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October 29, 2011

  • Drawing pain in the abdomen during pregnancy - a result of the restructuring of the body
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Everything, now I am calm. How do I time the topic caught my eye, and I already can not find a place of experience. I am now in the third month, there was such an unpleasant sensation in the abdomen. The hospital can not go, because I am now in a different city, and plan to stay here until the end of the summer. And without a residence permit, as is known, no one will take me.
I was so. I came to the doctor, she said to me that it is a bad sign and an urgent need to run and do pay ultrasound. I flew with tears, the doctor said that I hypertonicity. What I can not get nervous in any case, he told what to do. It's good that I got such a sensitive woman. My doctor with bulging eyes detain me intimidating the entire pregnancy.
Alla, I am not the first time faced with such pseudo-healers. I also told my gynecologist passion that is miscarriage and monster face. Then I got tired of listening to her nonsense, and I went to a private clinic. There really is a different attitude towards customers. I got a good doctor, who appointed all the tests, ultrasound, and it turned out okay. And I imagine the nerves in vain port.
Yes, Julia, our gynecologists at every opportunity, trying to write our hormones. I also wrote my gynecologist one such means, then I was in the eighth week, the doctor told me to drink the medicine to twenty weeks. By the way say, the drug is not cheap. My sister, who gave birth to two children, told me that the doctor simply Subfam *** ovyvaetsya and drink these drugs to such great timing is not worth it. But I decided to listen to employee medical and popping pills before the scheduled deadline gynecologist. For this I had to pay during childbirth. Children's place is literally ingrained themselves birth seemed to me childish prattle compared with the pain that I felt when the doctor literally ripped out of me the last.
I'm pregnant and sore abdomen. Very worried about this, already went to the hospital, a gynecologist. It seems to be looking all right, he said deviation does not see. Can I go to the US? Though hardly a period of 12 weeks, something will. What should I do? I'm afraid of losing the baby, my husband and I waited for him for 4 years. And finally it worked out, but there are problems.
Lera, sometimes this symptom occurs when a woman starts very nervous, the uterus comes to tone, even on such a short time and there is a feeling that at the bottom of a stomach ache during pregnancy. Most importantly, try not to be nervous, ask your doctor to give you a referral for an ultrasound, the more that just at this period it is performed. I think after that you calm down.
Lera, I now also the fifth month of pregnancy and at the bottom of a stomach ache. I went to the gynecologist, he said that there is a risk of miscarriage. So I would advise you to go faster to support, not delay it. 2 weeks I lay in the hospital, to dig, like it became easier. But still much I worried about the baby. Until I see a little, I will not rest.
Julia, you have to be careful is now up to the pregnancy. My sister also complained that she had a stomach ache at the bottom of the pregnancy, her doctor from the hospital were hardly produced. So I lay almost to the end, and then another, and cesarean did not let yourself give birth. Something there with the placenta was not so, and therefore hurt constantly. And I wish you good luck.
Lera if you are very concerned about this, refer again to the doctor, tell him about your concerns. I'm sure he'll find the right words that would put you at ease. And if he sees fit to appoint an ultrasound. I've already been through all this, but the pain I had. There were simply not pleasant, pulling feeling at the bottom. And so it went the entire pregnancy. The doctor said it was due to the fact that the child is low. I do not remember a medical term. But he endured without any threats. So do not panic, and check again.
Venus, yesterday went to the hospital. Thank God nothing happened. The doctor said that the need to move, to breathe fresh air, and everything goes. I really recently stayed at home, on the street did not go. and recently much nervous, it also might cause pain. In the US view, all is well, there is no deviation. So I will now run a doctor's recommendation.
And, when I went to the pregnant woman, such a pah-pah experienced. I do not care, even toxicosis and edema were not. And the baby is born is healthy. May God grant each way to go to the situation as I am. But some read, which is hard pregnancy in women who give birth and then scared. So girls, do not be afraid, everything will be fine. Possible without pain to bear and give birth.
Lida, read your comment and your soul has become even quieter. I have now is 27 weeks, too, all the time on what does not complain feel perfect. But increasingly I wonder whether there is a connection between how is the process of nurturing a child with a birth. Now, if I spend 9 months without any problems, does that mean that labor will be easy and fast. Just this is my first baby so much experience.
I always feel the pain in the abdomen during pregnancy, and my doctor says that my version is fine. I the placenta is low and any movement of the child, he begins to tighten, because of this there is pain. However, she says that you need to be careful, because with such an arrangement, the placenta is likely her early detachment.
Valery, I doubt that a child is not so strong that it is able to pull the cord so that you will feel that pain lower abdomen during pregnancy. But the placenta is low can really give a bad sign that everything else is still dangerous. My doctor would I do with such a condition placed on the preservation of that I did not go to excess.
I was sick the entire pregnancy belly. I was lying on the support due to the threat of miscarriage. A fault itself, the initial terms tore his stomach. My husband did the repair, and I worked on a par with all gravity dragged, bent, overwork. And here's the result. Good thing my mother sounded the alarm, pulled me to the hospital. But somehow I could lose and child.
Katya, you're out of your mind? This is done in such a situation? I never drag of gravity is not at least try. And during childbearing, generally I consider it a crime. And what does your husband do not you stay? What kind of man a woman will generally pull of gravity, not to mention your interesting position ?! Even though your mother was the fellow that has sounded the alarm.
Well, now that virtually every pregnant woman can go online and find such information useful. But when I went in a position I did not have such an opportunity. And I remember, as I was going through on every occasion: pulling the stomach, heartburn it hurts, the child does not move, and on the contrary too active. Now I knew exactly what it is all natural, and not worry about it.
Kira, my mother said the same thing. And the doctors gave little information. I got this doctor, that was terrible, I had hypertonicity, and I learned it in the US. This exchange is so intimidated that even the eye began to twitch. Now here I think what I was stupid, so very worried. But the task of the doctor to soothe and treat and not to intimidate and make it worse.
Women during pregnancy are influenced by hormones, so many things are beginning to be treated with much greater concern, it is not surprising that they can panic if you experience pain in the abdomen. And I think. sometimes it's better to go to the doctor, especially if very worried to know for sure that with the developing baby inside everything is in order.
Elena, the problem is not only in hormones. I think that no woman would remain calm if she knew that her emerging baby something hurts. This is the onset of maternal instinct, worries about the future of the child. So I think it is absolutely normal that the women in this period of listening to him and thinking about the child go to the doctor when something is wrong.
Anastasia, why did you decide that the pain experienced emerging baby? A pregnant woman can hardly feel this. I, for example, does not arise maternal instincts during pregnancy, but I am very worried about his health. For postpartum life does not end, it is necessary to protect their health, and child needs to be a healthy mother.
Elena, I agree completely when your child was wearing constantly listening to what is going on inside me, constantly afraid to miss the moment when the baby starts to push. Sometimes I feel that pricks the lower abdomen during pregnancy, and then the next day ran to her gynecologist. And do not say I'm too hypochondriac simply afraid of losing their long-awaited child.
Snezhana, what you do not put in the hospital is not good and there is nothing to be proud of you risked life and limb of the most expensive that you have - a child. If the pain in the abdomen during pregnancy, the doctor is obliged to his wife's hospitalization to determine the causes of this condition. It is necessary to do ultrasound, CTG, an inspection, and when the whole pathology is excluded, you can calm down a little.
Here I read and wonder how women experience on any occasion during pregnancy. I also have a breath in the abdomen. I can not say that this - the pain. Yes, there is a sense of discomfort, but no more. Do not think that I am easy-going person, but firmly believe in one thing - if you cheat myself in trouble, then they are sure to happen. I'm talking about the symptoms of miscarriage or something threatening. But just want to say that many pregnant women are behaving well, just like a sissy. It may want to show their importance to the husband? See disgusting.
Farid, when I wore a child, it is sometimes felt that I ache a little lower abdomen during pregnancy. But I rarely complained to her husband, because they're so worried about me. I do not think women are so eager to show their worth, but they really fear for the baby and want their husband comforted, held, helped to cope with the *** st. You are not right.
Farida, strange reasoning. Perhaps this is your child and you 14 experienced mom who knows everything and understands. Worry and worry about your child, that's fine, she was very worried when I turned to stone abdomen and uterus begins to pull. The doctor reassured me and said that just need to be nervous and not much rest. And if there is a reason to ignore the silly.
Milan agree completely, so even if a woman is not the first child, she still would be afraid for his health and experience. All of this can cause pain in the lower abdomen during pregnancy. And if it once again, and try to draw attention to themselves, so it is only because it means a man not too attentive to her, then he must be gentle.
Yes this is quite normal during pregnancy! I pulled stomach when I went to the first child and the same thing happened when I was pregnant with a second. I can understand, of course, a constant panic of women in the state, because the hormones do not give them rest. But how to understand doctors who over and without, cause worry and take a bunch of tests simply because of the fact that a stomach ache!
Veronica, why are you so adamant, because anything can happen in any case need to listen to yourself and always pay attention to their health, of course without falling into panic while. A survey held need, it is very important for the mother and her unborn child. Will not be superfluous if you pass your tests, when you feel that something was wrong.
Veronica, I do not agree with you, because the pain can be very alarming symptom for pregnant woman, it is better to go once again to the hospital to see a doctor and get tested. This could be a harbinger of a miscarriage, so it's best to protect themselves and in time to pay attention to any discomfort. And even better during pregnancy is not only seen by a specialist, but also occasionally be in the hospital.
Extremely terrible symptom, I would not joke with such things, because it could mean the beginning of threatened abortion with a sufficiently high degree of probability. I would advise women who are experiencing such feelings immediately call an ambulance and go to the hospital for gynecology department, where experts have looked to and prevented this terrible process.
I know firsthand that the abdomen pulls in pregnancy. Very nearly the whole period went well. It was just in 2010, when the street was terrible heat and smog, and the doctor would not let me out of town. She said that my tone and prescribed medication. In the hospital I did not put. This was my second pregnancy, the first took place well. I know it was terrible, but you need to keep yourself in their hands.
My friend not long ago felt that she really stomach pain, and even appeared spotting. It was the seventh week of pregnancy. She ran in the US, where she was told that they had seen a small detachment of the ovum, but it threatens the loss of a child. The gynecologist has appointed her hormones to keep beremennost.Horosh that nothing happened, but she had very quickly reacted to their condition.
The body of any woman during pregnancy is experiencing increased load - absolutely all the organs and systems. Pain, especially for a longer period can not be tolerated. This is a very bad sign - could be anything. My friend began to bleed, and the child is not saved. Rather did not reach 7 months just a week - the baby died. So just to the doctor.
When I was 35 weeks pregnant, then one night abdomen began to hurt. and not periodically (as the fight), but constantly. Caused "fast", was taken to hospital and prokapkli rate fixing. Donoso and gave birth in time, what is very pleased. because prematurely born babies are weak and hurt more than those. who was born in time. So watch out for your health!
Sometimes the pain associated with the fact that just stretched ligaments of the uterus under the influence of her increasing weight. I, too, so it was too worried about it until my doctor did not check that everything was OK and did not give answers to all I care about. But in any case without having to visit a doctor you can not do, even if he just make sure that everything is in order.
I actually walked the entire pregnancy and listened to her, she was afraid that if kolnet where, what will happen once the trouble with me or the baby. I had heard of the girls advice about preterm labor and miscarriage. It was so scary. And when the end of the period approached, then I relax and stop being afraid. I did not even realize. that the fight began.
If these pains are irregular and not strong, there is nothing wrong, in my opinion. It's just a body for pregnancy and rebuilt it happen some changes. But when Hurts much and often, then it may be a risk of miscarriage, especially if you are of bleeding. Therefore, in any case, tell your doctor and seek advice. he will tell!
Rita, is not it, even one single time felt like a woman has pain should alert and seek medical advice, which it oversees. Since even a single occurrence of pain may indicate a violation of the pregnancy and to signal the abortion has begun. If a woman asks for help in time can all be prevented.
I took up to 25 weeks utrozhestan as soon as it ceased to do, fasting, whined abdomen. The doctor said everything is fine, no tone there, but was really uncomfortable, so I'm on my *** with risk sometimes put candles. As a result, only gave birth by caesarean, the uterus does not open and is the result of receiving hormones. But the results for 2 years running and jumping;))
Ilona, ​​which is why I do not like hormones. Now doctors immediately prescribe them pregnant as soon as pregnancy is confirmed, alleged that there was no risk of interruption. And in fact is a woman and she may make without medical support, but is prescribed to all who need and who do not. And then the difficulty in childbirth or complications in children, who from the very inception on hormones.
Tell me please, I have a period of nearly 2 months, sometimes pulling the abdomen and slightly pokalivaet that it may be, I am very worried ((
Ilonka know it can be anything, the best thing you can do in your case it certainly Ms. consult a doctor, he will send you for tests or checks you. If all goes well he will explain to you why you have aches if that Ms. any way prescribe a medication thread. Although in principle it seems nothing should hurt especially the first few months, but if you think about the female body is a mystery, and it is different.
Ruslan, here it is in the first few months is the most dangerous. There is a possibility that the placenta is formed low and is now in the process of increasing the volume of the uterus begins to peel off a little fertilized egg, which is fraught with miscarriage and bleeding in pregnancy.
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