Atrophic vaginitis - dryness, burning and itching - Treatment

April 10, 2013

  • Atrophic vaginitis - dryness, burning and itching
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 atrophic vaginitis treatment

Treatment - Hormone Support

Treatment of atrophic vaginitis carried out after a preliminary examination. This is necessary in order to establish the degree of inflammation to exclude participation of the infection. In addition, during the survey identified possible cancer process, which is very important in the elderly.

 Treatment | Atrophic vaginitis - dryness, burning and itching

How to treat atrophic vaginitis

The basis of the treatment of atrophic vaginitis is long-term administration of hormone replacement therapy Hormone therapy - is it possible to fool nature?  Hormone therapy - is it possible to fool nature?
   - Medicines, which include analogues of female sex hormone estrogen. In mild to moderate disease is assigned a local hormone replacement therapy (HRT), with severe - general or common in conjunction with a local.

For a more rapid recovery of flora and vaginal acidity topically administered laktonorm - probiotic containing live lactobacilli (available in vaginal suppositories).

Antibiotics in most cases are not assigned as infectious processes (nonspecific vaginitis caused by pathogenic microflora) develop less frequently. It is believed that this is due to some not yet established protective factors peculiar to old age. But if the bacteriological seeding detects the presence of infection, antibiotic treatment is definitely assigned.

To improve immunity appointed restorative treatment vitamins and minerals, herbal immunostimulants. Women are advised to move more, walk in the fresh air. If you are overweight, you are also advised him to get rid of - obesity predisposes to the development of diabetes Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease
 . This disease is always accompanied by a decrease in immunity.

Diet is also important: from the diet excludes all sharp and salty dishes that can stimulate the inflammatory process. It is advisable to eat more than sour milk products - it promotes healthy bowel, and with it the whole organism.

Of great importance is personal hygiene - cleaning the daily soap-free (for this purpose you can use a special liquid soap Epigenes based licorice), wearing cotton underwear, which should be changed daily.

 Treatment | Atrophic vaginitis - dryness, burning and itching

What drugs are used for the treatment of atrophic vaginitis

For the treatment of atrophic vaginitis applied medications containing estrogen or their substitutes. They can be general (systematic) and local action. What kind of drugs and for how long to appoint, the doctor decides. Clear guidelines for the appointment of HRT does not exist. But today, most obstetricians are inclined to believe that HRT should be appointed for a term of six months to three years. As a rule, there are signs of improvement after three months, but if it is then interrupted treatment, often develop recurrent disease.

Drug-related systemic effects klimonorma, ginodian depot, Ovestin - these drugs are composed of estrogen. Tibolone (Livial, ledibon) - drug containing progestogens (artificial hormones progesterone appropriate) - promotes oestrogenic activity in the restoration of tissues.

Medicinal products for local action - Ovestin, elvagin, estrokad. The composition of these products includes one of the estrogen - estriol. They are produced in the form of vaginal creams and suppositories.

For the treatment of atrophic vaginitis are often used herbal medicines that contain estrogen-like substances of plant origin - klimadinon, klimadinon uno, klimaktoplan (homeopathic medicine). It infectives for systemic use.

To restore the vaginal flora The microflora of the vagina: purity  The microflora of the vagina: purity
   and normal acidity, prevents the growth of pathogenic microflora, used candles containing lactobacillus - the bacteria form the basis of the normal vaginal microflora - laktonorm, Gynoflor E (vaginal tablets - they contain not only lactobacilli and estriol).

In severe disease, when there is the omission of the vaginal walls and incontinence appoint ubretid - a drug that increases the tone of smooth muscles, including the muscles of the vagina and bladder Urinary bladder - structure and function  Urinary bladder - structure and function

Separate application of these preparations does not lead to a good result, since their function depends on the survey results. Especially dangerous is the use of hormonal methods, as they can stimulate started oncologic process. That is why before the appointment of such funds is taken on the smear abnormal cells - cancer cells, unlike the cells of the surrounding tissue.

Treatment of atrophic vaginitis be trusted doctor.

Galina Romanenko

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Removing warts - different ways - Searing

April 27, 2013

  • Removing warts - different ways
  • Laser
  • Cauterization

 cauterization of warts

Cauterization of warts

Moxibustion using various chemicals, drugs and cold exposure can be removed only small warts, exciting limited areas of the body. Do not use such techniques for suspected warts degeneration into a malignant tumor. Such treatment should be part of a comprehensive treatment of human papillomavirus infection.

 Moxibustion | Removal of warts - different ways

Cauterization genital warts - will help or not?

Moxibustion - is one of the methods for removing warts virus. It is used for removing small warts on limited areas of the skin or mucous membranes.

But by itself, this method of treatment does not guarantee that immediately after treatment starts relapse. In order to minimize the risk of recurrence, burning should be combined with antiviral and immunomodulatory therapy. Noi comprehensive treatment of warts Warts - treatment must be expert  Warts - treatment must be expert
   not always a guarantee of getting rid of relapse - is a feature that causes the infection - HPV. It may over the years does not manifest itself, but as soon as reduced immunity, warts begin to grow again.

So the question is, will or will not help moxibustion is best to ask your doctor - he decides whether the suit was burning the patient.

 Moxibustion | Removal of warts - different ways

Cauterization of warts using cold

This type is called moxibustion cryodestruction. At the same time under the influence of liquid nitrogen necrosis (dying) cells in the tissue warts. Moxibustion is performed once a week for several weeks. To less damage healthy tissue surface condylomas treated with a special gel (KY-gel). This allows you to lift and separate the frozen warts from healthy tissue.

The positive properties of this type of moxibustion is a painless procedure, the absence of significant bleeding, no scars and accessibility (including affordability).

Negative properties - effects of cold surface, the limited application of the method in remote places, quite a long healing of wounds and the inability of the histological examination.

 Moxibustion | Removal of warts - different ways

Cauterization of warts by chemical exposure

For this purpose, there are different drugs - solkoderm (cauterize warts on the skin), Solkovagina (cauterize warts on the mucous membranes), podophyllin, kondilin, ferezol, trichloroacetic acid.

Solkovagina available as a solution for topical use in vials (contents of one vial is enough for two treatments), which is composed of 70% nitric acid, 99% acetic acid, oxalic acid dihydrate, zinc nitrate hexahydrate and distilled water. It is used for cauterization of warts in the cervix. When applied to the surface of the cervix damaged tissue warts, whereas a healthy epithelium of the cervix and vaginal walls remain practically intact. Tissue necrosis warts occurs within a few minutes and is accompanied by the formation of a yellowish-white film, which acts as a protective layer, under which is the growth of new skin cells. The protective layer peels off in a few days.

The procedure is performed using a colposcope gynecologist. Initially, the doctor removes mucus from the vagina using a tampon How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions  How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions
 After which the affected area is treated first with 3% solution of acetic acid (this allows clear delineation warts), and then a solution Solkovagina. After about a minute Solkovagina solution is applied again. After cauterization of the state of warts observed, examining the woman after 10, 24 and 38 days. If lack of treatment efficacy, a second procedure.

Kondilin comes in the form of 0, 5% solution for external use. When applied topically kondilin causes necrosis of genital warts due to caustic and mummified action. Using the included applicator kondilina solution applied directly to the warts. The solution is then applied alternately to all the remaining warts, but not more than 50 times. The solution should fall only on the warts - getting it on healthy epithelium may result in burns. After the procedure, a solution must be dry.

Application Procedure kondilina held twice in 3 days, followed by a four-day break. If necessary, repeat the treatment. The total duration of treatment should not exceed 5 weeks.

Contraindicated chemical cauterization of genital warts during pregnancy Warts during pregnancy - probably very rapid growth of  Warts during pregnancy - probably very rapid growth of
 , Feeding baby Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice
   feeding, children with suspected malignant degeneration of warts and in case of hypersensitivity to the components of a drug.

Cauterization genital warts performed only by a physician.

Galina Romanenko

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