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December 14, 2013

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 male sexuality is an interesting statement

Male sexuality: Interesting statements

The sexual life of men is full of lies and deceit. The truth is that we live in a patriarchal society. With some exaggeration, one can say that the world is ruled by men. However, when it comes to sex, men are losing on all counts. This area of ​​human relations is not subject to them, they can not control it. An incredible and surprising statement, but only at first glance.

In the end, the entire multi-billion dollar industry of sexual entertainment built on the shaky foundation of male sexual fantasies. Popular polls, involving issues of sex, shows that men get in bed much more than they give. Men are usually more likely to receive sexual satisfaction than women. So what are we to explain the problem of male sexuality?

Male sexuality is this terra incognita, completely unexplored phenomenon, which made judging, based on numerous scientific and narrow-minded views and assumptions (often erroneous). The problem is that if the men themselves begin to ask themselves a simple (and difficult) questions about their own sexuality, this situation will never change for the better.


Myths about male sexuality

  • Men's sexuality is the norm

Male sexuality for many serves as a measure of sex and one of the means of definition. The problem is that everyone is sure to know what is the measure of sex and no one bothers to take a closer look closely. We need to note that this concept places too jammed, and sometimes - a virgin. In the definition of male sexuality, we must not rely on appearance, height and build, and internal criteria.

Because male sexuality is the norm, it will never be questioned. Therein lies the problem, because male sexuality - such a phenomenon as complex as women's sexuality, and it remains to be sorted out.

  • The manifestations of male sexuality more accepted in society

In Western culture, manifestations of male sexuality are welcome much more than women's sexuality. From an early age we are told the difference between men and women set the teeth on edge and repeat the refrain "boys will be boys", which gives young people the opportunity to freely explore their sexuality a secret, but a conventional manner. This "conspiracy" partially removes the obstacles to the development of male sexuality.

However, this phenomenon is related to certain problems, because it is an obstacle to stimulate growth and development. We live in a society dominated by a negative attitude toward sex and all sexual activity, so the lack of barriers does not mean freedom and looseness, and the only choice of the path of least resistance. As a result, men are not able to make informed sexual choices, they are forced to accept that society imposes, and consider it the best choice.

  • Male sexuality is obvious, visible at a glance, it is understood a priori

So say when they want to say that male sexuality is his phallus. Perhaps this is one of the most common and persistent misconceptions about male sexuality, besides, the most harmful and dangerous. It is true that the phallus symbolizes male sexuality - no one does not argue with that. Male genitalia are outside, so most men will know his own body (masturbate, experience erection Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man  Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man
   and ejaculation) at an early age without any help or interference, so that sexual arousal is given to men easily.

Since men are easily excited, it is assumed that there is nothing in particular, and therefore it is not necessary to know more about this phenomenon. As we know, Freud once said that male sexuality is nothing extraordinary, while the nature of female sexuality remained an unsolved mystery for him. But here Freud was wrong. Male sexuality seems simple, because we treat it as a layman.

  • Male sexuality is heterosexual

Another classic myth about male sexuality, "proved" by the fact that men choose women - as we have already determined, subject to the choice imposed by society. Unfortunately, modern sexologists completely ignores the theory of the great Socrates and believe that bisexual women experience - something "natural", and for men - quite the contrary, because "man is by nature heterosexual."

Of course, it is impossible to ignore the existence of homosexuals, but they are "different from the rest" and is only 2 - 10% of the male population of the planet. So when we talk about the culture of male sexuality, we almost always mean a heterosexual male sexuality, which in itself is a rather narrow concept of (here refers to sexual intercourse with vaginal penetration, which is preceded by a minimum foreplay and oral sex).

The problem is that this is not true. In fact, men (explorers and experimenters in nature) tend to try everything in sex, and often it is "everything" is simply impossible to experience with a woman. If you look closely at the sides, you can easily see how an increasing number of men seeking to enrich their sexual experience by communicating with the same sex, the number of gay couples and latent homosexuals, have not yet realized their choice, a variety of male sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality  Nine ways to experience their sexuality
   It becomes obvious. The variety of forms of male sexual behavior does not fit into the conventional framework that brings us to the legitimate need to extend this framework.

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Virginity - big male myth - Virginity is not only a physiological

August 19, 2007

  • Virginity - big male myth
  • Virginity is not only a physiological

Virginity is not only a physiological

On moral and ethical position virginity - the state of the soul and the body (where it is already possible to speak about the girls, and young people) to the first full-fledged sexual contact (petting, sex contact with extravaginal somehow do not count). But in the most general sense, virginity is identical purity, inexperience, naivete and a brighter image.

Historically, the majority of the peoples of the presence of the hymen is very appreciated. There were, of course, the people, the importance to the hymen they did not see and will try to get rid of this trouble. In South America, for example, a few hundred years ago, it has been extended to deprive yourself of the tradition of virginity with the help of artificial phallus, and right before the wedding. Similar ceremonies there are some African tribes, and the northern peoples. Sometimes involved in the process of relatives and friends of the groom. But Western European (and east too) civilizations tend reverent attitude to this intimate and ephemeral part of the female body.

It has long been surrounded by legends of virgins. Like, chaste maidens and dragons prefer for breakfast, and the water is only a virgin can cleanse, heal and bring to the city, suffering from the epidemic. In one of the most widespread religions - the cult of the Virgin: The Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Conception Conception, ovarian cycle, fertilization and genetics of a child  Conception, ovarian cycle, fertilization and genetics of a child

The family and domestic meaning no bloodstains on the sheets after the wedding night (and in fact we know that not every deflowering - Bloody Sabbath) could have ended very badly for the "false" bride. Well, at best, to the monastery. And so, the stones can be. Or in prison snakes. Or profane soldiers ...

Such a harsh attitude, like many other things, due to the history and evolution. More, of course, history. The man, choosing his bride wife of a different kind, had to be sure that it does not already carries in its bosom of another child (that foreign genes will not destroy the future of its own, will not cause damage to the genus). And how could this make? That's right, only if the bride was a virgin.

Now, after multiple sexual revolution, virginity is not held in high esteem. But still it remains a bit of a taboo topic, and ignorance creates a lot of harmful myths.

 Virginity is not only a physiological | Virginity - big male myth

When to lose virginity?

For medical reasons - after 17-18 years, criminal - not earlier than 16. Generally speaking, you need to listen to the inner voice, and believe in the settlement only to himself. A common myth is that with age hymen "dubeet" and thickens - no more than a myth.

  • Defloration - it hurts. Most likely, yes. But this is not such a pain, which competes with the ancient Chinese torture. Therefore, we must correctly identify a partner: it does not necessarily have to be the most skilled in the world of Don Giovanni, just love and trust with the boy next door.
  • Orgasm? In light of all this, it is unlikely.
  • Krovischi ... It is not necessary, according to statistics, the blood is 35% of girls.
  • Pregnancy during the first time does not occur. Hype! And how come. Therefore, contraceptive care is still needed.

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