Cesarean Section: Risk Factors

October 19, 2006

  • Cesarean Section: Risk Factors
  • Possible risk factors for mothers

 cesarean section
 Caesarean section - an operation in which to extract the baby their mother's womb incision of the abdominal wall of the uterus. Typically, a woman during the operation is in the mind. General anesthesia is used only in extreme cases.

In most cases, women successfully give birth naturally, but every expectant mother, just in case you need to get general information about cesarean section. No one can be completely safe from having to do this operation and to inform women this is associated with less stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 Than for those who know nothing about the nature of the procedure and the possible risks.


When we recommend a cesarean section?

A cesarean section may be planned or unplanned. Most often, doctors decide to do a cesarean section if there are problems during childbirth.

  • Deliveries are heavy and slow, or even stop
  • Signs of distress in the child, for example, very fast or very slow heart rate
  • Problems with the placenta or umbilical cord jeopardize the health or life of the child
  • The baby is too large for a vaginal birth

Reasons for elective caesarean section may be:

  • The child is not turned upside down to the expected date of the onset of labor
  • Health problems in the mother, such as heart disease Heart disease and heart attacks: that every woman should know  Heart disease and heart attacks: that every woman should know
 Whose symptoms may worsen due to the stress of childbirth
  • The presence of maternal infections that the baby can become infected during vaginal delivery
  • Polycyesis
  • The woman was already caesarean section and the doctor thinks that a vaginal birth can be dangerous (eg, because the probability of rupture of the seam from the previous caesarean section)


Can you give birth after cesarean section in a natural way

Sometimes women previously undergone a caesarean section may give birth naturally. Over the past 40 years the number of births performed by Caesarean section, has grown from a 1 in 20 to 1 in 4. This is due to the fact that now cesarean section do more than is really necessary. Often, for caesarean section rather simple mother's desire - that is, its reluctance for any reason to give birth naturally. Because of the risks associated with the operation, doctors insist that it should be carried out only when necessary due.


The risks associated with cesarean section:

  • Infection of the uterus
  • A large blood loss
  • Blood clots in the legs and lungs of mother
  • Damage of the mother or baby
  • Complications related to anesthesia - nausea, vomiting, severe headaches and other problems
  • Breathing problems in the child, if cesarean section done before the expected date of delivery


How is the rehabilitation after cesarean

In most cases, women are discharged from the hospital 3-5 days after caesarean section, but full recovery may take up to four weeks, and even more. In comparison, after the usual delivery woman in the hospital for 1-2 days, and after 1-2 weeks can go back to business as usual.

Before discharge doctor or nurse will tell the patient how to take care of the healing suture and what to expect during the recovery period. Typically, the seam is not healed, a woman should avoid lifting weights and actively participate in sports. It is advisable to ask for work at home, someone from home. Within 1-2 weeks of attacks can happen quite severe pain in the lower abdomen, where it is recommended to take painkillers. Vaginal bleeding may continue for several weeks after surgery. At this time, you can not use tampons How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions  How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions
 Only gaskets Feminine pads - talk about wings  Feminine pads - talk about wings
 . If any signs of infection such as fever, redness of the skin, pus out of the joint, it is necessary to call the doctor.

In some cases, the benefits of cesarean outweigh the potential hazard to health, and sometimes vaginal birth is safer than childbirth by caesarean section.

Husband at birth: Pros and Cons

December 12, 2010

 male births
 The presence of her husband's birth today is no longer a rarity. Despite the fact that in the West it was practiced for a long time in Russia in childbirth prisutvuyuschy husband she appeared recently. What is it? Fashion, the desire to help his wife, or to see a miracle - the long-awaited birth of a child? These are the questions men and women respond differently, because of their family circumstances, love or fear of childbirth. There is no single opinion, and the parents, as well as health workers, were divided into two opposing camps.

 Husband at birth: Pros and Cons

Joint birth - what are they?

Joint labor with her husband to allow the latter to be a woman during labor and often in the most crucial moment - the birth of a child and attempts. Not all hospital allowed presence at childbirth of her husband, and, often, the procedure is paid. The process of childbirth and her husband often have long and hard to negotiate with the hospital, choose a medical facility where expectant parents arrange conditions of the mother and child, the price and the mutual trust of doctors and pregnant couple.

 Husband at birth: Pros and Cons

The benefits of the presence of her husband's birth

There is no doubt in any important matter there are advantages and disadvantages. And more importantly, it solves every married couple to be alone. It happens that the father is not involved in the first birth, but longed to attend the second. Or conversely, the first birth before his shocked that the next he will not go for any money. And yet, what advantages the presence of parents at birth:

  • Some people believe that being with his wife on the birth awakens paternal instinct. The future pope sees a baby into the world, and sometimes even give him cut the umbilical cord, he sees the whole process of inspection kid, his washing, diapering, and then holds a swaddled kulechek, looking him in the eye and admiration of their hands;
  • A husband can really help maternity, holding hand, stroked her hair, and the "advanced" and is able to perform a massage lumbosacral area to relieve pain during labor;
  • Some women are terrified of the upcoming birth, and the presence of a close and dear person has a significant psychological support. In addition, the husband can entertain and distract the woman in childbirth funny stories, jokes, cause prenatal doctor if anything, will give a glass of water. You can yell at her husband, when there is no power to restrain, in general, discharge of negative emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
  • For many men - the very birth of a child - is a joy, and be present at the birth to them is not an empty phrase, as a direct part in the process. Such husbands consider themselves equal to their parents, "to conceive a child together, and that, too, will give birth together";
  • Also, my husband can control all manipulations and procedures that are performed to his wife (in fact often a woman in childbirth is simply distracted from the actions of doctors, focusing on the battles).

 Husband at birth: Pros and Cons

Disadvantages visit her husband at birth

Disadvantages of the presence of her husband's birth also can not be discounted. And not only do they relate to the desire or unwillingness to stay in the labor men, but also women:

  • Woman in labor may be ashamed of her husband. It is not a beauty contest, and sometimes hard-hitting physiological process where there will be blood, involuntary urination and defecation, tears or cuts perineal suturing. Not every woman would like to appear before his beloved in this form;
  • Quite frankly, many men believe that women should remain a mystery, and labor - this is the female mystery that men know is optional;
  • Often husbands lost at birth, forget to read books, learned in the courses pregnant and begin to fuss and nervous. Thus their behavior, they not only do not help his wife and doctors, and even prevented. In addition, men are known to be the weaker sex, and can easily fall into a swoon at the sight of blood or birth of a baby, as a result, doctors are forced into not giving birth, and unstable husband;
  • Some women can not relax in the presence of her husband, but when they are alone, it is able to safely bear the pain and turmoil of life. Also, their restless behavior of pregnant women distract men from birth, they can not focus on the struggles and demands of the medical staff;
  • Many men, and women fear that her husband's presence at birth have a negative impact on their intimate relationships.

Be that as it may, the joint childbirth discussed by both sides. Forced to drag her husband to the hospital or to ignore the opinion of his wife is not encouraged. The process is voluntary and is based on mutual love and desire to participate in her husband's birth.

Anna Sozinova

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