Vengeance - they do not go too far

March 8, 2009

   About the place is legendary, it dominates the minds and feelings, makes lose appetite and suffer. In fact, revenge is not much different from love - that feeling makes you think about the object, which are directed so yl emotions, no less than a favorite. The only difference is that one feeling creatively, and the second is destructive. Let's talk about how useful or harmful sites, can take revenge, but you can do without it, and what are acceptable ways of revenge, and what does not.

 Vengeance - they do not go too far

What is revenge?

Revenge is often compared with the disease. Indeed, it is able to capture the man so that makes it a slave who can not think of anything else except of the feeling that it has absorbed.

Revenge is destructive. It makes the experience the most negative emotions that you can imagine. Vindictiveness characteristic of different people who are united by a painful and overly inflated ego, intolerance of other people's shortcomings and inability to forgive. Of course, there are exceptions, and bring to thoughts of revenge can be very good-natured person, but if you do hurts the answer you want too much, it is worth pondering.

But sometimes revenge is able to coerce and great achievements. There are cases when people are out for revenge become successful, famous, in spite of their oppressors.

 Vengeance - they do not go too far

Where does?

The reasons for vengeance quite a lot. It is a serious offense, betrayal, ridicule. However, some - who manages to take revenge on the people of the blue for no apparent reason. Desire for revenge often pursues unsatisfied and uncertain people. For them, this is another way to show the world its significance. This may be due to the fact that the identity of the person for a long time suppressed, and the infliction of pain response satisfying.

Sometimes the cause is the envy of revenge, then to deal with this feeling becomes very difficult, because one object of envy may be replaced by others, and the person will remain in the same place.

The most common cause is jealousy Jealousy and what to do with it  Jealousy and what to do with it
 . Revenge makes people jealous to make a variety of things, some of which are forced to suffer a very large number of innocent people.

Some people try to cope with this feeling, others groom and nurture it.

I must say, most rational reasons for no revenge, excluding situations that happen in our lives is quite rare.

 Vengeance - they do not go too far

Fight off or indulge her?

This question each must decide for himself. To get started, answer yourself, whether inflicted injury or caused trouble so great that it deserves to you wasting their time and energy? It is important to know exactly what will be the result of your actions, you will get the satisfaction, or will be forced to suffer even more? Do you prove to someone that going to prove? And whether you get the offender to repent?

If you truly look at the situation, the answer to most of these questions is "no." In this case, you get the desired satisfaction or further tighten himself into the maelstrom of hatred?

To resolve any problems, there are other ways that are often more effective than retaliatory attacks. Sometimes a normal conversation or ignoring annoy people help resolve the conflict and to get rid of the desire for revenge.

 Vengeance - they do not go too far

If you retaliate, how?

Since you do decide to retaliate against the offender, be careful. Never do something over and above what was done to you. If you have a neighbor angry that regularly fills your ceiling, it does not mean that you have to burn her apartment.

Choosing a method of revenge, and the law should take into account. Sometimes people go too far and get more problems than they were before their revenge launched.

Revenge should be targeted. You should not take revenge on all and sundry, and if the perpetrator offense is impossible to touch, it is possible that this idea should be abandoned altogether.

Think about how you will look the part. Would you be even more petty, rude and brutal than your abuser? Would you like such a reputation?

If you predict the result of revenge can not, it means that the undertaking is better to postpone or forget about it altogether.

The main thing is usually experienced intriguers: do not rush. Revenge - a dish best eaten cold, so less likely to make a mistake.

If for a moment forget about emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
 That beset the offended person, would that revenge is not the only way out of any situation. Revenge is not only causes suffering a few people, but also humiliates the one who tries to intrigue. Really strong people are always on the strength to forgive the offender, or simply ignore.

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The strange story of revenge

June 11, 2012

 stories of revenge
 The story of a woman who, after learning that her husband have three mistresses, glued his genitals to his own leg with superglue - not the most bizarre story of revenge. Among deceived wives and have more sophisticated ladies.

 The strange story of revenge

The burning of four mobile phones

One couple had a successful Chinese mobile phone shop. But it so happened that her husband wanted to divorce his wife. Divorce because divorce. But after the marriage was dissolved, and the property is divided, the former wife of her husband set fire to the store. Fired four brand new mobile phones.

 The strange story of revenge

Traps under voltage 110V for his beloved wife

A man from Arkansas blocked the entrance to the bedroom metal grid under stress - this is usually enclose corrals. Perhaps he really did not have enough personal space. After the divorce, it must remain more than enough.

 The strange story of revenge

Dog feces husband for dinner

Angry at her husband's wrongdoing, the details of which were not disclosed, a resident of Scotland named Jill Martin had prepared for him a curry with the addition of a certain amount of dog excrement. Present at the court heard Gill after her husband filed a dish and watched as he began to eat it, burst into laughter. Judging by the fact that her husband then gave his wife to court, he is still alive.

 The strange story of revenge

Arson husband's genitals

According to the Moscow police, the woman set fire to her husband's penis when her husband naked, standing in front of the TV, drinking vodka. Her action was the completion of three years is not a very happy life together. While we can not say for sure whether the victim's genital organ to function as before.

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