Children, Sex and the Internet: Who is to blame and what to do

June 9, 2012

 children sex online
 Your eight-year child found on the Internet materials erotic or pornographic content. This is not surprising, because any Internet search engine provides millions of results at the request of "sex" and "porn". By the way, according to the analysis of Internet activity of children whose parents use filters content, those words occupy the fourth and sixth place in the ranking of the most popular searches in children aged eight to twelve years. Another study conducted in 2008 in France, two out of three French teenagers in the age of eleven at least once seen a porn movie. What does that mean, and how should parents respond?

 Children, Sex and the Internet: Who is to blame and what to do

Children's curiosity

Many parents fear that the Internet young children lurk many dangers, chief among them - sexual assault. But these fears are unfounded. High-risk group for that matter - adolescent girls with a history of sexual violence. It is they who are most often the victims of sex offenders on the Internet. At this age, girls are particularly vulnerable and in need of emotional support, which is looking at the strangers. They need understanding, not sexual relations Sexual relations: how to bring passion  Sexual relations: how to bring passion
 But often they have sex to get this emotional support and treat sex as a necessary evil. Physical force and coercion occurs in only 5% of cases.

Children under the age of eleven climbers on the Internet in search of "porn" and "sex" with a different purpose. Sometimes they are driven by ordinary curiosity - they want to know about problems that can not discuss with their parents. Girls interested in menstruation, pregnancy or the relationship with the boys. Boys are interested in the size of genitals, the hair on the body and the norms of sexual behavior. In recent years, more and more teens are interested in homosexuality, gender and various kinds of sexual behavior.

Children also often use the Internet for sexual excitement and new sensations. The vast majority of children aged subtransient have permanent and unrestricted access to the Internet, and they can view the images, which their parents could only dream. Some of these children are in such sites, go to that dare not every adult. Predict how free access to the Internet will affect the mental and sexual health of this generation, it is impossible, but we can confidently say that this is unlikely to be a positive influence.

 Children, Sex and the Internet: Who is to blame and what to do

Actions parents

Most parents naively and irresponsibly applies to Internet activity of children, while they need to do the following:

  • Monitor the sites visited by the child. A recent study showed that 20% of children aged between five and seven years old use the Internet quite freely and without any restrictions or parental controls. In 16% of children under the age of thirteen years have access to a computer in the bedroom. Young children should not use a computer without the scrutiny of adults. It's too dangerous even for the socially adapted children from wealthy families.
  • As soon as possible to begin sex education. Responsible parents start talking about sex and sexual maturation Puberty child - stages of a complex path  Puberty child - stages of a complex path
 Even when they learn to walk, and continue the dialogue until their maturity. Use the events in a child's life to illuminate a particular topic, even if it is a delicate matter. Most parents underestimate their children, considering that interest in sex they wake up only in adolescence, not earlier. It is not necessary to approach sexual education with excessive seriousness, otherwise the child will feel awkward and uncomfortable.
  • Become an advanced computer user. Many parents say that their child understands computers much better than they are. Do not be proud of this fact. Remember: you can not control what you do not understand.

As with any technology, the Internet can be a blessing and punishment. It's time to actively engage parents protect children from the risks inherent in the Internet.

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How to make a game for the development of memory - connect the hands and imagination

May 10, 2012

 make the game develop memory
 Games for the development of memory The development of memory - Play wizard  The development of memory - Play wizard
   helps young children easily memorize the letters and numbers and is generally well develop memory. These games can be played and the children of senior school age and adults. In the narrow circle of the family, you can create the conditions and rules of their own game. You can use everything you can find at home, ranging from photos of family members or pets to mathematical or linguistic elements. The same individual can make the game as a gift for children.

 How to make a game for the development of memory - connect the hands and imagination

What you need

  • Printer
  • Papers
  • Pair of scissors
  • Thin boards
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Spray Painting
  • Adhesive for wood

 How to make a game for the development of memory - connect the hands and imagination


  • Print the pictures and cut them into equal squares of desired size, for example, five by five cm. Subjects games can be numbers, letters, colors, shapes, family photos or pictures with animals.
  • Cut squares of the same size of the board.
  • Treat the edges and surface with sandpaper to make them smooth.
  • Paint the boards with paint of any color to suit every taste, but sticking to one rule - one color for all squares. Leave to dry plates. Optionally, you can not paint the plank and leave them as is.
  • Take a wooden box and lubricate one of its sides and glue.
  • rilozhit plaque to cut paper and align the edges of the picture.
  • Press down and smooth the picture carefully around the edges.
  • Continue to stick pictures on the wooden boxes, until you collect the necessary material for the game.

You can choose one direction, limiting certain set of plates, and you can expand and diversify the subject of games, preparing many boards as needed to cover all areas of the game.

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