How to lose weight without dieting - take care of your body

September 8, 2013

  • How to lose weight without dieting - take care of your body
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 lose weight without dieting
 For many years, the diet remains the most popular way to get rid of the extra kilos. But it is, perhaps, every woman would like to know how to lose weight without diet and keep the weight off permanently. So you want to escape from the constant calculation and ruthless restrictions have everything that I want and not get fat. But is it possible?


Danger diets

No one can say exactly how many there are diet - vegetables, fruit, protein, carbohydrate and fat, even based on a system of separate food A separate food - pros and cons  A separate food - pros and cons
 With counting calories, with a special regime of meals and many, many others. It is interesting that everything diet helps lose weight, if you closely follow their recommendations. But not all of them are safe for health - an unbalanced diet leads to violations of the internal organs and impairs metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting

Sustain limits without failures is difficult enough, but even if it fails, the weight after the diet almost always come back within a year or two. Moreover, in most cases, the weight becomes even greater than it was before the diet.

Dieting for weight loss - a sure way to forget how to hear the desire of his own body. Forcing the body to food for some scheme, it is possible to achieve certain results, but with time breakdowns are inevitable. After several years of alternating diets and weight gain becomes a real danger of the development of various eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia Bulimia - how to deal with an invisible enemy?  Bulimia - how to deal with an invisible enemy?
 , Binge eating.


Is it possible to lose weight without dieting?

Even the most effective diet further lead to weight gain. But is it possible to lose weight without dieting? Yeah maybe. But this is a lengthy process in contrast to the rapid diets that promise results within a week, and then three days later.

Of course, you can try a variety of dietary supplements that are advertised as great tools for getting rid of excess fat. But the effect of such dietary supplements as short as the effect of diet: it is necessary to stop drinking "magic pill", as the lost weight return back. In addition, most of these tools allow only clean the intestines, but not to burn fats.

It is much more effective to revise their way of life. Natural weight loss requires an integrated approach: the need to change the mindset to adjust the menu and pay attention to physical activity.


Way of thinking

In most cases, the cause of obesity is overeating banal. The reasons for overeating are very diverse and usually not associated with hunger. Someone "jammed" stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 , Comforts, soothes, support and even punishes himself a meal. Someone eating out of greed ("I paid for food money, so I have to eat it") and refers to his body as a garbage can ("eat, and you will have to throw out!"). Finally, many of those who observed the last diet, overeat because of time constraints had to miss on your favorite dishes, and now can not refuse them.

Naturally slim people ignorant of such motivation. They eat for one reason only - because of hunger. If you make it a rule only in the event of hunger and stop eating when it comes to satiety, eating it is very easy to avoid. The main thing - to learn to distinguish between a real physical hunger from emotional hunger. It is necessary to find other ways of comforting fight boredom, calm and support in addition to food. It can be sports, reading, creativity, communication with dear people ... In other words, any activity that brings joy and pleasure.

If overeating is still there, do not blame yourself and blame: the scientists proved that the guilt of overeating triggers in the future, it is no coincidence is the constant companion of various eating disorders. It is only necessary to analyze why overeating happen in the future to try to avoid such situations. You should not punish yourself diets: just let the next meal will take place only when the hunger comes back (even if it happens a day later than expected).


Changes in the menu

In drawing up the menu, listen to the wishes of its own body, rather than advertising, which claims that a particular product is especially useful. At the time, it was conducted an experiment: small children were given the opportunity to have everything they want. Although the menu seemed to observers kids very strange and unexpected, as a result of children received all the necessary nutrients and vitamins and developed better than their peers who did not participate in the experiment.

Ignoring his own desires lead to breakdowns. If you want to eat a piece of chocolate, it is best to eat as soon as there was such a desire. The attempt to "trick" the body is eating carrots will lead to the fact that after the carrot will inevitably be eaten and chocolate - and not a small piece, and the whole tile.

By listening to their own desires, we should not, however, forget the need to eat rationally. The diet must be present, and plant and animal products. Such simple measures, such as cutting meat with visible fat before cooking or removing fat from the broth, do not affect the taste, but will make the food more beneficial for health and for the figure.


Physical activity

It is believed that the weight loss is necessary to constantly sweating in the gym. But for such an unprepared person load may seem excessive. It is much more natural and more effective just to be more mobile in everyday life do not use the elevator; Transport prefer hiking and watching TV - sports games; More dancing at parties, and not to sit in an easy chair with a cocktail.

Of course, sport also does not hurt, but should gradually increase the load, trying to make classes in the first place is a pleasure. Let trek to the gym becomes a holiday: there will be no temptation to abandon this campaign.

How to remove the side at home: notes

March 28, 2012

 how to remove the side at home
 Excess weight in the hips - is a problem for many people, especially women. But, unfortunately, only burn fat on the thighs without affecting other parts of the body, it is impossible. To reduce the total fat content in the body, it is necessary to pay primary attention to the development of healthy habits to be followed from home. After losing a certain amount of total fat, you will achieve, and reduce the fat on the hips. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and saturation of the body with water - it is an effective strategy for weight loss at home.


Always Eat breakfast

A balanced breakfast at home every morning to help you throughout the day to make a choice in favor of healthy food. In order not to catch the donuts on the way to work, it is best to cook at home a delicious and healthy breakfast. In addition, calm homemade breakfast will start the process of metabolism and avoid overeating during the day. Calorie breakfast should be 400-500 calories. This, for example, a cup of whole grain cereal with berries and low-fat milk mug.


Make a balanced diet

If losing weight is important to reduce fat and calories in the diet .  The fatty foods are always a lot of calories, sodium and fat that contribute to an increase in the hips .  Natural products, such as vegetables, fruits, lean protein, whole grains and dairy products with low or no fat, provide the body with essential nutrients and contain fewer calories than semi-finished products and fast food .  To eliminate unnecessary calories from your diet, fill the fridge and cupboard healthy products and not semi-finished products .  Cooking food at home enables control of the amount of calories, fat and sodium dishes .  In addition, homemade food is always fresh and contains no harmful additives .  It is necessary to monitor the amount of daily calorie intake .  This helps to organize the food so that the number of calories consumed does not exceed the amount of incinerated .


Perform aerobic exercise

With aerobic exercise for an hour you can burn a lot of calories. Jogging, for example, promotes fat burning, thus allowing the load directed at the hips. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends at least five times a week to pay for 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. However, to achieve weight loss results in obvious need to 30 and from 60 to 90 minutes of exercise. To burn calories, do not have to buy a gym membership or purchase intricate equipment. Many of the exercises can be done at home by yourself. You can walk briskly or jog near his home, you can walk down stairs or buy a DVD-drive kick-boxing and conduct intensive training at home. You can just include music and dance. All these effective ways to burn calories at home.


Strength training

Many strength exercises such as squats and lunges, aimed at strengthening the muscles of the lower half of the body, including the hips. Most of these exercises are conducted using the weight of his body, which means that they can perform at home without any equipment. It is necessary only to find the house in a place where there is enough space for training.

For an intense workout routine feet worth a try lunges, walking lunges and thrusts a jump. Traditional sit-ups, squats on one leg squats with a jump involve large muscles of the legs and buttocks. It helps burn more calories. In addition to exercises aimed at strengthening the lower body, it is also necessary to carry out training for the middle and upper parts of the body, such as push-ups and twisting. This will help increase lean muscle mass. Strength training should be done at least twice a week. To increase the intensity of your workouts, you can buy a set of dumbbells for home use.


Drink more water

Water helps rid the body of toxins. Furthermore, the use of water in sufficient quantity is very important for building muscle and proper operation of the organs of the body. During the day you need to drink a lot of water, especially before, during and after workouts. The rate of water consumption per day is about two liters. If exercise continues longer than one hour, and this figure increases. It should be every day at home to fill a liter bottle of water, and then fill it again for a day at least once.

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