Sex in the bath: love does not sink

September 30, 2011

 sex in the bath
 Indulge in amorous pleasures in the water like many - this definitely has something romantic. Not all and not always possible to do it in the pool or in the sea under the southern stars shine. Therefore, many couples try to have sex in the bath: one then come to the conclusion that it is simply delicious, others are disappointed. Meanwhile, the negative consequences have sex in the bath are relatively few: they can slip and get the "industrial injury", but you can still experience the discomfort of tightness.

Standard bath and a half meters in length - not the best place for such activities. Completely relax and get pleasure from the process can only be overall Jacuzzi or, in extreme cases, corner bath: there is at least possible to freely change the relative positions of the bodies. It is believed that the size and shape of the bath depends on the quality of sex in it. However, experts hold a different point of view, there is an interesting pose, even in confined spaces. According to them, the gentle touch of water is able to compensate for these disadvantages.

There is a myth that sex in the bath is safe: that water negates the risk of unwanted pregnancy and infection diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. If the sperm got into the water, it does not mean that it blocked the way to the female body. Therefore, all the same it is advisable to swim in front of the joint stock of condoms. And lubricant useful as a natural female lubrication will simply be washed away with water.


The ideal situation

Such activities like sex in the bath, it is desirable to prepare in advance. You can buy scented candles and set them in the bathroom: it will help to create a truly intimate atmosphere, and along with the tune in a romantic mood. Not superfluous will be a bottle of good wine and a bowl of fruit. The thought to use bubble bath should be abandoned, even if it seems to you the flavor is incredibly seductive and very appropriate to the situation. The fact that the soapy water with the presence of flavoring additives getting into the most secluded corners of the female body, able to provoke unpleasant irritation and allergic reactions Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat  Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat

The bath should be neither too hot nor too cold. Overheating during sex is fraught with complications to the cardiovascular system, as well as increased water temperatures often occurs in men premature ejaculation Premature ejaculation: the main thing - to make a diagnosis  Premature ejaculation: the main thing - to make a diagnosis
 . Too cool water, in contrast, is able to cool the ardor of all love, and not the fact that the erection Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man  Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man
   occurs at all. The optimum temperature from thirty-four to thirty-eight degrees Celsius. She checked "by the elbow": immersed in water elbow, and if he is quite comfortable there, then you can move on and dive to the full.


Optimal methods for poses and

The warm and relaxing bath is sure to be appreciated by fans of oral sex. In water, it is possible to obtain from such sensations, which is not easy to achieve the usual manner. Nice variety in the game make the scenario of sexual fondling jets of water from the shower: it absolutely does not matter, there is in my soul divider or not. Contrasting changes in water temperature is particularly exciting effect on a woman's body, but keep in mind that pour over cool his jets, it is desirable for a brief period - no more than thirty seconds.

Before proceeding to the main action, it would be nice to bathe each other, making it soft and gentle movements washcloth and alternating them with kisses. This technique often helps to bring a partner to complete exhaustion of love followed by an explosion of passion.

The most convenient for sex in the bath are considered to pose "woman on top" and "dogs-style." Some people prefer to make love How to make love: sex - not just technique  How to make love: sex - not just technique
   standing, enjoying the flow of water pouring from the top of the shower. Finally, a way to gourmet - love joy in wet clothes. It is no accident in the West have become fashionable banquets and all kinds of water party where women in evening dresses are immersed in pools - many find similar spectacle romantic and erotic at the same time.

Svetlana Usankova

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Casual Sex: lifestyle, not only for men

April 10, 2011

 sex without commitment
 To be or not to be sex without commitment - a question asked by many people who do not have an ongoing relationship with one partner. Many are attracted by the fact that in such a beautiful romantic movies sex often leads to these feelings and stable relations.

In reality, sex without commitment for someone is a temporary means to diversify the life, and for someone - an emotional dead end. First of all, this is the fact that the desire for sex is enough, for the emergence of romantic feelings, not to mention the more serious affection, need long-term communication and recognition of each other. Sex without commitment does not provide such an opportunity, and not designed for this. According to the etiquette of such relations, it is impossible to impose chat partner, if he does not want it - in this case the common phrase "sex - is not a reason for dating," it is very relevant.

Sex without commitment can bring a lot of fun and learned a lot, but it can be more difficult than it seems.

Disadvantages of sex without commitment

Diseases, sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy

You can take all the possible precautions, but nothing will give you a full guarantee of protection. To ensure maximum protection, we recommend using both condoms and spermicides. If you become pregnant accidentally partner, but you'll have to decide what to do - because you had agreed on the absence of mutual obligations.

 Casual Sex: lifestyle, not only for men

Emotional emptiness

If you are convinced that good sex can not be without love it is likely to be so. Casual Sex is suitable for those who can relate to sex only as entertainment. Among women, these people much less than men, so before deciding on this, you should think about how it will affect your self-esteem.

 Casual Sex: lifestyle, not only for men

Difficulty in choosing a partner

Just get acquainted with someone in a nightclub or on the Internet can be very risky. Even an expert can not always appears on its face to see in man signs of mental disorders, propensity for violence, and so on. If you decide to have sex with a complete stranger, go with him to the hotel and inform on the phone to someone from friends exactly where you'll be and when you expect to return home. If something in the behavior of a potential partner's troubling you - remember that women's intuition is often right. It is not necessary to tell him that you have decided not to continue to chat - better to just quietly disappear.

On the other hand, decide to casual sex with a familiar person may be even more difficult. Much depends on how you feel about sex, you and your potential partner. Sex does not always destroy the friendship and friendly relations with a colleague, but often it happens that way.

Advantages of sex without commitment

Disclosing your sexuality

If you've always wanted to try sex without commitment, but was stopped by the prejudices, the presence of a permanent partner - period without a stable relationship can be an opportunity for the realization of desires. According to studies, 80% of women who have sex without commitment, do it to reveal his sexuality.

 Casual Sex: lifestyle, not only for men

Embodiment fantasies

Many women (and men) can be uncomfortable, ashamed or scared to tell regular partners or legal spouses about their sexual fantasies. The person with whom you do not link the obligation can be much easier to tell that you are attracted not only the traditional forms of sex, as well as to realize these fantasies.

 Casual Sex: lifestyle, not only for men

Possibility to get to know yourself

Through sex without commitment, you can better understand what you need in sex and relationships for you. Close communication with the people that you may see the first and last time in his life, can provide invaluable experience - not caring about what you think about, you allow yourself to be yourself and not try to meet the expectations of a partner. One of the reasons of failures in the relationship is exactly what the partners know themselves well enough.

In general, the risk of which is associated with sex without commitment is significantly exaggerated. The violence, including psychological, is much more common in families than between casual partners. Therefore, deciding "to be or not to be" above all, think about whether it's you. If yes, then with the other challenges you can handle; if not, respect their decision and do not allow anyone else to change it.

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