10 myths about sex and women

October 11, 2012

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 Women and sex
 Foreplay, point G, masturbation, libido ... I'm sure many men (and women, too, is) interested in knowing the truth about female sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality  Nine ways to experience their sexuality
 . I do all sorts of things, and myths on this subject, there are many.

 10 myths about sex and women

Women do not like sex

It is not true. For many centuries and even millennia, men see women only as the future mother of his children. It took many years to break down stereotypes. Finally, the woman broke free and got the right to sexual satisfaction. Historically, women have been focused exclusively on the role of mother, and sex was considered only as a necessary procedure to produce offspring. This is absolutely not conducive to getting pleasure. In addition, frequent childbirth and obstetric tradition, and the whole way of life at that time did not leave the woman is no hope to experience the joy of love games.

Everything changed the invention of modern methods of contraception. In our time, it became possible to speak of "sexual liberation" of both men, and even more so women: the risk of unintended pregnancy decreased significantly. Sex and the birth of children now exist independently of each other. The invention of birth control pills in the 50s of the last century finally freed women from the fear of unwanted pregnancy and allowed to say women do love sex ...

However, it is also clear that men and women may have different sexual desires: changes during the menstrual cycle and hormonal influences on the mood of women. During ovulation hormone levels reach a peak, and this is the cause of increasing sexual desire. During menstruation, a woman's desire may decrease.

Hormonal male is usually the same (without taking into account the different pathology), so their sexual desire over time usually does not change. However, some of the psychological factors (such as stress, depression or emotional depression) may lead to a decrease in sexual desire in both women and men.

 10 myths about sex and women

Women can not do without foreplay

Not true. Prelude adds a variety of sexual intercourse, but without a woman can enjoy. Basically, the purpose of foreplay - enhance sexual desire, but if the desire is already there, it is possible to skip the foreplay and immediately proceed to the next step.

However, some women simply need foreplay: they contribute to the development of lubricants, which is especially important in case of problems with vaginal dryness. In this case, no foreplay during sexual intercourse a woman may experience discomfort and sometimes pain. During foreplay together with the growing excitement of the vaginal wall produce natural lubrication that facilitates sexual intercourse. The longer the foreplay, the more grease is produced. However, this step is not necessary to tighten too much - the average duration of foreplay does not exceed 12 minutes, the majority of women is enough this time.

Foreplay is necessary for many men. They increase the excitement and stimulate the emergence of male erectile dysfunction Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man  Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man
 . Thus, the prelude - a reliable ally of both women and men.

 10 myths about sex and women

The presence of the hymen indicates virginity

It is not true. The hymen is a membrane covering the part of the vagina in girls. This membrane has a natural opening through which the separation occurs during menstruation. The size of the hole all women are different.

Many believe that this membrane is broken during the first sexual intercourse, it causes pain and little blood loss, in the eyes of men is proof of virginity Virginity - big male myth  Virginity - big male myth
   women. In many civilizations, religions and traditions of many nations according to the hymen had (and has) a sacred meaning.

But do not forget that during the first sexual intercourse blood appears not all women. There can be several reasons. First, some women are born without a hymen at all or in the hymen from birth rather large hole, so during intercourse membrane is not torn but just slightly stretched.

The reverse situation: the girl may not even be a hole in the hymen. In this case, in order to facilitate the outflow of menstrual blood is carried out a special operation that violates the integrity of the membrane. The first sexual intercourse at such women does not necessarily lead to the appearance of blood.

The membrane of the hymen is a flap of skin that can be quite elastic and stretch without damage, missing vagina male member. Also in this case no bleeding.

Some sports, such as horseback riding or gymnastics, may cause rupture of the hymen long before the first sexual intercourse. Can damage the membrane and tampons used during menstruation.

Virginity - is, by definition, lack of sexual relations Sexual relations: how to bring passion  Sexual relations: how to bring passion
 . Thus, before the first sexual intercourse girl remains a virgin, regardless of whether her hymen is intact or not.

 10 myths about sex and women

Sex without love is impossible for a woman

This is not true. Some people believe that women are more sensitive and romantic, and that, unlike men, women do not have sexual relations without having any feelings for your partner. In fact, the difference in feelings males and females is low. Women are talking about the necessity of feeling for sex, but for some men it can be equally important.

The separation of love and sex is no longer the sole preserve of men. Social representations and the evolution of the social system led to the definition of equality between men and women. For a long time a woman for adultery severely condemned by society, while the male only slightly censured for "frivolity". But times change, and now the woman has the right to have free sex with no hint of love or affection.

The sexual revolution has proved that sex is not only necessary for the birth of children engaged in sex for pleasure. And the invention of contraceptives finally liberated women who can, without fear of unwanted pregnancy, sexual relations, not only with the official spouse, but just a temporary one another or even with a casual partner.

Aphrodisiacs - cause desire where necessary

April 1, 2010

 The mysterious word "aphrodisiac" more often glimpsed in our lives. Information about the aphrodisiacs have come to us from time immemorial, they were used in ancient Egypt and in ancient India, they are well known in China, it has been in Japan. In all these countries, they are called in different ways, but we know them as an aphrodisiac - the gifts of the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite.

 Aphrodisiacs - cause desire where necessary

What are aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs - substances that stimulate the libido and boost vitality necessary for the implementation of this feeling. The name "aphrodisiac" is rooted in Greek mythology. That's where the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite via a magic belt, which were made love, desire and words of seduction, was able to woo the Zeus.

Aphrodisiac properties have some food of high nutritional value, such as honey, pollen, any nuts, chocolate, eggs, red and black caviar, seafood (oysters, shrimp, squid), mushrooms, olive oil, leafy greens (asparagus, celery , parsley, basil), wheat germ, fruits (strawberries, lemons, bananas Bananas: the benefits and harms health  Bananas: the benefits and harms health
 , Mango, avocados, coconuts, dates), spices and so on. In different countries set of products - aphrodisiacs different, it all depends on their distribution in the nature of the given locality.

But it is much more popular than food purchased essential oils, have aphrodisiac properties. Natural essential oils with aphrodisiac properties, are mainly produced from plants, common in the East, sandalwood, clove, tea tree and so on. Pronounced aphrodisiac properties have oils such as butter pickles, citrus, jasmine, geranium.

Have aphrodisiac properties, exacerbating sexual feeling, and some drugs, for example, prepared on the basis of Indian hemp (marijuana, hashish, marijuana), this ancient and well-known.

 Aphrodisiacs - cause desire where necessary

How to apply

Aphrodisiacs act differently. Food strengthens metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 They contain proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals needed to build sex hormones, which are the main "engine" of the sexual feelings and sexual desire. A surge of extra energy allows her to spend long love joys. Some aphrodisiacs are substances that can directly stimulate the production of sex hormones person or cause a rush of blood to the genitals, increasing their sensitivity. This increases the overall impact of human activity, stimulates the endocrine glands, eliminates sexual indifference Women (frigidity) prevents premature ejaculation in men by increasing the duration of sexual intercourse The duration of intercourse - is there a norm?  The duration of intercourse - is there a norm?

Essential oils have aphrodisiac properties, effects on the brain, stimulating the release of biologically active substances endorphins. Endorphins cause happiness, exacerbated sexual desire, as well as all the feelings during intercourse. They stimulate the emergence of erotic fantasies, make people more free and liberated, cause euphoria (a joyful mood). Essential oils - aphrodisiacs enhance sensuality, passion, increase sexual desire and erogenous sensitivity, remove all obstacles in the form of shyness and all kinds of complexes, give elegance emotions. Endorphins normalize cardiovascular system, thereby enhancing sexual performance rights.

Essential oils - aphrodisiac and help release pheromones - biologically active substances, which act as a form of chemical bond between a man and a woman. They are distinguished by special glands, located directly to the human skin and act on the subconscious level, causing sexual arousal. Standing out into the environment, pheromones are perceived recipes sensitive olfactory organs, which transmit the excitation signal in the cerebral cortex, thus arousing in him sexual desire and attraction.

 Aphrodisiacs - cause desire where necessary

Medications to have aphrodisiac properties

To drugs, to have aphrodisiac properties, include these natural medicines, such as:

  • ginseng and lemongrass - tone, strengthen the immune system, increases efficiency and reduces fatigue during strenuous exertion);
  • rhino horn - in Africa, it is considered an excellent means of improving potency;
  • Musk - a substance with a specific smell produced by the male musk deer glands - one of the species of deer; musk scent stimulates the formation of sexual energy;
  • Damiana - a small shrub that grows in America, which is also called an aphrodisiac Aphrodisiacs - cause desire where necessary  Aphrodisiacs - cause desire where necessary
   Turner (named after the English physician), he restores genital return the body vigor and vitality of youth; damiana leaves contain substances that stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, the work of the urinary tract, promotes the normalization of hormonal levels; women in menopause Damiana reduces the frequency and intensity of hot flashes., in men increases the production of sperm.

Actively used for therapeutic purposes, and essential oils that have aphrodisiac properties, they are used in the form of ointments, added to the bath and so on.

Aphrodisiacs not only stimulate sexual desire, they are able to strengthen and rejuvenate the body, aid digestion, and many others, what determines the quality of human life.

Galina Romanenko

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