Fennel for newborns - is not dangerous if it is for a kid?

August 21, 2011

 fennel for babies
 All mothers, even half-baked, know that babies with intestinal colic give dill water. They heard from their mothers and grandmothers, and they in turn - from those who taught them good sense. Thus, the fame of fennel (dill pharmacy) is transmitted from generation to generation.

 Fennel for newborns - is not dangerous if it is for a kid?

Features of the gastrointestinal tract in newborns

A newborn baby is born absolutely sterile. It is sterile and gastrointestinal tract, and to immediately begin to be occupied bacteria. The process is long and some children delayed up to a year or more.

The problem is that the child must prevail intestine normal microflora, which helps digest food. This is mainly bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. But this is not always, often settling begins with pathogenic microflora, which does not help, but hinders the processing of food in the intestines.

If the predominant pathogenic microflora, the mother's milk or formula milk Dairy mixture - selection of useful power  Dairy mixture - selection of useful power
   begin to decompose with the formation of large amounts of gases that cause flatulence Flatulence - when too much gas  Flatulence - when too much gas
 . Flatulence (bloating) accompanied by severe cramping pain - intestinal colic. The baby cries, refuses the breast. This situation usually goes to the third month of life, but sometimes, especially when artificial feeding, this process is delayed.

 Fennel for newborns - is not dangerous if it is for a kid?

So what to do with intestinal colic in the newborn baby?

In order to save a newborn from intestinal colic, there are two ways. The first way is long, but that it will lead to a stable result - a settlement of the child's intestinal microflora useful. The colonies of beneficial bacteria are issued in the form of drugs in vials or ampoules, they need to be diluted with boiled water and to give the child.

The second way - is the immediate removal of intestinal colic, however, for a short time - this treatment is called symptomatic, since eliminating the symptom, not the cause of the disease. To this end the newborn give drugs to enhance the motility of the intestine, thereby promoting thereon feces and air. These drugs include and fennel.

 Fennel for newborns - is not dangerous if it is for a kid?

As fennel acts on the body of a newborn baby

Newborn baby fennel often given as dill some water or Plantex.

Dill water is made from essential oils Essential oils and conception: can help the roses?  Essential oils and conception: can help the roses?
   Fennel rate of 1: 1000. The child may be given during the day a few teaspoons of water, but usually start with two - three tablespoons per day, reaching up to six and checking the child's response to this drug. If, after receiving dill water on the baby's skin rash, receiving it must be stopped immediately. But usually dill water is well tolerated, and after 15 minutes the child begin to withdraw gases, after which he will be safely breastfeed, bottle or just sleep.

Plantex available in powder and diluted with water according to the instructions. Both of these drugs cause an increase in the motor activity of the intestine with the simultaneous removal of muscle spasms of the intestine and therefore gases begin to move freely through the intestines.

Rare newborn complete without dill water or Plantex. But sometimes these drugs at the pharmacy are not available, in this case, you can prepare the infusion of fennel home.

To prepare dill water teaspoon dried dill seeds Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices  Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices
   to pour 200 ml of boiling water, leave for an hour, drain, refill to the original level of boiled water and drink the child. If the child is not right to taste some water, it can be sweetened with sugar syrup (but not in any way dry with sugar, this will increase bloating). Of course, this infusion is much less effective than dill water purchased at a pharmacy (where it is made in a special way).

In order to enhance and accelerate the action of dill water in the baby's tummy can put heated, folded several times a diaper. For the procedure required two diapers, one heated and the other is on the baby's tummy.

But sometimes this does not work, the gases do not depart, the baby continues to worry. In this case will the vapor tube of soft rubber - it can be bought at a pharmacy. Venting tube boiled, lubricated with petroleum jelly, is inserted into the anus of the child, is moving a few centimeters inside and her child depart from the intestine gases. If gases other than the baby, and even constipation, then he needs to do a cleansing enema. For newborns suitable rubber spray 50 ml. He also is boiled, then it is typed boiled water, then tip up and press the bottom of the bottle to release air, lubricated with petroleum jelly and insert the tip into the anus with the situation of the child on the left side with legs bent at the hips and knees. The water is introduced slowly, only during inhalation, a slight pressure.

Young mother with time realizes that no hopeless situations, and it is almost always able to help her newborn child.

Galina Romanenko

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The first swimming - if you are afraid to take the baby in her arms

October 28, 2010

 first swimming
 The first bathing a newborn baby - it's always a lot of stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
   for mom, especially if it is her first child. Women always think that something is not done and the child in the course of this "complex" manipulation may suffer. But after a few days of swimming will be a pleasant pastime for both mother and baby.

 The first swimming - if you are afraid to take the baby in her arms

Why newborn baby need to bathe daily

A newborn baby is born with a sterile and immediately on him from all sides, "snatch" a variety of organisms that surround us all. Contact is inevitable, but we need to make as a result of the baby did not have a variety of infections. Biological selection Discharges in women when there is cause for concern  Discharges in women when there is cause for concern
   Child (feces, urine, sweat, secretions of the sebaceous glands) are the perfect breeding ground for pathogenic microflora. Opportunistic she called because under certain conditions (for example, at too rapid growth) can cause disease. Therefore, if a child does not bathe every day and did not wash away after each act of defecation, its skin irritation appear first, and then it will join purulent infection - this is very dangerous.

But too zealous not worth it: the skin of a newborn baby has its protective properties that can not be broken. For example, it is covered with a very thin fatty film which protects the skin from the introduction of bacteria. If the child's daily wash with soap and water, the film can be dissolved and then the skin becomes vulnerable to infection. Therefore special facilities for bathing the baby (eg, foam) should be used no more than 2 times a week.

Daily bathing - it is also an excellent tempering procedures. Contact with water, stir in water and massage performed mom while swimming (soaping skin, light stroking and splashing on the baby water) are an excellent tool that allows a newborn child to adapt to a new world, get used to it and even learn how to resist various influences environment.

 The first swimming - if you are afraid to take the baby in her arms

We prepare everything for the first swimming

For bathing the baby under one year should be a separate bath, bathe him in a common bath unhygienic. Tray can be anything: a plastic, without any tools, a tray with a variety of coasters, a changing table Changing table - facilitate the care of the baby  Changing table - facilitate the care of the baby
 With chest and so on. Important in this case - the content of the bath clean. Just bought the tub should be brushed bread soda, rinse and pour over boiling water. After a daily bath tub also needs to be washed with soda and before bathing in running water to rinse.

Bathing a newborn baby (the first 4 weeks of life) is used boiled water because his skin is still very thin and vulnerable, and because the umbilical wound (even if it is very dry) is not yet completely healed, and through it to the baby can get infected. Boil water in a large better allocated for this purpose, an enamel saucepan for an hour - a half before bathing. In this case, to bathe, she would have just the right temperature (36˚-37˚). The water temperature is measured by special water thermometer which is immersed in a bath.

Near the tray it should be: a container of warm water for rinsing (about a liter) bottle of diluted potassium permanganate (diluted beforehand to dark purple) and foam for bathing.

Bathe your child better on the table, and dress near a towel or diaper in which the child can be wrapped after a bath. Diapers in this case is preferable, since they absorb water better. You can cook two diapers: warm, but thin on top.

Then you need to prepare the sheets and diapers for dressing the child after his skin is dry. If space allows, then this set is expanded here, on the table. You can expand the diaper and elsewhere, for example in the room, but in this case it is necessary to make the premises for bathing and swaddling was no temperature difference. On changing table dim warm diaper, the top two thin (top need for additional drying of the skin), placed next to a fine and warm vests, hats and thin socks. Here it should be based children's cream or boiled vegetable oil for skin folds of the child and brilliant green to lubricate the umbilical wound.

 The first swimming - if you are afraid to take the baby in her arms

Bathe baby

Bathe baby before feeding, preferably in one and the same time .  The first time it is better to bathe together, but if no one to help, the mother quite able to cope alone .  Before bathing in the water diluted potassium permanganate is added so that the water had a slightly pink color .  Baby taking his left hand behind his head and neck, the right - under the buttocks and placed in a tray so that the water covered the legs and lower back .  Head and shoulders lifted, exposing them under his left arm and right arm protruding from the water poured over the body .  Then, in the same hand pour a little foam (if the mother was bathing one, then you need to open the bottle in advance), careful movements applied to the body of the child, and then washes .  After that, you can put the baby belly on the left hand and the right to take a jug of clean water, pour on top of the baby and immediately throw him a towel or diaper .  After that, the baby's skin thoroughly soak and shift it to the prepared for changing diapers .  One thin diaper again everything folds dried, after which it was removed, lubricate all skin folds vegetable oil and pupochek zelenkoj and swaddled baby .

First, it put a thin baby's undershirt (buckle back), then warm (zip forward). One of raspashonok should be sewn with holes for handles that the child itself is not scratched. After that, the child put on socks and wrapped it up in a thin belt first, then in the thick diaper, making the leg bag, in which he will be free to move the legs and wear a hat.

Now we can eat!

Galina Romanenko

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