Cinnamon for weight loss - an unexpected tool

October 18, 2014

 Cinnamon for weight loss
 It's hard to find a man who would not love a cinnamon - this fragrant spice that not only added to the food, but also used in the manufacture of cosmetics and perfumes. For most people it is associated with baking, and hence with overweight, but in fact can be used cinnamon for weight loss. Of course, you do not need to start eating cinnamon rolls - it will have to include in the diet in other ways.


Benefits of Cinnamon for weight loss

Cinnamon has the ability to normalize blood sugar levels Blood sugar Blood sugar - a very important indicator  Blood sugar - a very important indicator
   - One of the main indicators of human health  Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health
 And at the same time - to increase the level of insulin, thereby accelerating glucose metabolism. Increased blood sugar levels can lead to deposition of an excessive amount of subcutaneous fat, cinnamon, reducing it also helps to gradually reduce fat stores. In addition, it has an effect on the processing of sugar in the body and prevents its conversion to fat. Cinnamon also provides a longer feeling of satiety, whereby a person can eat less and therefore lose weight quickly and effortlessly. In addition, researchers have studied the properties of cinnamon for weight loss, we found that the most sensitive to the effects of cinnamon is a fat that is deposited in the abdominal area, so it is considered to be particularly useful product for those who want to and can not remove fat from the waist.

It is necessary to say a few words about other beneficial properties of cinnamon, which can encourage many people often eat this spice. It is a rich source of antioxidants, magnesium, iron and calcium.

If cinnamon as a means for weight loss was used recently, then as a cure for diarrhea, indigestion and bloating it was used in the Middle Ages.

Cinnamon also reduces the level of harmful LDL-cholesterol in the blood, without affecting HDL-cholesterol, and is therefore very useful for people with cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.


Contraindications cinnamon for weight loss

Before we talk about how to drink cinnamon for weight loss, it should be said about the possible negative consequences of its application. Of course, it can not be used if you are allergic to cinnamon; Fortunately, it is quite rare, but if after the use of the spices you notice symptoms such as skin rash or itching, nasal congestion or runny nose, red eyes, increased lacrimation, or sneezing, it is better to stop its use.

Before you eat cinnamon during pregnancy, consult your doctor.

However, the dosage is very important: a pair of cinnamon rolls in a week will not cause a pregnant woman and the fetus no harm, but its regular use can be dangerous. Naturally, during pregnancy should not take cinnamon for weight loss - the only means to control weight during this period should be proper diet and moderate exercise.

In cinnamon contains substances that in large quantities can harm the liver tissue. If you have any disease of the liver, consult a doctor before starting to regularly take cinnamon.


How to make cinnamon for weight loss

No matter in what form you take cinnamon, its total amount should not exceed 0.5-0.75 teaspoon a day. If you wish, you can just take a quarter teaspoon of ground cinnamon, two or three times a day with her a glass of water, but much healthier and tastier to use this spice as a part of the following recipes.

  • Yogurt and cinnamon for weight loss

To make this cocktail you will need a cup (250-300 mL) of low-fat yogurt and half teaspoon ground cinnamon. Thoroughly mix the ingredients and have a drink in twenty to thirty minutes before eating or one hour before going to bed Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 . This drink is also possible to add 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper - it helps to speed up the process of losing weight, but it can only take those who have no problems with the stomach. In addition, yogurt with cinnamon, you can add a tablespoon of bran and / or grated apple - so you get a cocktail that reduces the level of sugar in the blood and stimulates the digestive process. Besides, it's pretty hearty drink, and it may well serve as a full-fledged snack.

  • Cinnamon and honey for weight loss

Mix a teaspoon of honey and a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon, eat in the morning before breakfast, and wash down with a glass of warm water. You can also warm up a cup of skim milk, add the pinch of cinnamon and a spoonful of honey, and mix thoroughly. This drink is best consumed before going to bed - it not only helps to burn extra weight quickly, but also promotes a healthy, deep, restful sleep.

  • Cinnamon and ginger Ginger and the most unexpected, but pleasant useful properties  Ginger and the most unexpected, but pleasant useful properties

Ginger improves digestion, speeds up the metabolism and creates a feeling of satiety for a long time - all these properties of ginger confirmed the data obtained in the course of research. It is very useful and is a delicious tea with cinnamon for weight loss, which added a bit of ginger and, if desired, honey.

Fill with water a few pieces of dried bark of the cinnamon tree, or half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, a quarter teaspoon crushed dried ginger (You can also use two or three slices of fresh ginger root), and allow to stand for about twenty minutes. Strain the tea and add a teaspoon of honey.

Another recipe of tea with cinnamon and ginger: Put a pinch of cinnamon in a cup, two or three small slices of ginger root, cloves five (dried buds allspice), and a little nutmeg. Pour the spice mixture with boiling water, cover the cup lid, and allow to stand for thirty to forty minutes. Before use, strain the tea should be and, if desired, add a little honey.

Furthermore, the cinnamon may be added to black tea or herb in oatmeal, yogurt, cottage cheese or coffee. It is also possible to pour on toast, mixed with fruit juices and, of course, add to baked goods. However, remember that using only one cinnamon you are unlikely to greatly reduce its weight: it can only be a complement to the right and moderate diet, and regular exercise.

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Diet: how to maintain motivation until the end

November 25, 2007

 Diet motivation
 Motivation - a funny thing. Let's start with the fact that, with easy access to the middle of the diet, you will one day decide to quit and return to the usual diet for you. But you have already achieved good results. And then suddenly you lose the motivation and desire to exert any effort to lose weight.

Shortly thereafter, you will notice that your pants are small, when climbing stairs there is shortness of breath, and you somehow want to return to the interrupted diet ... But good intentions gradually evaporate, and you just do not know how to come up with motivation.

Surprisingly, the motivation transforms our lives: we feel a surge of energy, enthusiasm, concentration and self-confidence. In short, we see a goal and go for it, confidently overcoming obstacles.

But is it worth losing motivation - and the situation has radically changed. We have possession of laziness and apathy. You kept saying you want to change, but just can not bring myself to do at least a step toward his dream. After all, grab a bag of chips is much easier than to start planning, counting calories, exercise and prepare healthy food! So how do you go back to the wonderful inspiration of that motivation, like a torch, illuminates your way to the cherished goal?

 Diet: how to maintain motivation until the end

Do not stop!

First of all, understand that the motivation is not constant. Do not assume that if "you have it already," you will never lose it. Certainly not! This is a very common misconception that affects many women. Therefore, it is important to learn how to build their own motivation brick by brick, from the foundation. Instead of waiting for an external pulse, try to find motivation in itself. Find ways to channel the energy in the right direction. Think of motivation as a happy opportunity, and not as something annoying, frightening or unpleasant, and reinforce it with adequate resources.

 Diet: how to maintain motivation until the end

Here are some recommendations on how to regain motivation and return to the interrupted diet:

  • Find the cause

Make a list of at least ten reasons why you want to lose weight or maintain weight. If you have already made up such a list, make a new one and compare it with the previous one. Once you feel that you are losing motivation, read a list drawn up and use it as an incentive for further efforts.

  • Treat the problem seriously

Do not put off the search motivation for tomorrow - tomorrow, as we know, never comes. It does not matter whether you are going to sit on a new diet or go to the gym, you have to be serious about the task at hand, and methodically to achieve the goal, day by day, step by step, and the results are sure to appear! Therefore we recommend to make a thoughtful plan to treat this matter as seriously as a job - and follow that plan.

  • Do not indulge their weaknesses

As a rule, we need most in the shake-up when you least want to go on a diet or fitness classes begin. So do not go on about the laziness, not to indulge their weaknesses and be mistress of her body! By all means try to stay the course - even if you really do not want.

Ended time of holidays and vacations. It's time to get to work, including work on yourself. So try, focus and direct all efforts to achieve this goal - no doubt, your efforts will be successful.

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