Hemorrhoid treatment and diet - it is important to good nutrition

April 14, 2013

 treatment of hemorrhoids diet
 Hemorrhoids - is one of the most frequent diseases. Almost always, the hemorrhoid is inextricably linked to constipation and constipation if not eliminate, hemorrhoids will return again and again. Therefore, the diet must necessarily be part of an integrated treatment of acute and chronic hemorrhoids.

 Hemorrhoid treatment and diet - it is important to good nutrition

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids - varicose veins is the end of the rectum (internal hemorrhoids) and the anus (external hemorrhoids). The disease usually takes a long time and imperceptibly, and only at a certain stage begins to manifest itself in the form of bleeding occurring during defecation, dull pain in the anus, worse during stool.

If the infringement varices (knots) develop acute hemorrhoids - extreme pain, constipation, and urination. Strangulated hemorrhoids may be necrotic (die off), which leads to the development of bleeding and infection-inflammatory processes.

 Hemorrhoid treatment and diet - it is important to good nutrition

The basic principles of the treatment of hemorrhoids

Chronic hemorrhoids requires not only medical treatment, proper nutrition Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food  Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food
   and a healthy lifestyle. Hemorrhoids can win diet and physical activity high enough.

In order to enhance this effect, it is possible to use drugs to venotonic angioprotective and properties, for example, detraleks Detraleks - improves the function of blood vessels  Detraleks - improves the function of blood vessels
 . Under the influence of detraleks stretch vein walls is reduced, they become more elastic. Detraleks a positive effect on the capillaries: decreased permeability and endurance against the load. But the most effective use detraleks in acute hemorrhoids. Assign it with acute hemorrhoid in the first three days with three tablets twice daily (morning and evening), the next three days - two tablets twice daily.

With long flowing severe hemorrhoids, which are accompanied by persistent pain and bleeding, surgery is performed.

 Hemorrhoid treatment and diet - it is important to good nutrition

Diet for Hemorrhoids

The main purpose of the diet of hemorrhoids - a warning constipation. To do this, not only to eat certain dishes, but also comply with the rules of food intake. These rules include frequent smaller meals (4 to 6 times per day) at a certain time (the intestines have to get used to a certain rhythm). The diet must be present first courses and plenty of drink.

All meals must be prepared by stewing, boiling or steaming. If you really really want, sometimes you can eat something fried, but only if there is no worsening of the disease.

To quickly moved food through the intestines, should eat enough fiber. A lot of fiber found in vegetables, fruits, cereals (buckwheat, oats, corn), whole grain bread. Some of the vegetables should be used after the cooking, and some fresh. Some people are hard to carry fresh vegetables - they have a bloating and abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms  Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms
   - In this case the bulk of vegetable dishes must be subjected to cooking. The same cooking, if necessary, may be exposed and fruit, for example, are very helpful baked apples.

If the patient tolerates fat, very good effect has fresh salad: it not only promotes the contents of the intestines, but also cleans the walls of the large intestine from fecal stones, mucus and so on. For the relief of a chair to eat a dessert you can eat dried fruits - Dried apricots and prunes.

In chronic constipation it is also recommended each day to include in the diet of dairy products. Very useful to use them before going to bed Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   - In many patients, this results in the morning and stool formation bowel habits at the same time.

In the morning breakfast half an hour before you can drink freshly squeezed juice - it contributes to the good of the gastrointestinal tract, charges vigor and energy for the entire first half of the day. Useful combinations of fruit and vegetable juices: apple-carrot, apple-carrot-cabbage, apple-carrot-beet. Beet juice is better to cook in the evening, and then added to other juices - so it will be less irritating the gastrointestinal tract.

From diet should exclude fatty, fried, spicy, salty, smoked and pickled food, strong tea and coffee, alcohol, sweets, pastry, sugary soft drinks - all of these products may contribute to recurrence of hemorrhoids.

Diet with hemorrhoids should be observed constantly. Exceptions to it can be, but it is the exceptions that should not last permanently. In addition to diet is important and the mode of physical activity. If you follow all these rules, you can achieve normal bowel function and forget about hemorrhoids.

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Most low-carb diets for diabetics

April 25, 2012

 Most low-carb diets Diabetics
 To lose weight, many people severely restrict your diet. Although doctors, this method is not very recommended, it can give at least a short-term effect and does not harm human health. For diabetics in the diet, there are many important rules, some of which relate to and how they can restrict your diet. If you have diabetes, you need to maintain your blood sugar levels Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health  Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health
   stable and hunger you contraindicated. For diabetics, dieters, there are special diets.

 Most low-carb diets for diabetics

Mayo Clinic Diet

The main thing in this diet: healthy diet and nizkoglikemicheskie carbohydrates. Adhering to this diet, it is necessary to monitor the size of the portions, snacking on a few times during the day and, in addition, doing physical exercise Myths about exercise: do not believe  Myths about exercise: do not believe
 . It is important to avoid fluctuations in blood sugar. This diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and even some foods with refined sugars and simple carbohydrates, such as pasta. The latter, of course, be there in very limited quantities.

 Most low-carb diets for diabetics

South Beach

South Beach Diet invented by a cardiologist; its main purpose - to control the level of sugar in the blood and, with it, the feeling of hunger. The diet consists of three phases; the task of the first two - to reduce weight. The third stage involves the maintenance of the results achieved throughout life. At the first stage - severe restrictions. You can eat mostly lean protein and some vegetables. The books and manuals on the South Beach Diet has recipes for all stages, including the first. In the second stage introduced into the diet of complex carbohydrates, fruits, dairy products and lean meats. Among the permitted carbohydrates: sweet potatoes (yams) and brown rice instead of potatoes and vysokoglichemichnyh simple white rice. In the third step you hook the result achieved a healthy diet Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating  Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating
 ; Ideally it should be a permanent part of your life. The main thing here: to avoid simple carbohydrates and fats. The same rules and are encouraged to adhere to diabetics, so South Beach Diet is very popular among them.

 Most low-carb diets for diabetics

Glycemic Diet

This diet is particularly suitable for diabetics because its main value is that the proposed diet helps to avoid sudden changes in blood sugar levels Blood sugar - a very important indicator  Blood sugar - a very important indicator
 . The diet is based on a simple rule: 40% of total calories should be obtained from raw foods that contain complex carbohydrates. Therefore, sticking to a diet, you need to replace fruit juices, white bread - whole grain, and so on. Another 30% of the calories you get from good fats. On your plate on a daily basis should be fish, chicken, lean pork, beef and avocados. And 30% of calories accounted for dairy products - is recommended to use low-fat.

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