Tips for prevention of stroke - detailed recommendations

October 9, 2012

 tips for preventing stroke
 For people who have suffered a stroke, prevention of a second stroke becomes the main goal. The risk increases ten times after the first stroke. Preventing a second stroke begins with an analysis of the reasons first. This may be atrial fibrillation (an abnormal heart rhythm that causes the occurrence of blood clots), or narrowing of the carotid arteries in the neck. Treatment is also directed to other risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high blood cholesterol. But we need to make much effort. Not only a doctor, but the patient plays an important role in the prevention of stroke. Stroke has a devastating effect on humans. After experiencing such, you should think about global positive lifestyle changes.

 Tips for prevention of stroke - detailed recommendations

How to prevent subsequent strokes

Antiplatelet drugs and anticoagulants can reduce the risk of a second ischemic insult. These drugs affect blood clots by inhibiting their formation. After treatment no clots may form and can lead to stroke. Aspirin - one of the most effective and least expensive antiplatelet drugs.

There are several types of blood thinners and the doctor will choose the medication on the basis of medical history, health status and potential side effects. For example, people suffering from blood incoagulability aspirin is contraindicated.

When using these medications is very important to take them in the correct order. Even if in the past the patient take aspirin for pain, and now should not drink more aspirin than the doctor ordered. Also, it is necessary to inquire about the potential reactions to other medications and food. For example, the most widely used anticoagulant warfarin Warfarin - indirect anticoagulants  Warfarin - indirect anticoagulants
 It may not be compatible with other drugs and green vegetables having a high content of vitamin C.

 Tips for prevention of stroke - detailed recommendations

Monitoring performance

High blood pressure makes a lasting impact on the artery walls. If left untreated this situation, the artery will weaken and break down, which could lead to blockage or rupture and subsequent stroke. Hypertension is often a cause of stroke. Changes to the lifestyle changes to help control blood pressure. We need to take medicines every day, lowering blood pressure. Consult your doctor if you notice any side effects, but do not stop taking the drug without his permission. Ask your doctor what level of pressure and must be observed by using a home monitor control blood pressure, make sure whether the drug.

 Tips for prevention of stroke - detailed recommendations

smoking cessation

Stopping smoking - a very important step that should be done to reduce the risk of a second stroke. The benefit of this step will not take harvest - after five years the risk of recurrent stroke will fall to the level of nonsmokers. Smoking - one of the major risk factors for stroke.

Nobody argues that quitting smoking - no easy task. You do not need to lose heart if tried to quit and failed. According to global statistical studies, former smokers have taken an average of six attempts to quit before they succeeded. The more try, the more chances of success.

Talk to your doctor about smoking cessation techniques. The best way - is to discuss the problem or nicotine replacement therapy and medication. Studies have shown that with the help of anti-smoking therapy, you can double the chances of quitting. Try to avoid smoking. If you live with a smoker, ask them to smoke outside the home. The problem is not only in the fact that communication with the person pushing smokers to light a cigarette, but, and that passive smoking also has a negative impact on health. Passive smoking is a risk factor as much as active.

 Tips for prevention of stroke - detailed recommendations


Changing your diet helps to reduce several risk factors, including completeness. Start with the replacement of food high in fat and low-calorie meatless options. Replace food with high sugar content whole grains, fruits and vegetables. These changes will allow the body to develop protective antioxidants Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits  Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits
   and recover the fiber. Restoring fabrics add a feeling of health and satisfaction. As a nice addition to the above advantages, some fibers reduce cholesterol.

 Tips for prevention of stroke - detailed recommendations

Nutritional advice

  • Eat fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. Purchase fruits and vegetables of different colors - red, orange, yellow and green - to get different nutrients.
  • Get the bread, rice and pasta from whole grains.
  • Prefer chicken, fish and lean meat.
  • Add beans to your diet a few times a week.
  • Buy foods that are low in fat.
  • Use healthy fats, olive and vegetable oil.
  • Throw away the salt shaker. Do not add salt during cooking or at the table.
  • Try at least once a week to give up meat. Vegetarian meals can reduce cholesterol and harmful fats.

When the refrigerator is empty, it is very easy to get to prefer junk food fast food. That is why it is so important to have regular access to healthy food. It should be reserved such frozen dinners, fruit, which can be stored for a long time, such as apples and oranges. Combining these products may be a square meal or snack.

You can lose weight without restricting portions of food, but by reducing them to drink enough water and low-calorie beverages. You should also learn to choose healthy foods, taking food away from home.

 Tips for prevention of stroke - detailed recommendations

Exercise stress

When it comes to the benefits of exercise, it is difficult to find a reason not to move. However, patients who have suffered a stroke recently, should consult a doctor before using the tips listed below.

If a patient is suffering from the effects of stroke symptoms Stroke - consequences: recovery and treatment  Stroke - consequences: recovery and treatment
 It should develop specific exercises with a doctor or physiotherapist.

For most people, it is perfect twenty-minute daily walk. If such a long walk seem unimaginable, then break this time into three parts, walking three times a day for ten minutes. Grow Slowly the intensity of workouts. This could be brisk walking, gardening, aerobics and self-skating, if the patient is confined to a wheelchair.

 Tips for prevention of stroke - detailed recommendations

Moderate alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol two to three times a day increases the risk of stroke by seventy percent of people who are not experienced a stroke. Excessive alcohol consumption increases blood pressure. Moderate alcohol consumption - twice a day for men and one per day for women - can help in confronting stroke. Exceeding this limit leads to the risk. But if people did not drink before the stroke, there is no reason to start. If you want to stop, try not to keep alcohol in the house, try not to drink every day and learn to savor the drink, rather than swallowing it. If you feel that you can not control your habit, consult your doctor.

 Tips for prevention of stroke - detailed recommendations

Make prevention of stroke family affair

Stroke may be subject to all family members, not just those who have already had a stroke. Bring a healthy lifestyle in the family: healthy food, exercise, Myths about exercise: do not believe  Myths about exercise: do not believe
   and smoke-free zone. Working together and supporting each other, it will be easier to acquire new habits.

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