The most beautiful teeth can not be ignored

December 28, 2012

 The most beautiful teeth
 Yellow teeth are no color, especially now, when the fashion is not so much the beauty as health and well-groomed. The modern market funds teeth whitening Teeth whitening - which option is right for you?  Teeth whitening - which option is right for you?
   offers a lot of options for teeth became white again, but do not rush to buy them, because you first need to understand the root causes of problems. You may have to rethink their daily habits, and then will make a beautiful and healthy teeth and fresh breath.

 The most beautiful teeth can not be ignored

Why do teeth turn yellow

First of all, we must remember that the natural enamel color is not the same for all people, and in some healthy teeth can be one shade, others another. Yes, nature is not always fair, but with age the teeth begin to change for the worse, turn yellow, gray, brownish. This is a natural process due to wear of enamel, which is getting worse performs its protective role. These problems are compounded if you smoke.

 The most beautiful teeth can not be ignored

Tips grandmother - the efficiency with caution

Tips on how to make your teeth "whiter than white", to find the most beautiful teeth in abundance on the Internet. Among them, there is some kind of miracle recipes, but some of them can really help to ensure that your teeth will be whiter and more beautiful, of course, if you become zealous. In any case, nothing will be done without consulting a dentist, especially if you have sensitive gums.

Effective use of whitening toothpaste components. Some pastes contain polishing materials, silicon compounds, ash, perlite.

The external appearance of white or yellow teeth largely depends on their environment. For this reason it is not recommended to paint lipstick cool colors, especially purple tone that makes it visually more yellow teeth than they really are. Do not use too dark lipstick saturated colors that will contrast with the teeth and stress the yellowness. In this case, you have to opt for natural shades or soft pink.

 The most beautiful teeth can not be ignored

Professionally and independently

To get the most beautiful teeth in television advertising, you need to choose the most appropriate way, which is not much. Bleaching can be done at home or at the dentist on a special procedure. House procedure is available both with the participation of national resources, and with the help of customized products.

The number of domestic procedures to acquire beautiful teeth Beautiful teeth - often visit the dentist  Beautiful teeth - often visit the dentist
   It is constantly growing. After the whitening toothpastes are available and special brushes. These bristles constructed from fibers comprising bleach components, such as perlite or calcium carbonate. If you purchase a brush that combines with a whitening toothpaste suitable for daily use, over time you can achieve good and consistent results.

At the dentist whitening procedure faster, more efficient, but expensive and aggressive. Gone are the days when the bleaching in the dentist's office made with hydrogen peroxide or other corrosive chemical formulas. The most common method is laser teeth whitening. It has its advantages (speed, effect, quality whitening), and its flaws. The latter include the high sensitivity of the teeth Tooth Sensitivity - sudden pain  Tooth Sensitivity - sudden pain
   in the first hours after the procedure, which then have to be repeated. And it is fraught with considerable damage enamel. So before you decide on laser teeth whitening, think about what is more important - a short-term effect of stunning beauty and dental health.

Never laser teeth whitening is done as a separate procedure independent. In front of her is always a thorough cleansing of the oral cavity, and then it will have to use special solutions for rinsing.

 The most beautiful teeth can not be ignored

Do not forget about the daily oral hygiene

The best way to keep your teeth white - is to stick to a healthy diet Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating  Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating
   and maintain oral hygiene. Limit and better all give up smoking, because nicotine is bad coexists with beautiful teeth. Precautions consume food and drinks that stain teeth.

Brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes with a toothbrush, which should be no more than three months. Cleaning can accompany the use of mouthwash and dental floss, interdental space cleaning.

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Sinus lift: create support for the implantation

October 14th, 2011

 Sinus lift
 Sinus lift came into our lives with the implantation of teeth Dental implants: how to make a smile "Hollywood"?  Dental implants: how to make a smile "Hollywood"?
 . To install titanium tooth roots in the maxillary bone, some people do not have enough bone tissue for a long absence of one or more teeth leads to a reduction of its volume.

 Sinus lift: create support for the implantation

What is a sinus lift and what it is spent

Implantation - is implanted in the jaw bone titanium roots which further attached artificial tooth crowns. But in some cases, in order to implant a titanium root, is not enough bone in the jaw. This may be a feature of the human individual, when the maxillary sinus is too low and the thickness of the bone in the region of the tooth root is low, insufficient to implant a titanium root. But most of the bones of the upper jaw are changed after tooth extraction, they atrophy (decrease in volume) and bone also becomes insufficient. And in fact, in either case shows the operation capacity of bone at the implant site or sinus lift.

Sinus lift - surgery to bone volume capacity, which allows to form in the upper jaw reliable support for the installation of a titanium root (implants). Before the operation, be sure to examine patients. If many of his maxillary sinus bone cysts have walls or at a location of the intended operation, it is a contraindication for sinus lift. Sometimes surgery is contraindicated for smoking - it can reduce the immune system and endanger the postoperative infection.

 Sinus lift: create support for the implantation

Types of sinus lift and move operations

Conduct operations closed or open way. Closed sinus lift is a gentle technique. But it can only be done if the height of the bone to the bottom of the upper jaw is not less than a centimeter. In this case, sinus lifting is performed simultaneously with implantation of a titanium root and the bottom of the maxillary (maxillary) sinuses moves up with a special tool.

If the height of the bone to the bottom of the maxillary sinus less than a centimeter, surgery is performed open sinus lift. This operation is performed under local or general anesthesia and is always combined with simultaneous implantation of a titanium root, sometimes they are held at different times. During operation in the sidewall of the sinus by using special tools to create a hole through which the sinus floor is raised and the resultant space is filled with the patient's bone chips or bone substitute synthetic substance, after which the titanium implant or mounted, or simply wound sutured. At the same time trying not to violate the mucosa of the maxillary sinus.

Prostheses on implants installed immediately, but after a few months after surgery - this time is necessary to ensure that the bone is fully taken root and become stronger.

 Sinus lift: create support for the implantation

After surgery, sinus lift

In order to prevent the ingress of infection in the wound and rapidly remove edema in this area usually prescribed antibiotics in conjunction with the appointment glucocorticoid hormones (they quickly reduce inflammation and swelling).

Usually the postoperative period passed without complications, but after being discharged from the hospital the patient should observe the following rules: Do not blow your nose for a month, do not dive into the water and is generally better in the first month did not use the swimming pool, do not fly a plane, not to drink water How to drink water to lose weight  How to drink water to lose weight
   or juice through a straw. If the patient needs to cough or sneeze, then it must do so with an open mouth. Following these simple rules can prevent displacement of bone material and getting into the surgical site infection.

 Sinus lift: create support for the implantation

Complications after sinus lift

Operation sinus lift was developed long ago and perfected over the last thirty years. Therefore, in most modern dental clinics it runs without complications. However, they are not always depend on the specialist who performed the operation. Often it depends on the health and the individual characteristics of the patient.

The most common complication during surgery sinus lift is a perforation of the mucosa of the maxillary sinus. This creates prerequisites for infection and irregular air circulation. Therefore, the mucosa, or sutured, patch or using different techniques. A complication of this often enough and surgeons have learned to cope with it.

Another complication - infection of the wound. In most cases, this complication to cope with today's antibiotics. If this fails, then the operation is conducted drainage (open access) the source of infection, which, of course, delay the process restore teeth Restoration of teeth: dental surgeon or dental therapist - who obraschatsya  Restoration of teeth: dental surgeon or dental therapist - who obraschatsya

Sinus lift - it is technically simple and quite Waste operation, which leads to further high-quality prosthetics Fundamentals of prosthetics - not just for the elderly  Fundamentals of prosthetics - not just for the elderly

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