable to take into account changes in basal body temperature before menstruation. Still, it is influenced by many and the stress and lack of sleep may be overworked) is better proven contraceptive use), but is a good way to confirm the diagnosis.
When planning a pregnancy have problems after years of attempts with my gynecologist, we have decided that there is a need measurement of the basal body temperature before menstruation. My husband and stocked with patience, and for eight months traced graphics, measured, frustrated. But we find the reason put gynecologist diagnosed on the basis of our measurements confirmed. Now we are treated, and we hope for a speedy miracle)
I had at the time to measure the basal temperature to monthly since she could not get pregnant. Writes the daily result on the leaf, and then the gynecologist made its findings. As a result, he said the egg is not matured, he was appointed a hormone stabbing. Again temperature measurements. And what to do when the child wants. I could get pregnant in a year, now I have a son and a daughter.
Angelina is a very common case, this is what happened to my friend. She said that she had a cycle like clockwork, no need to be afraid, she knows when she ovulated, resulting in a second unplanned child. She was shocked, but now realized that basal temperature - it is not a method of prevention, but we must pay tribute - the method it will not let more than a year.
I absolutely do not believe in this method, because the basal temperature can affect a huge number of factors and even a slight inflammatory response in a completely different place of the human body, can change the basal body temperature. And in order to get pregnant simply to try and very often want to!
I will not speak about the identification of abnormalities by measuring basal body temperature, it is how many did not come across this ever. But to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy, I would not recommend. My girlfriend was practicing this method of protection and successfully gave birth to her third child.
On the one hand simple and accessible method to independently determine pregnancy at an early stage, and on the other ... Maybe I'm wrong sized, but her pregnancy was not able to identify in the early stages. As it seemed to me, I was doing everything right. In this regard, I would like to know what time of day you need to measure the basal temperature?
Masha, in fact I know that the basal temperature is advised to measure the morning, immediately after waking up, while you are still lying in bed. At one time I somehow do it, and then - threw far away. In order to have a more or less true picture, it must be measured each day at approximately the same time, these data are recorded. And we, women, as always - is missed, the forgotten, the less time to touch. In general, I think the measurement of basal body temperature completely pointless! Waste of time.
I decided to use a method for measuring the basal body temperature for a short time to self diagnose yourself. But I was horrified when I saw before menstruation, the temperature was 38.2 degrees. What could it be? Is some kind of disease? Maybe I'm just wrong measured? Measured rectally.
How did I sometimes wonder that hormones are so important, although contained in the body in trace amounts. To measure basal temperature see sense only if there is a problem in order to get pregnant. I prefer to measure the temperature in the *** s - I think it is more correct.
Well I do not know. That says that the pregnancy will keep the temperature above 37 degrees. And I personally, when I got pregnant, basal temperature is above 36, 9 degrees did not rise at all once. It seems to me there is not the degrees namely, vibrations, temperature jumps. Do not fall in temperature day monthly - pregnant.
Well I do not know. That says that the pregnancy will keep the temperature above 37 degrees. And I personally, when I got pregnant, basal temperature is above 36, 9 degrees did not rise at all once. It seems to me there is not the degrees namely, vibrations, temperature jumps. Do not fall in temperature day monthly - pregnant.
When my husband and I were planning a new baby, I calculate the period of ovulation by measuring the basal temperature. Only need to do it at the same time in the morning, not getting up. For convenience, better to have a book that regularly celebrate the increase or decrease in temperature. Now the Internet has details of how to build a graph. And the temperature should always be measured at the same location, or only the mouth or only during *** e, or only in the rectum.
Inna, agrees. Moreover, I believe this method is too rough. In this age of medicine can come up with a simpler method of detection of diseases. When the doctor suggested to measure basal temperature every day, I flatly refused. There ultrasound, there are studies under the microscope, why engage in this nonsense?
Oh, girls, to measure the basal temperature - it's terrible. Two months can be patient, but to measure it 8 months, as it did I - enemy does not want! Every morning at the same time you have to say "good morning" thermometer, remove from priests :), and then record the temperature reading to a special schedule.
As I understand you, Kate! True, I suffered 3 months, and then changed their doctor. I showed her my charts, and she asks, "How to measure?". Me: "rectum." She: "Like it?" Me: "Not really." And then she says, "Well, honestly, I do not understand the doctors, who advised to measure basal temperature rectally, when there is such a great hole of suitable diameter". Then another 4 months measured the basal temperature vaginally. Unpleasant sensations smaller.
Good afternoon! BT can be measured, and in the mouth, it is even less discomfort, it is so to speak a third way to measure it.
It seems to me revealing various gynecological pathologies and pregnancy by measuring the basal body temperature in some complicated, unreliable and inconvenient. I remember how we were taught to measure the basal temperature: at one and the same time, not getting out of bed without opening blankets, flat amount of time - just horror
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