Errors diet: six reasons why you can not lose weight

September 16, 2007

 diet mistakes
   You are on a diet for a long time, and all to no avail? Rather, the matter is that some common diet mistakes. Experts believe that even on a diet most people consume more calories than you should. Often, between what we need to do to lose weight, and what we do in real life, there is a huge discrepancy.

First of all, stop constantly think about dieting. It is better to review your eating habits, which can cause weight gain. Strict dieting and obsession it can form an obsession with food, to increase the craving for certain foods and lead to surrender, when you believe in the hopelessness of any effort in advance to give up.

Unfortunately, we do not realize how quickly accumulate calories. Excess tablespoon salad dressing - plus 75-100 calories, the extra tablespoon butter - has 102 calories, almost weightless bag of chips with a sandwich for breakfast - even 162 calories. Removing samples from the food during its preparation, the habit of drinking high-calorie breakfast of coffee and wine at dinner, malnutrition of children for dinner - just some bad habits, which nullify all attempts to lose weight.

However, the calories can spend at least their consumption. To do this, just do not make mistakes diet - tiny loopholes through which penetrate unnoticed calories in the diet.

 Errors diet: six reasons why you can not lose weight

Too rapid absorption of food

Remember, no one is going to reward you for completing dinner in record time - unless you do not take part in the contest for the fastest eating a hot dog! Unfortunately, because of the disordered lifestyle many of us have acquired the habit Bad habits - second nature?  Bad habits - second nature?
   cope with food in a few minutes.

 Errors diet: six reasons why you can not lose weight

Irregular meals

According to studies, people who regularly skip breakfast weigh more than those who do the opposite. Misconception that the less you eat, the less calories accumulate in the body, unfortunately, very common. In fact, with irregular meals (at least three times a day), we consume more calories than when we eat normally.

Try to eat at least three times a day. Always start the day with a nutritious and healthy breakfast, but the choice of products to be designed.

A healthy breakfast should provide the body and protein, and fiber. Sample menu: one egg, toast bread, whole wheat, half a grapefruit - it is only 250 calories, and a feeling of satiety will not leave you until lunch.

 Errors diet: six reasons why you can not lose weight

The consumption of high-calorie drinks

The so-called "liquid" calories contained in alcohol, fruit smoothies, coffee with cream and sugar, sweet juice, tea and carbonated sweet drinks can significantly hinder weight loss.

Try to replace high-calorie drinks and drinking soda, skim milk, vegetable juices and fresh fruit juice (small portions). Limit your intake of alcohol, choose light alcoholic beverages.

 Errors diet: six reasons why you can not lose weight

Large portion sizes

Nutritionists recommend to use such tricks to reduce the size of servings:

  • Leave a few bites on your plate.
  • Use smaller plates and bowls.
  • Periodically check the serving size using the measuring cup.

 Errors diet: six reasons why you can not lose weight

Selection of hazardous and high-calorie sauces and condiments

We not only exceeds the allowable size of servings, but season with "diet" salads and other dishes calorie dressings and sauces - mayonnaise, croutons, cheese.

 Errors diet: six reasons why you can not lose weight

Mindless food

Unconscious food (when you did not hesitate to put in your mouth that comes to hand - chips, crackers, candies, cookies) usually accompanies watching TV or reading a book.

First, try to get rid of the habit of always chew something when resting or relaxing. Replace high-calorie snacks a cup of tea, a glass of water or sugar-free gum. If you can not resist the temptation, get a certain amount of food from the bag or container and hide the rest.

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Low-calorie diet recipes: tasty and healthy

November 23, 2014

 low calorie recipes for weight loss
 How best to lose weight? Currently, there is a huge variety of diets. Different methods of getting rid of the extra kilos are effective in their own way. But perhaps the most effective and proven method is by far the method of losing weight by reducing caloric intake. Because it is so popular variety of low-calorie recipes for weight loss, allowing postroynet effortlessly.


Negative balance

There are many theories of weight loss on the most popular is the most simple of them - the theory of caloric. Man gets and spends energy, which is measured in calories. If energy is supplied more than is spent, the weight increases. If on the contrary, the weight falls. Accordingly, the weight loss is necessary to reduce caloric intake.

In order to minimize the amount of calories, fat intake should be reduced and fast carbohydrates to a minimum. This means that first of all should be excluded from the diet of all bakery products, sweets, fatty meat. At the same time it should have more fiber, which causes a feeling of satiety.

Many, having decided to go on a low calorie diet, adjusted in advance that the food is tasteless and not very appetizing to look at, but it is a profound mistake. It is enough to show a little imagination and a little effort, and then even low-calorie food will enjoy wonderful taste. You must use a low-calorie foods for weight loss What foods contribute to weight loss: without giving up fat and alcohol  What foods contribute to weight loss: without giving up fat and alcohol
 , Low-fat recipes for dishes and harmless means of preparation (decoction, roasting, stewing) to food gets both tasty and healthy.

Calorie reduced by the fact that from the diet excludes all fried foods.

They can be replaced without oil baked on, for example, foil or parchment. For example, so you can cook chicken breast with rice and vegetables, this dish will please not only low in calories but unforgettably delicate flavor.


Recipes low calorie foods for weight loss

To prepare the chicken with rice should take four pieces of chicken breast (200 grams), half a cup of rice round, 2 carrots, curry, salt, pepper. Rub the chicken breasts with salt and pepper, rice, boil until half, mix with curry, carrot cut into slices. The foil lubricate a small amount of butter, it put rice on top of the chicken breast and carrots, wrap foil zaschipnuv edge. Put in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees and bake for thirty minutes. The dish turns out extremely tender, tasty and at the same low-calorie. It will give a feeling of satiety for a long time, as both breast and rice are digested for a long time.

There is nothing easier and tastier than vegetables, baked in foil. This dish can be served as an independent or as a garnish. In addition, the roasted vegetables retain useful properties, but contain a minimum of calories. We need young carrots, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, peppers, eggplant. All vegetables should be young and small, so they can be prepared uniformly. Washed and peeled vegetables lightly greased with olive oil, salt and pepper, wrap in foil and send in a preheated oven for thirty to forty minutes. When you can bring to the table. This dish is not only excellent appearance and excellent taste but, and ease of preparation.


Simple and delicious

To reduce calories, they can be steamed. Steamed dish - is the perfect low-calorie diet dinner recipes such dishes are not complicated, but the result is delicious. These dishes are very tender and juicy, they are ideal for those who are watching their figures.

For example, the chicken cutlets in a double boiler - diet and tasty dish. For its preparation must take chicken, carrots, a little flour, egg and onions. Fillet and onion mince, carrots grate, herbs (optional) finely chopped. All the mix, add salt and pepper, to form patties, roll them in flour and cook in a double boiler for 25 minutes. These burgers are much softer than traditional fried and calorie content of their much lower.

May be prepared in a double boiler and fish. It is advisable to use a fillet of sea fish, lean meat and dense. You also need to cabbage, zucchini and carrots, salt, pepper, lemon juice and herbs.

The fish must be washed, cut into pieces a la carte, about 5 centimeters. Vegetables washed and cut as well. Fish fillets with salt and pepper, sprinkle with lemon juice, put in a bowl of steamers. There also put the chopped vegetables, they also slightly prisolit. Cook until cooked fish and vegetables. This dish is very useful, since steaming retains all the vitamins.


Less fat, more taste

You can choose to invent a lot of variations of dishes in the oven or double boiler. It is only necessary to avoid the use of large amounts of fatty foods such as oils, butter, mayonnaise, fat cheeses, meats with high fat content. Also, remember that the best side dish is not the pasta and starchy foods and vegetables are rich in fiber. Vegetable dishes will not only eliminate the hunger, but also significantly reduce the amount of calories in the diet.

If your daily diet be with all the rules of a low calorie diet, it is possible in a relatively short period of lead figure in perfect condition.

In addition, low-fat eating habits not only help correct figure, but also have a positive impact on the health, appearance and well-being, because the modern people eat too much fat.

At the same time limit should not be too strong: diet should be balanced, and its calorie content must not be less than 1200 kcal. The only way to lose weight without harm to health.

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