Conjunctivitis in adults when the eyes are affected - Diagnosis and treatment

June 15, 2014

  • Conjunctivitis in adults when the eyes are affected
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 diagnosis of conjunctivitis in adults

Diagnosis of conjunctivitis in adults

Description of the symptoms of the disease helps the doctor in the early stages of diagnosis. Before the visit to the doctor try to remember exactly when you have the first signs of conjunctivitis Symptoms of conjunctivitis when sick eyes  Symptoms of conjunctivitis when sick eyes
 When they become particularly pronounced when a fade, and so on. After the conversation with the patient the doctor may prescribe a smear or scraping the conjunctiva. With the help of a special tool is extracted a small amount of mucus from the surface of the eye for laboratory analysis. Such a test in many cases to establish the causative agent of infectious conjunctivitis Infective conjunctivitis - options Origin  Infective conjunctivitis - options Origin

In most cases, conjunctivitis takes no more than two weeks without special treatment. If symptoms persist for longer and / or they become very pronounced, and if there are features such as photophobia, blurred vision and severe pain in the eyes, you need to turn again to the doctor and undergo additional tests. Sometimes these symptoms point to the following violations:

  • Acute glaucoma Glaucoma - a perspective possible blindness  Glaucoma - a perspective possible blindness
   - A rare form of glaucoma, which leads to a sharp increase in intraocular pressure;
  • Keratitis - an inflammatory disease of the cornea;
  • Iritis - a violation that causes symptoms very similar to the symptoms of conjunctivitis Symptoms of conjunctivitis - bright display  Symptoms of conjunctivitis - bright display


How to treat conjunctivitis in adults - infectious conjunctivitis

The recommended method of treatment - conjunctivitis depends on what caused the disease.

Than to treat conjunctivitis in adults in the home. Most often, patients with this disease do not need special treatment - it is sufficient to use a variety of non-prescription tools and carry out simple advice to alleviate the symptoms of the disease and prevent infection of other people.

  • Remove contact lenses. If you wear lenses, try to do without them as long until all the symptoms of the infection have disappeared. If your doctor has prescribed taking any medication, do not wear contact lenses during treatment and for 24 hours afterwards. After recovery, replace all the old to the new lens to avoid re-infection;
  • Use non-prescription eye drops, or so-called "artificial tears". They prevent dryness of the eyes, soothe irritation and relieve the symptoms of conjunctivitis;
  • Carefully remove the sticky mucus from the eyelashes and eyelid using cotton balls and warm water;
  • Wash your hands regularly. It is especially important to do this every time after you touch your eyes.

Antibiotics in the treatment of infectious conjunctivitis are rarely used because it usually goes away on its own, and rarely causes complications. However, they may be needed if the disease is very severe, and / or if the symptoms persist for several weeks. Usually when conjunctivitis, the following antibiotics:

Chloramphenicol eye drops - the drug of first choice for bacterial conjunctivitis. In the first two days of the drug is recommended to bury the diseased eye one drop every two hours (while awake). Yet within five days of chloramphenicol instilled once in four hours. The symptoms of conjunctivitis may disappear within 4-5 days after starting treatment, but the drops should be used for seven days.

In some cases, instead of eye drops may be administered to the eye ointment of the same active ingredient.

Fusidic acid is usually given to patients who, for whatever reason, does not fit chloramphenicol. It can also prescribe for pregnant women, because it is safer for the fetus. Eye drops with fusidic acid is used twice a day, during seven days.

Treatment for conjunctivitis in adults with these drugs can cause transient blurred vision. Immediately after applying the drops is not recommended to drive and operate machinery that rough handling can cause harm to human health. Usually, you just wait a little longer, and completely normal vision. Very rarely chloramphenicol or fusidic acid causes a slight burning or stinging in the eyes, but these side effects usually pass quickly. If they persist for several hours after taking the medicine, consult your doctor.

If two weeks after the start of treatment of conjunctivitis symptoms persist, talk to your doctor. You should also consult your doctor if the medication after you show signs of an allergic reaction, such as strong redness, swelling, itching.

Gymnastics for the eyes: improves vision - TV and the computer

July 13, 2008

  • Gymnastics for the eyes: improves vision
  • TV and computer

How to watch TV

Watching movies good for the eyes, as it promotes vibration of the nerves of the retina. Movies can not look closely, namely gazing reduces vision. For those who regains his sight, TV shows and movies is a real workout for the eyes. You should not only look at everything in a few hours.

 TV and computer | Gymnastics for the eyes: improves vision

Watch the movie

  • The distance from the screen should be comfortable with your state view.
  • Better to sit in front of the screen, rather than the side.
  • The head must be kept upright, leaning on her spine. Do not tilt your head forward.
  • While watching the movie you need to breathe deeply and often blink.
  • Move your eyes around the screen without stopping in one place.
  • During the break, gently cover your eyes for a short time, to give them a rest, relax the eye muscles and nerves of the retina back up.

 TV and computer | Gymnastics for the eyes: improves vision

Vision and Computer

For those who spend much time at the computer, you must observe the following rules:

  • the screen should be positioned slightly above the level of your eyes.
  • workplace should be illuminated enough, but not very bright light should not get into your eyes;
  • to bring the lighting to the brightness of your computer screen, you can paint the walls of the room in blue;
  • when working at a computer to do the pause (1 hour - 15 minutes of rest).

 TV and computer | Gymnastics for the eyes: improves vision

Gymnastics for those who work a lot on the computer

  • Strong zazhmurivanie, and then open your eyes wide.
  • Rotation of the eye (look up, down, right, left, without turning his head) first in one and then in another direction.
  • Frequent blinking for a minute or two.
  • Massage closed eyelids fingers in a circular motion for a minute.

Stressed eye condition undermines the human nervous system. When the work is restored eye, significant changes for the better place in the entire nervous system. You will feel it.

Galina Romanenko

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