Rice diet - cleanses the body using rice

October 16, 2008

  • Rice diet - cleanses the body using rice
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 Rice Diet
   Rice diet - it is a very hard technique used to treat certain diseases and weight loss. Power plan severely limits the intake of salt, sugar and fat, so weight is reduced rapidly. In the first month due to such a diet can save 9 to 14 kg per week, then - 1-1.5 kg per week.

Rice Diet was developed in 1939; doctors used it for rapid weight loss in patients with disorders such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and impaired kidney function.

 Rice diet - cleanses the body using rice

Rice Diet: What You Can Eat

Besides rice, in this diet include beans, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products and lean proteins.

During the first stage of the rice diet, which typically last for one month, you need to eat 800 calories a day. At the end of the first month of the number of calories you can gradually increase. Then begins the phase, whose mission - to fix weight. Its duration determined by the physician. Every day can be eaten 1200 calories. Doctors say when patients refuse from fried foods, coffee, and sugar, they gradually disappear headaches and lethargy, reduced cholesterol levels, blood pressure normalized.

The average person consumes 7,000 milligrams of sodium each day. When the first phase of its diet of rice consumption is reduced to 50 mg (largely thanks to the almost total ban on the use of salt), for two days the body loses excess water and, at the same time, according to experts, patients significantly reduced appetite. However, many doctors believe that the influence of salt appetite exaggerated and patients still require considerable efforts will continue to stick to this diet.

Protein intake during the rice diet is reduced to 16-20 grams, significantly less than the recommended 46-56 g

Use a rice diet is best under constant supervision of doctors and surrounded by the same patients. At home it may be too difficult. At the clinics, patients also learn stress management Stress Management: everything under control  Stress Management: everything under control
 , Relaxation techniques Relaxation and stress - calm, not panic!  Relaxation and stress - calm, not panic!
 , they play sports.

Rice diet can lead to a decrease in muscle mass due to decreased protein intake, which is especially desirable for patients to lose weight quickly.

In addition, it is important to understand that losing weight by 9-14 kg per week, and the person loses fluid, but it is not as useful as get rid of extra fat. Stagnation of fluids in the body is harmful, but that can be removed during the first 48 hours of diet.

Classical rice diet can be the beginning of the path to a healthy weight, but stick with it for a long time can not. In no case do not adhere to such a diet, if you just need to lose some weight. This diet, in fact, a drug, and it can be used only on prescription.

To get rid of a few kilograms and cleanse the body of toxins, try the lite version of the rice diet. It does not limit the size of the portions and the number of calories consumed (although it is contemplated that it will not exceed 1800-2000 per day); You are invited to complete a meal, when you feel satiated by 80%. That is, to get up from the table with a feeling of easy hunger. The diet can include:

  • Brown rice
  • Fruits, except bananas
  • Herbs and spices, like garlic Garlic health: almost a panacea  Garlic health: almost a panacea
 , Chili peppers, coriander, ginger Ginger and the most unexpected, but pleasant useful properties  Ginger and the most unexpected, but pleasant useful properties
 , Parsley, onion
  • Unrefined olive oil or flax seed oil - used in small quantities for salads
  • Fresh juice, lemon tea with ginger, mint tea and a variety of teas Decaffeinated
  • Vegetables - fresh, cooked or baked. Canned or frozen vegetables are not allowed.

Lean Diet: more than weight loss

August 14, 2014

 lean diet
 Lean Diet - is a system of power that implies the rejection of products of animal origin. Eating this way for a long time, doctors usually do not recommend, but a couple of months of non-animal food is only for the benefit of the body. Do not confuse lean diet with fasting: the purpose of the diet - that weight loss and rejuvenation of the body, not the spiritual practices.


Not fast, but the diet

Many spiritual teachers offer their flock restrict your diet to cleanse the soul and enlighten the mind. Posts can be mild or more severe. For example, someone prescribes food only bread and water, and someone can afford to fish and seafood.

It combines all posts another: fasting goal - spiritual growth, humbling ourselves, rather than finding a beautiful figure. Strictly speaking, those who regularly fasts, not always boast harmony.

By itself, the vegetable food necessarily promotes weight loss, especially if you fill it with plenty of vegetable oil.

It is quite another thing - lean diet for weight loss, which is designed specifically for those who want to first of all get rid of extra kilograms, and at the same time improve their health. Menu lean diet resembles the traditional positions that prohibits the use range of products of animal origin. But there is a similar diet and other features, such as the restriction of vegetable fats and sugars, and control portion sizes. Moreover, such a diet can be started any day, regardless of the church calendar.

There are many varieties of lean diet for everyone. Some limited discharge day, without animal products, someone will refuse meat, eggs, milk and butter for a week, some - for two. For those who want to combine weight loss with religious posts, invented lean diet for 40 days - perfect for Lent. In general, the length is adjusted individually depending on the purpose and characteristics of the organism. Obviously, fans lean meat is more appropriate diet for a week, and those who are indifferent to animal products, you can try to cut back on your diet for a longer period.


To be effective diet

Noticed that the best diet helps lose weight lean meat lovers - giving up favorite foods, they begin to eat less and rapidly losing extra weight. A nice bonus becomes a good work of the gastrointestinal tract, which is a positive effect on skin and hair.

Completely abandon the fat during the diet is impossible, but their number must be limited to 30 grams. Also, do not drink coffee, alcohol, carbonated and energy drinks. You need to eat a fractional, small portions, the last meal no later than 19 hours.

Vegetarian diet requires smooth "exit".

Do not immediately after its completion lash out at your favorite hot dogs and grilled burgers: the return of animal products in the diet should be gradual. For the first meal after the diet is quite a piece of boiled chicken breast, eggs, slices of lean beef. Later portions can be increased, but it is better to give preference to low-fat foods boiled, not fried pork, or lost weight quickly return.


Fasting diet for 7 days: Features

Fasting diet for a week - the most strict. There are several options for such a diet. For example, you can eat a hearty enough for six days and on the seventh day did not eat, only drink water How to drink water to lose weight  How to drink water to lose weight
 . And you can reduce the calorie evenly every day. Example lean diet with a "hungry" day will allow an idea of ​​the diet.

For example, on the first day at breakfast you can eat 100 grams of millet porridge with pumpkin (oil is not added). Lunch consists of a vegetarian borscht without frying and sour cream and salad of carrots and cabbage, seasoned with lemon juice. At lunch supposed to eat a baked potato or a banana Bananas: the benefits and harms health  Bananas: the benefits and harms health
   a compote of fruit without sugar. Dinner - a plate of braised turnip and carrot, a tablespoon of cranberry Cranberries for health and beauty  Cranberries for health and beauty
   sugar, tea.

On the second day at the breakfast should eat baked or boiled potatoes with mushrooms (pickled, stewed, pickled). After such a hearty breakfast to dinner plate will have enough mushroom soup without potatoes and salad of apple, celery and daikon. An apple and a plate of stewed cabbage in water in the afternoon will help to eliminate hunger. At the dinner should eat 150 grams of cabbage stuffed with mushrooms and rice.

The menu in the remaining days of the diet, you can make your own, based on the menu the first days. During the day, it is important to eat at least one serving of salad of fresh vegetables without dressing, a bowl of vegetable soup, a plate of cooked (grilled, steamed) vegetables, 100-150 grams of cereal or cereal casseroles. The need for a sweet can be met by a pair of spoons of honey or jam and dried fruit. However, for greater efficiency sweet diet should still be limited.

Unloading is typically built on the fifth day of the diet, but you can make a "hungry" the day a little earlier or a little later. This diet is not important dishes sequence as part of the diet as a whole. Therefore, recipes lean diet is best to choose the most Diet: from cakes with poppy seeds and nuts will have to give.

Optionally, you can not be limited to one week and to give up meat for another 7 days. Fasting diet for 2 weeks is considered more effective than weekly. During such a diet can easily part with five or six pounds. Starting from the tenth day of this diet can be gradually introduced into the diet of vegetable fats: nuts, seeds, olive oil. Excessive use of fat should not be - a day will be enough 40-50 grams. The discharge end of the day in the second week of the diet will consolidate the achieved results.

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