The Japanese diet for weight loss in two weeks - whether to sit down?

June 26, 2012

 Japanese diet for weight loss in two weeks
 Is it possible for a short time to get rid of fat deposits that were saved for months, or even years? Yes, it is quite. The Japanese diet for weight loss allows for only two weeks to get rid of six and even eight kilograms. This diet is very popular because of its simplicity and effectiveness, but it is important to comply strictly with all the recommendations of the developers to achieve impressive results.

 The Japanese diet for weight loss in two weeks - whether to sit down?

The basic principles of the Japanese diet

Immediately it should be noted that the Japanese diet has nothing to do with the diet of the inhabitants of the east of the country, which is the basis of the diet for centuries constituted rice, vegetables, fish and seafood. Cattle breeding has not been developed in Japan, so meat and dairy products to the menu of Japanese began to appear relatively recently, in the twentieth century. Unpopular in Japan and coffee - instead, residents prefer to drink green tea or plain water.

As for the famous Japanese diet, it offers almost completely abandon the rice, bread and other foods rich in carbohydrates. Moreover, the ban does not just harmful simple carbohydrates such as sugar, but also useful "complex" carbohydrates are contained in the raw grains. Saves the day only vegetables - mostly carrots and cabbage, which are suppliers of fiber.

Some variations of the Japanese diet to limit fat foods, while others do not emphasize on this. Unlike most dietary rations Japanese diet does not prohibit fried in oil products which can not be considered a useful and healthy food.

It should be noted that in many descriptions Japanese diet no indication serving sizes. This creates the false impression that there can be any number that ultimately, of course, is not conducive to weight-loss.

The Japanese diet is a protein on the day proposed to eat two servings of a variety of protein - meat, fish, poultry, eggs. Fully prohibits sugar and products containing alcohol, which prevents the removal of toxins from the body, and salt. At the last ban should dwell.

It is a ban on salt half the success of the Japanese diet. Since the salt retains water in the body, giving it up produces a pronounced diuretic effect. Weight is rapidly falling, but this is not primarily due to fat, but at the expense of water, so part of the lost kilos back quickly after the diet. Complete rejection of salt in some cases can lead to serious health problems, which causes dehydration. Therefore, during the dieting you need to drink a lot of water to restore the balance.

 The Japanese diet for weight loss in two weeks - whether to sit down?

Contraindications diet

It is known that before compliance with any diet be sure to consult with your doctor, but few do so. Meanwhile, observe strict diet can only be perfectly healthy people, so if you have any chronic diseases or other health problems, consult a doctor is needed.

The Japanese diet, like other protein diets are not suitable for those who have kidney disease. It is also contraindicated in case of problems with digestion (especially the tendency to constipation), endocrine disorders and diseases of the cardiovascular system. During dieting is not recommended for enhanced sports, sauna Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures  Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures
   and a sauna.

 The Japanese diet for weight loss in two weeks - whether to sit down?

The Japanese diet: Day by Day

It is advisable not to start the Japanese diet The Japanese diet - not too much salt?  The Japanese diet - not too much salt?
   after a hearty feast - at least on the last day before the start dieting food should be moderate. You can not make any changes to the menu and to increase the portions. Salt is completely eliminated.

  • On the first day at breakfast should be limited to one cup of black coffee. At lunch you can eat a large bowl of fresh salad with oil and two boiled eggs. Salt should not be consumed. Drink lunch follows glass of tomato juice. Dinner will consist of two hundred grams of boiled or baked without sauce, salt and spices Spices - delicious slimming  Spices - delicious slimming
 Fish and a large plate of cabbage salad.
  • On the second day to the coffee for breakfast, you can add one rye bread. Lunch follows the dinner of the first day. For dinner, you can afford a cup of yogurt every fat and two hundred grams of boiled beef.
  • On the third day for breakfast again a cup of black coffee without sugar. For lunch, one should drink a raw egg (can be replaced by three quail eggs, which are more secure), and eat three boiled carrots. For dinner you can eat apples in any quantity.
  • Breakfast fourth day is no different from the day before breakfast. For lunch, you need to eat fried zucchini and an apple for dessert. Dinner will consist of two eggs, two hundred grams of boiled beef and cabbage salad.
  • On the fifth day in the morning instead of the traditional cup of coffee should eat a raw carrot, seasoned with lemon juice. For lunch, you can afford a pound of boiled fish and a glass of tomato juice. At dinner, too, relies fish, but only two hundred grams, and a plate of coleslaw.
  • Breakfast again is the sixth day of black coffee. For lunch, five hundred grams of boiled chicken with a salad of cabbage and carrots. Dinner will consist of two boiled eggs and carrot salad.
  • On the morning of the seventh day of boring coffee can be replaced by a cup of tea. The lunch should eat two hundred grams of boiled beef, for dessert - a few different fruits. Dinner may be the same as any other day of the diet, except for the third.
  • Starting from the eighth day of the diet should be repeated. Out of the diet should be careful, every day adding to the diet of some new product. After the diet food will be moderate to add some salt, but the use of sugar and alcohol, it is desirable to limit and even eliminate entirely.

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The date diet - figs as a dietary product

July 5, 2009

 The date diet
 Dates - an exotic representative of the category of dried fruits: the edible fruit of the date palm are known in the first place, its very sweet, almost cloying taste. It is particularly surprising that, unlike other dried fruits, dried figs as a peculiar dietary component have been known since biblical times: dried dates were taken along on long trips, and in some legends there is mention of how dates became the only food for a few years .

 The date diet - figs as a dietary product

How to observe the date-diet

The date diet - as, indeed, any other mono-diet - extremely simple and requires for a few days eating only dates and nothing else (of course, with the exception of liquid - with no water or unsweetened tea sugary dates are simply impossible to eat in large quantities). The date diet at first glance may seem "ideal" weight-loss mode for those who like sweet, but in fact it is no less complex than any other mono-diet - also because of sweet figs will come much more quickly than fresh food. The duration of the diet should be a date just a few days, but if you want to increase the duration of its better diversify the diet does not contain large amounts of starch fruits or vegetables.

 The date diet - figs as a dietary product

Subtleties diet

Counting their "dietary norm" of dates, it is important to take into account the specificity of the composition of dried fruits: after the removal of moisture, any dried fruit, and dates are no exception, are concentrated sources of sugar, so their energy value, the ratio of calories to the weight of the product is much higher than, for example , the energy value of fresh fruit .  In other words, the same amount of fresh fruits and dried fruits provide the body with a completely different amount of energy or calories, the cleavage of which the body gets the required energy for normal operation .  Half cup of dried fruit is sufficient to obtain the same amount of carbohydrates, a major source of "fuel" for the body, which contains, for example, two medium sized apples .  This is particularly evident on the example dates: first, dates contain up to seventy percent of the natural sugars, and, secondly, a hundred grams of dates contain two hundred eighty calories and almost seventy grams of easily digested carbohydrates .

 The date diet - figs as a dietary product

Advantages and disadvantages

At a date diet as any other diet, mandating the use of only a limited number of products for a certain period of time, there are certain advantages and disadvantages that are typical rather for the whole monodiets .  The main advantage of such diets, and a date diet including - it is their absolute efficiency: a sharp and substantial reductions in the amount of alcohol intake of calories leads, firstly, to the fact that the organism as an additional source of energy begins to use the burned fat, and, secondly, to the removal of excess fluid from the body .  Elimination of fluid retention - one of the main advantages of a date diet because excess fluid in the body not only becomes a "culprit" of one to two kilograms of excess weight, but also provokes swelling .  Of course, to date-diet proved the most effective, we must not forget about adequate fluid: following the date-diet, like any other mono-diet, it is important to drink plenty of fluids - up to two liters of pure non-carbonated water or green tea, slimming, in a day .

The obvious negative diet is a date inferiority diet prescribed a diet. Dates, of course, contain many different nutrients, but not as a complete set of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which are necessary to complete the work of all body systems. It is for this reason that a date can not stick to a diet for too long - an unbalanced diet is always dangerous and unpredictable unpleasant health effects from mild beriberi to digestive disorders.

 The date diet - figs as a dietary product

The composition of the fruit

Dried figs fruits contain up to 70% sugar - more than in any other fruit. Here lies the most just an issue of rationale - how you can lose weight on the fact that it is so sweet and sickly? Do not we use for diet chocolates, marshmallows or kozinaki. The answer is simple: its exceptional sweetness of dates required to the high content of fructose and glucose, which is so important for the brain. Glucose and fructose - a natural sugar, and sucrose - is artificially produced, so sweet figs are more useful than, say, the same amount of a sweet dessert of pastry. And then, the dates do not contain any cholesterol, so can safely claim to be useful, and even dietary product, of course, within reason.

The date is very popular diet today. It is difficult to say who invented it - probably all the same sweet tooth, who enlisted the help of doctors who recommend dates as treats for diabetics, children and pregnant women, because all of them is not desirable to use the usual sweets.

 The date diet - figs as a dietary product

The essence of the diet of date

As a result, there was a date-light diet is designed for 10 days. In the first 4 days of date tenday have to settle for dates. Only the dates and nothing more. Starting from the 5th until the end of the day and the diet gradually to the diet included fruits of salvation - choose savory and juicy - apples, pears, oranges. The liquid is used pure mineral water, morning drinking unsweetened tea or black coffee (sweetened it would not want to), do not forget about healthy green tea.

What is the effectiveness of the diet of date? Dates - very high-calorie fruit: 100 grams of dried figs contains 280 calories - is unthinkable for a standard dietary product. In the same 100 grams of dates almost 70 grams of carbohydrates. Such content on the one hand with glucose saturates Glucose: The energy source  Glucose: The energy source
   brain and should exclude the possibility of headaches and weakness, characteristic of starvation diet on foods with a low glycemic index. On the other hand, the almost complete absence of proteins makes the diet low efficiency to get rid of excess fluid How to withdraw excess fluid from the body - all sorts of ways  How to withdraw excess fluid from the body - all sorts of ways
   and building of muscle tissue. A definite plus diet - a fast assimilation of dates. They supply power without letting loose the body of the small amount of nutrients, and it is rapidly combusted without becoming fat.

Written by someone date-diet involves a very flattering scheme that sounds like "dates there can be any number." In fact, losing weight to such a sweet diet on the first day will understand that this is not no consolation, because a lot of dates is simply impossible to eat - try to eat a kilogram of favorite chocolate bars a day and figure out that this will have to eat a few more days! It is unlikely that such a diet may seem a paradise, rather - a forced short-term measure, followed by a long, long time do not want these healthy fruits.

  Eugene Zhirkina

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