The rash of syphilis - as evidenced by this symptom

February 4, 2014

 rash syphilis
 The course of syphilis can be characterized by the presence of the polymorphism of clinical manifestations. The rash of syphilis appears on the stage of second period, when we can speak of a spirochetal sepsis. Skin manifestations appear in the background of systemic destruction of the patient. Treatment involves only local symptoms appointment of special agents that have activity against the pathogen.


What elements need to pay attention

The first patient with syphilis rash appear after an average of six weeks after the detection of the primary lesion or chancre. Patients rash can be in several forms:

  • roseola
  • papule

Spot pink (or roseola) appear first, while their most viewed, because they do not cause painful symptoms. The rash is not accompanied by itching, do not peel off, it does not rise above the surface of the skin intact. If you press your finger on the roseola, then it will disappear or drastically pale. Lesions in syphilis are arranged at different distances from each other and on all body parts.

During the second period of syphilis rash appears several times, but each new period of relapse can be seen that the rash is modified. The elements themselves on the skin are large, their number decreases, and they do not spread throughout the body, and are grouped together. Most of these groups of elements create intricate shapes that got the original name. The rash on the forehead gives the impression of a wreath, which has been called "the crown of Venus."

Eruptions in the form of papules joining existing roseola on the skin surface. Papular rash may appear anywhere on the body. After the disappearance of the papules on the skin is not rough scars, but only pigmented spots. The skin is often found located in the center large papules and many smaller elements around it in a circle.


The characteristics of lesions on the skin in syphilis

The appearance of all pathological elements on the skin requires a differential diagnosis for the diagnosis. Rash syphilis should be distinguished from various skin diseases. Papules, located in the palms and plantar surface, can be mistaken for psoriasis Ringworm - not only infectious disease  Ringworm - not only infectious disease
 , Psoriasis. There are a number of important diagnostic criteria to help distinguish the different nature of the disease. One has to resort to the serological tests to confirm the diagnosis of syphilis.

Knowledge of clinical criteria that looks like a rash with syphilis can not in practice comply with the classical ideas about the nature of the disease. We often observe the presence of several variants of the rash in different stages of development papular elements. Papules syphilis characterized by the following diagnostic features:

  • clear borders
  • no pain and pruritus
  • the presence of infiltration of tissues
  • characteristic color of ham or meat

A variety of elements on the skin or polymorphism can largely complicates diagnostic measures. In addition to the serological examination of a patient are conducting a study of cerebrospinal fluid, particularly in a period of secondary recurrent syphilis.

The rash of syphilis may appear on the background of the presence of pathological changes in the skin appendages (hair, nails). It appears a diffuse hair loss, as well as the eyelashes and eyebrows, which creates a distinctive appearance of the patient. Hair loss is often patchy, so the scalp formed small bald. This condition is typical of the second period, which occurs with recurrent disease. In this clinical situation is subject to mandatory study of cerebrospinal fluid. A favorable fact can be called that, even at the stage of secondary syphilis Secondary syphilis - can proceed unnoticed for several years  Secondary syphilis - can proceed unnoticed for several years
   the patient is completely cured, provided the timeliness of treatment in full.


The most severe skin lesions in syphilis

Each relapse occurs with unexpressed clinical symptoms, which is reflected in the fact that the reduced number of skin elements, and they vary in shape and size. Scanty rash does not mean that the disease is with the improvement, on the contrary, syphilis progresses, affected almost all the internal organs. Superficial skin rash gradually transformed into gross changes in the form of hillocks, which are grouped, leaving atrophic scars.

At the stage of tertiary syphilis Tertiary syphilis - the final stage of the disease  Tertiary syphilis - the final stage of the disease
   patients will not be a characteristic rash, most often it is scarring, which is possible even after many years to recognize that a person suffered syphilis Syphilis - punishment of Venus  Syphilis - punishment of Venus
 . If treatment is initiated in a timely manner, then these changes can be avoided. Subcutaneous formation on the skin, in some cases resolve, but can decay with the development of the vast ulcer surface. Ulcers with syphilis do not have the correct shape and differ defeat of deep layers of the skin.

Examining the skin of the patient, should be excluded lupus, which can produce similar symptoms of syphilis. Features lupus syphilis nature of scarring on the skin. In a patient with lupus is a smooth surface scar. After an episode of relapse of the disease at the scars are formed lumps. It is considered an important diagnostic criterion, as in syphilis is not never met.

There is rarely asymptomatic forms of syphilis which do not cause pathological changes in the skin. Confirm the diagnosis allows serology. To prevent the development of complications of syphilis options in practice resorted to the study of cerebrospinal fluid. Rash, skin rash and other symptoms can not be considered specific, so only on the basis of clinical diagnosis of syphilis can not be made.

Marina Solovyov

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Genital warts in men - is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous

April 17th, 2013

 genital warts in men
 Genital warts in men develop against papillomavirus infection - a disease that is most commonly transmitted through sexual contact and develops in immunocompromised. The main risk of genital warts in men Warts in men - as often as women  Warts in men - as often as women
   is their transformation into cancer.

 Genital warts in men - is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous

Why and how to appear genital warts in men

HPV infection enters the body men most often through sexual contact and can exist for a long time, does not prove itself. However, as a result of clinical trials have been identified the incubation period of the disease - the time from infection until the first symptoms of the disease.

The incubation period of HPV infection in the range from 21 days to eight months. But more often the first clinical symptoms appear within two to three months. The disease can not be, it depends on the state of immunity, but if the first manifestation yet begun, the immune system is reduced even more.

 Genital warts in men - is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous

Where they are and how to look

Genital warts in men can be located on the glans penis, prepuce, on the walls of the urethra and around the anus. They have the form of small entities grayish-pink color on a thin stalk (stem passes through the vessel that feeds the fabric warts). In men, genital warts growths in the genital area typically do not occur as quickly and intensively as in women. Often, they are rare.

Warts on the penis can interfere with sexual life of men, causing during intercourse pain and a discomfort related to their mechanical irritation. Several merged honey is genital warts may ulcerate, causing constant pain, bleeding and attaching a bacterial infection.

Sometimes genital warts grow in the opening of the urethra (urethritis) or along its entire length, causing such unpleasant phenomena as frequent painful urination. When lesions in HPV infection of the urethra often joins bacterial and urethritis Urethritis - a very male disease  Urethritis - a very male disease
   becomes chronic.

Genital warts may disappear on their own, without treatment - usually linked to the strengthening immunity. But the body of the human papilloma virus (HPV) will not disappear never.

But more often, genital warts in males occur in the form of one or more entities and are long in the same pore, not extending around. Maybe this option when genital warts in men grow very quickly, as a woman, it is more likely to occur at their location around the anus.

 Genital warts in men - is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous

What can be complicated

Genital papillomavirus tend to malignancy, that is, to the degeneration into a malignant tumor. Most often, they become a cause of cancer of the head of the penis. Therefore, it is important to timely treatment of this problem to the doctor (urologist or a dermatologist).

Genital warts can also be complicated by the addition of a bacterial infection. If this occurs in the glans and foreskin, then develop balanoposthitis mixed bacterial and viral origin. Characteristically the accession of a bacterial infection in the sprawl of genital warts in the urethra - develop long-occurring bacterial and viral urethritis.

In the anus infection is often penetrates into the tissue surrounding the rectum, causing paraproctitis Paraproctitis - make sure that there were no locks  Paraproctitis - make sure that there were no locks
   - The disease is prone to long duration, accompanied by severe pain and difficult to treat.

 Genital warts in men - is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous

What man, if he were genital warts?

Do not self-medicate, and as soon as possible, seek medical help. The initial stages of the disease to treat easier than running.

The presence of HPV infection may be set on the basis of examination of the doctor. To confirm the diagnosis performed quantitative PCR analysis, revealing not only the presence of HPV in the blood (this is nothing to say), but the amount. In addition, in order to avoid the degeneration of genital warts to cancer smears taken from the surface of warts or warts piece of tissue for cytological and histological studies.

After examination and confirmation of the diagnosis treatment is prescribed, the main purpose of which is to reduce HPV in the blood and strengthen the immune system Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system  Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system
 . Genital warts are removed surgically.

Galina Romanenko

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