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March 12, 2007

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And I am here interested in whether it is possible to do without surgery. After all, if a woman is not a planned pregnancy, which occurs in the body of the uterus it can also offer medical abortion. Why is it so impossible to do in the case of ectopic? Maybe someone knows what drugs stop an ectopic pregnancy? It's a more gentle technique for women.
My husband and I plan to have a baby, but here after reading all the horror, are now beginning to be afraid. Girls, tell me how to find an ectopic pregnancy? Are there any signs of the early timing? Maybe ultrasound can show? I so much afraid to give birth, and now it turns out, still have the right to conceive that this did not happen here.
Renata primarily calm and nothing to worry. US all show in the early stages. This situation is rather an exception, such cases are not very frequent. And if you are planning to soon become a mom, it is all the more need to think only about good things. In my opinion, in any case the main sentiment. If you are going to attract his thoughts to his negative he will surely befall you. It is better to assume that all of 9 months will fly one lucky day, as generations pass easily. For such cases, too, it is.
Do not worry because Renata, and then tighten it to yourself as much as you think. If health is all right partners, the navryatli so happens that the fetus will develop outside the uterus. And the symptoms are different for each woman. Who is a terrible pain in the lower abdomen and bleeding is opened, and someone finds out about it on the table by a gynecologist in the survey.
We are planning a second child, the age I had a significant 34 years. Medical executioner said to me later and likely to give birth to such a pregnancy. I went to a private clinic, and they calmed me, I am healthy and able to give birth. But I still do not own, how to prevent an ectopic pregnancy? Maybe there are some secrets to share. I lead a healthy lifestyle, but this is probably not enough.
Katya, bullshit you told the doctor! My mother gave birth to my younger sister when she was 32 and that was 22 years ago. So during this time medicine is very advanced. And bear began much later. This mind is not understandable at all. They just do not want to work and take responsibility, since the process of delivery can be a bit tricky. And you do not be afraid! Everything will be fine.
Katya, has a secret. Do not get hung up on this and did not wag their nerves thereby. Experiences are no good, only harm can. Everything will be fine. 34 is not such a great age, especially if you feel well. My aunt gave birth for the first time at 42 and nothing beautiful baby is healthy. So do not listen to anyone, but only themselves.
My sister just over two years ago, became pregnant, but the pregnancy was interrupted in early pregnancy due to the rupture of the pipe. And it happened quite suddenly, she did not even know she was pregnant. But complications after removal of ectopic pregnancy plagued her ever since. Adhesions, persistent abdominal pain, cycle disorders. So it is necessary to monitor the pregnancy since the early deadlines.
Ariadne, very sorry that it happened. Unfortunately, a negative test with ectopic pregnancy does not allow it to determine the time and the resulting time delayed. But in this case, the operation should be done as early as possible. I wish your sister's health quickly and successfully conceive a baby. Keep it as you can.
Allen, and here even a negative test, why you dragged him here at all. You do understand what it means to an ectopic pregnancy or so just wrote from the bulldozer? The test may show or may not show the situation in which the girl, and to learn more necessary to know the HCG. According to the level of a doctor and determine if everything is okay, well, still have ultrasound that shows exactly everything.
Ariadne, here you write here that she did not even know that supposedly got pregnant! This is because I do not understand, because I know the girls have menstrual cycle every month, which indicates everything is okay in the body, so it is necessary to pay attention. And if there are some failures, then that's what will show you how and what and when to go to the doctor! I did not understand your answer.
Ruslan, you listen to the way it is so simple, this cycle can sometimes much later start or earlier, and not always this way the doctor can immediately tell what the reason. The risk of ectopic pregnancy is extremely low, it is not as common and many women just barely hear what it is, and therefore not particularly worried. Only when faced with this problem start to realize how serious this is.
Ariadne, you described a very dangerous situation when a girl does not even know what is in the position. In this case, even if there will be something to disturb, the girl will not apply directly and immediately to physicians and take pain medication, thinking that it probably blown or something else. If there is a relationship, it is necessary to monitor their condition even with the help of tests, if not protected.
Inga, it is clear that it is necessary to do the tests, but do not do them well after each act, sometimes people do not even know what their contraception proved useless, unreliable. A suspected early signs of an ectopic pregnancy is almost impossible. And I say again, the test usually does not show a pregnancy in this case, even if it a few weeks.
When she is in a position, then all her relatives should understand that she can not worry about. It is not enough just to eat well and do not carry gravity, we need more and psychological comfort. By the way it's not just about the time when the woman in the position, but long before that, that she was all right with hormones. If you terroriziruete expectant mother, therefore, not only do bad things to her, but also to the child. not allowing him to be born.
Olga, are you some truths sounded, and it is not clear why. This and everything is clear. We then discuss how to recognize an ectopic pregnancy, but not as to protect pregnant. I here for example is very interesting stories of the women who suffered this sad fate. And the fact that you can not be nervous this pregnant and so everyone knows. So what your saying here is not clear why.
Marisha, nothing you say, Olga talks about prevention, but it is no less important than recognition. But about it I'll tell you, at the beginning she did not recognize she has a problem or not. It was only with the emergence of pain and bleeding, she learns about it, in this case it is necessary to address urgently to the hospital, lest pipe rupture. But if you originally observed at the doctor, with the help of the delivery of some tests your doctor may advance to understand that there is a problem and send the girl to the US. In the case of early detection is possible to save the pipe, so at least I was told the doctors themselves.
Olga, modern girls are much more complicated, before the life of the people was relaxed, and now one continuous stress. At work, terrorizing the bosses and colleagues, if you have to work with people, the more they are rude and rude, oblivious to the fact that the girl in the state. And then coming home to stumble at times almost hostile attitude, and it's all leading to hormonal disruptions.
Irina, modern girls are sitting in the apartments, heating and water, can go to the store to buy whatever they want. And before you pregnant or not, to coach water, flood the bath, wood stove in the BOAD, go to the river to rinse the clothes. And in the morning, Arise, milked the cow, grazing and feed even send those seven that sat on the benches. And now over one shaking!
I personally know of two women who have had it twice. Two pipe rupture, two operations, with no hope of becoming a mother. This is scary. Girls! Be sure to time be surveyed at the doctor. If it happened once, treat all ailments. Observe and obey all prescription that would have happened one more time. Children - the best thing that can be a person.
Marina, why at once without hope? You know that getting pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy is quite real. Firstly, we do not know which way it was operated, now do with the preservation of the pipe, which in the future will be able to function. And secondly, there are now modern technology of in vitro fertilization, which allows you to experience the feeling of motherhood.
I very long dreamed of a child, and finally when I realized that seems pregnant, began to appear typical symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. Test pregnancy began to show later than it should be. Disturbed dragging pain in the abdomen. Even once we had a little spotting. Naturally ultrasound showed that the embryo does not develop where necessary. We had the surgery ...
Angela, and you have completely removed the tube or dissected it and removed the embryo. I heard that lately it is still doing. What is some new modern technology, which allows subsequently maintain the function of the body, respectively, increases the likelihood of conceiving a child in the future. I imagine it's certainly bad imagine yet.
I do not know Have someone with a similar problem, but I have a friend when she realized that she was pregnant did not go immediately to a gynecologist, because she was afraid that the term is still small, and she was sent home. I sat and waited for 8-9 weeks will come. And then falls with a horrible bleeding in gynecology. She had ovarian pregnancy and the ovary burst. Now afraid that will not get pregnant.
Marianne now ectopic pregnancy in the early stages detected and immediately sent to surgery. If the time to appeal, there is a chance it will be possible to do without removing parts of the female body. But for this we need to be constantly under medical supervision, where prescribed tests to determine the levels of the hormone, according to which the doctor determines whether everything will go normally. If he sees a deviation, then advance to send the girl to the hospital, and this will help avoid a lot of risk.
Light, that's right. One of the most serious complications - it is internal bleeding in the ectopic pregnancy, which can result in death, even the women. Therefore, if there is even minimal signs of pregnancy, women have to undergo vaginal ultrasound, to determine where the pregnancy develops, it is though a small, but enough time.
When pregnant, the very fear that has not happened to me such trouble. Therefore continually study the most common symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy on the Internet. Nothing I could not find at, but still shook up until it became clear that all I have is normal, the baby develops in the womb, as it should be. I was happy.
Anna and feared that something? We had to just go to the doctor because of ectopic pregnancy by ultrasound is very well visible even in the early stages. It was necessary to see a specialist and just calm down, that everything is fine. And you risked, and even put themselves and the unborn child stress. I even did not wait, and immediately went to check to what experience?
Girls, tell me please, someone send an ectopic after checking tubal patency? after soldering, this is one of the main causes of ectopic pregnancy?
Yes, I myself went to the doctor to find out why all this could happen. Did I check it terribly painful especially if the pipe are impassable (state headedness) but it's worth it. The most important thing that you know that the second pipe so good
In August, my husband and I returned from vacation, I had a delay of 7 days, did a test - positive after 48 hours to do again - again positive, we are very happy, we began to make plans .  August 31 morning, woke up from a terrible spasm in his right side as she walked to the bath of blood clot I fell in the bathroom one .  It was very painful .  My husband took me to the hospital .  It turned out - an ectopic pregnancy with bleeding into the abdominal cavity .  Almost immediately underwent surgery, removed the right pipe .  After the operation was restored for a long time .  The doctor said that the pipe was clean, pink, adhesions and inflammation were not .  I do not know the reason .  My husband and I passed all the tests - all of us are well .  Why this happens is not clear, but very scared that this could happen again .  After 15 days after surgery I had severe pain in his right side overnight and then passed .  I thought it was an attack of appendicitis and did not attach any importance to this .  Exactly a month later again fell ill in his right side .  Today, I consulted with a gynecologist who operated on me .  He said that this will be a while in the middle of the menstrual cycle, as in right ovary matures the egg and then goes into the abdominal cavity and is killed .  But if I have all the time to mature egg in the right ovary, I never get pregnant ??? And why he did not tell me at once ??? Why not remove unnecessary ovary ??? I knew he would, man, I had to survive mentally and physically for these 2 months !!! And I'm was so happy when I found out I was pregnant !!!
On the seventh week of pregnancy, was admitted to hospital with krovyannymi vodeleniyami, doctors began sohronyat fruit, the next day the blood went stronger pricked noshpu and gave pills fetal deformity, three days later revealed severe bleeding, was taken to another hospital, the doctors say that the fetus was killed ( miscarriage), ahead of the weekend, still stabbing noshpu, on Monday sent to clean warned that everything possible will be cleaned so that only the ovaries, that is to remove the uterus sobirayutsya, please tell me how much a high probability of hysterectomy?
Quote Marina:
Marina call me 14 years and I am pregnant but my parents do not know about those tell me what I should do or obort TELL them. Pts I need help louse. the more I'm still not ready to become a mother and to be with your child. I have 2 months within if I do obort but my stomach has not yet appeared but already formed pliz tell me what to do ??
Marina 14 years ... of course, too early to have a child, but at the same time there are many things to consider zastyavlyayut. First, wait with her mother and the doctor! This is very important!!! For example ... 1st time I got pregnant at 17, of course, scared, and reshila- a child now? Abortion blooper pow ... done! The first 5 years, every day I realize what a big mistake made, and secondly, I have 2 times trying to conceive a child: 1 miscarriage, 2 - an ectopic pregnancy. Having children is now almost does not provide + I had a high risk of cancer. Of course all of the body is different, but why risk it !? A progeny Abortion is murder is already an actual living man! Naduyus make the right decision and Good luck to you!
Please tell me, I do not know what to think .  A pregnancy test showed a positive result, but it was a pain in the abdomen .  I was sent to save the hospital, did ultrasound and said that nothing could be seen, it is necessary to wait for a week, maybe a short term .  The next day was unbearable abdominal pain and bleeding .  I pricked magnesia and prescribed pills pregnancy support .  Two days later a pregnancy test showed a negative result .  I handed over a blood hCG, said that the pregnancy was, but short term had a miscarriage .  I made a vacuum and two days later was discharged from hospital .  After 2 days, I went to a dark brown discharge, said an inflammation of the uterus, pricked 3 days of injections, today was a doctor in the examination, she had already suspected ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage because until two Uzi could not see the pregnancy in the uterus .  I have a nagging pain in the abdomen, but not strong, there is no longer any discharge .  On US everything is normal only increased left ovary .  Tell me, after all this is possible if an ectopic pregnancy, a pregnancy test is now negative ????
I have 2 years ago was an ectopic pregnancy .  There were all the signs and pain in the side and release (with ectopic pregnancy allocation is not very abundant and almost black) .  Diagnostiryvali it immediately, so that when removed, it was necessary to immediately remove and pipe .  Year my husband and I were protected *** ohm, and then decided to have a baby .  At this time, we approached the issue seriously .  Passed a bunch of tests, especially after an ectopic tubal pregnancy have to do an X-ray tubes (I must say it does not hurt), handed over the analysis on hormones, *** per- formed on, mycoplasma analysis, and so ureoplazmu . d .  Now I have a 40th week beremnnosti masterbatch, so that after an ectopic (when healthy second pipe) it is possible to get pregnant .  The main thing is not to let things drift .  Regarding the 14 year old pregnant: I am 14 years old have an abortion, which caused obstruction of the tube .  I am now 27 years old and not a single day that I do not regret sodeyanom .  So before you take any - the action of at least tell my mother about it . 
Girls and how we've got a lot of the same problems! . . . . .   . . . .  . . .  .  .   . . .   .  .   . .   .  .  . . . .  . .  .  .
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