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November 10, 2013

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 drug therapy osteoarthritis

Drug therapy of degenerative disc disease - muscle relaxants

Pain is always worse in osteochondrosis protective spasm and strain the back muscles - muscles are trying to protect the spine from further injury. But this muscle tension only increases the pain and helps to limit the movements. Sometimes due to spasm of the back muscles the patient can not straighten up. Therefore used in the complex treatment drugs in osteochondrosis should possess and relaxing muscle action.

Such patients are assigned mioremaksanty, osteochondrosis are well relieves muscle spasms. For example, Mydocalmum Mydocalm: drug from muscle spasms  Mydocalm: drug from muscle spasms
   osteochondrosis can be administered intramuscularly or intravenously, taken orally in pill form. Muscle relaxants osteochondrosis combined with NSAIDs almost always brings relief to patients.


What medical treatment is applied at an osteochondrosis

Prescribe drugs that improve blood circulation - the restoration of the normal supply of cartilage spine reduces pain and improves metabolism in tissues. For this purpose, various medications are used dosage groups. So, vasodilators osteochondrosis promotes the expansion of capillaries, nicotinic acid in osteochondrosis appointed for this purpose. What injections to treat low back pain Osteochondrosis - learn how to properly distribute the weight  Osteochondrosis - learn how to properly distribute the weight
   Can I have some more? To facilitate the patient's condition can also be injected shpy, it has properties antispasmodic - removes spasms of smooth muscles of blood vessel walls.

Aktovegin osteochondrosis activates metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   in tissues and improves the trophism stimulates tissue regeneration. Better shots help osteoarthritis - aktovegina action will be more effective.

B vitamins in osteochondrosis is also always part of the comprehensive treatment. Vitamins osteochondrosis can be administered intramuscularly separately and can be in the form of one drug - Milgamma, consisting of vitamins B1, B6, B12 and the anesthetic lidocaine. Milgamma osteochondrosis have a beneficial effect on inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the nerves and musculoskeletal system.

Finally, in the complex treatment always includes antioxidant agent. For example, mexidol osteochondrosis inhibits the action of toxic free radicals, resulting in a significant improvement of the patients. Injections with osteochondrosis mexidol also contribute to the body's resistance to the effects of the main damaging factors, including a lack of oxygen.

Medications with osteochondrosis may be homeopathic. For example, a homeopathic Traumeel osteochondrosis reduces inflammatory and degenerative processes in the spine.


Restoration of cartilage in osteochondrosis

For the treatment of osteoarthritis necessarily apply chondroprotectors. Chondroprotectors osteochondrosis protect cartilage from various influences, slow the progression of degenerative changes in the joints of the spine and discs. For drugs in this group include such hondroksid - osteochondrosis tablets for oral, gel and ointment for external use. They are also used structum, DON, arthritis, hyaluronan, alflutop Alflutop: drug for the treatment of joints  Alflutop: drug for the treatment of joints
   - and others.

For the same reason sometimes recommend that patients with osteochondrosis folk remedies for osteoarthritis - hryaschiki nibble, eat jelly, hash, gelatin. Gelatin is used as osteochondrosis: a tablespoon of gelatin in the evening pour 100 ml of cold boiled water. In the morning stir, made up to 200 ml of hot boiled water and drink on an empty stomach. The course of treatment - a month.

Herniated Disc - when to sound the alarm? - What is a herniated disc

January 9, 2011

  • Herniated Disc - when to sound the alarm?
  • What is a herniated disc

What is a herniated disc

Intervertebral (intervertebral) disc - is a dense fibrous elastic ring from inside the nucleus pulposus, which is in the form of pads Feminine pads - talk about wings  Feminine pads - talk about wings
   located between individual vertebrae. The intervertebral disc is a shock absorber that prevents the injured vertebrae with loads and movement.

But in some cases the intervertebral disc loses its dampening properties, the fibrous ring is broken and nucleus pulposus pressure moves beyond the spine, squeezing exiting the spinal column spinal nerve roots. This disease is called a herniated disc.

Herniated disc usually occur at a young age, when the nucleus pulposus has not lost its elasticity. At the age of 50 years after the disc herniation are much rarer due to the fact that the nucleus pulposus rarely shifted. However, disc herniation may occur in spinal osteochondrosis Osteochondrosis - Causes and symptoms  Osteochondrosis - Causes and symptoms

Contributing factors for the development of a herniated disc are family history (for example, if close relatives suffered from the disease), various metabolic disorders Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 The consequences of injuries and diseases of the spine, disorders of posture, a sedentary lifestyle, which leads to a weakening of the muscles of the back, heavy physical exertion, sharp sudden movements and so on.


Symptoms of a herniated disc

When a herniated disk as a result of compression of spinal nerve roots coming inflammation and swelling of the surrounding tissues. This leads to the fact that there are strong pain in place of compression (i.e., back) and extending from a nerve root and in the area of ​​the body, which innervate these nerves. Violation of innervation of muscles over time results in a decrease in volume (atrophy) of muscles involved.

A popular place for the formation of intervertebral hernia - lumbar spine. Patients in such cases bothers pain in the lumbar and inguinal region, violation of sensitivity (numbness, tingling throughout the body) in the groin, which gradually descends below, causing numbness in the toes. The pain also tends to go down on the back surface of the lower limbs.

The most serious form of hernia develops in the cervical spine. This is due to the fact that the spinal nerves in this area are connected with the vital organs. Pain while having in the sternum and give into the hand, often mimicking the heartaches. The patient also often suffer from headaches, dizziness Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet  Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet
 , Unstable (i.e. high then low) blood pressure.


Diagnosis of a herniated disc

Suspected herniated disc can already be on the basis of examination of the patient. But this can only be a specialist (neurosurgeon or neurologist - vertebrologist). To clarify the diagnosis X-rays of the spine is done (it reveals bone changes in the spine), and magnetic resonance imaging (It shows not only the bone changes, but also changes in the disks themselves, as well as in the surrounding soft tissue).

The initial symptoms of a herniated disc can be identified using the methods of functional diagnostics.


Treatment of a herniated disc

Treatment of a herniated disc is better to start as early as possible. Apply methods of conservative therapy. For this purpose, appointed painkillers, relieving soft tissue swelling and improves nerve conduction drugs.

To remove the load on the spine and restore its function held its first fixation and traction, and then prescribe a course of medical gymnastics, massage, physiotherapy. All this is done as part of a treatment, in which the load is removed in the intervertebral disc, restores the correct operation of the back muscles that support the spine, and the sensitivity of the normal parts of the body concerned.

If, despite carried out adequate treatment, improvement does not occur, then performed surgery - removal of the modified portion of the intervertebral disc.

To prevent the emergence of a herniated disc, you need a child to give the spine enough attention: to prevent violations of posture in children, strengthen the back muscles that support the spine.

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