Evra patch - a convenient and reliable method of contraception - Contraceptive hormonal patches

April 17, 2011

  • Evra patch - a convenient and reliable method of contraception
  • Contraceptive hormonal patches

Contraceptive hormonal patches

This method of contraception is a band-aid to a total area of ​​20 square centimeters, and consists of three layers. First layer - a skin-colored backing layer, the second layer consists of hormones that exert a contraceptive action, while the third layer - the surface is easily removable film which is removed before use of the patch.

Every day Evra patch releases 20 micrograms of ethinyl estradiol and 150 mcg norelgestromin that after attaching the plaster fall through the skin into the bloodstream and block the egg maturation in the ovaries. In addition, the patch Evra causes thickening of the cervical mucus, which hinders the passage of sperm into the uterus. But do not forget that the patch does not protect against infection of sexually transmitted diseases.


Advantages of using the contraceptive patch Evra

  • Evra patch does not require a special punctuality

Unlike hormonal contraceptive pills to be taken daily, the patch is pasted only three times for the entire menstrual cycle. In case of delay in the replacement of the patch for 48 hours is not required to use additional means to prevent pregnancy.

  • Evra patch is simple and easy to use

This method of contraception Contraceptive Methods: Ten myths about contraception in the mirror of facts  Contraceptive Methods: Ten myths about contraception in the mirror of facts
   It does not require special rules to use, it is securely glued to the skin, with Evra patch can take a shower, swimming pool and sauna, sunbathe and do sports.

  • Evra patch has some medicinal properties

During application of adhesive reduces the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, pain during menstruation, and in contrast to hormonal tablets virtually no intermenstrual bleeding.


Contraindications to the use of the patch Evra

The contraceptive patch, like all contraceptives, has a number of contraindications to its use:

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!  Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!
  • thrombosis, thromboembolism Thromboembolism: severe complications  Thromboembolism: severe complications
   and increased blood viscosity;
  • severe diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • cerebrovascular accidents (stroke);
  • gormonalnozavisimyh tumor;
  • diabetes;
  • disorders of lipid metabolism (obesity, severe);
  • Vaginal bleeding of unknown origin;
  • Individual intolerance to the components of the patch;
  • smoking (more than half a pack a day).


Methods of application of the patch Evra

Apply Evra patch can be one of the ways:

  • The first method:

Evra patch is pasted on the first day of the menstrual cycle, additional contraception is needed.

  • Second method:

You can choose any day of the menstrual cycle The days of the menstrual cycle: Four phases  The days of the menstrual cycle: Four phases
   (for example, every Monday), but in this case must also be protected during the first week.

How often should I change the patch? The patch is changed three times during the entire menstrual cycle, ie every week. After using it for seven days replacement must occur on the eighth day. That is: the first day of menstruation, on the eighth day of the menstrual cycle, and then on the fifteenth day after the 22-day to do a week's break.

Where it is possible to glue the patch? For a more reliable effect Evra patch is necessary to choose such a place that it does not "injured" and not frowned on clothing or movements. It can be: the surface of the abdomen, shoulder, buttocks or outer surface of the shoulder.


What if Evra patch come off?

If the patch come off in part, must be strongly pressed his hand for ten seconds, and then make sure that it is fully attach to the skin. If not, replace with a new patch.

If the patch come off completely, but for no longer than 24 hours, you can try to attach it again or replaced. Additional contraception is needed.

If after peeling the patch has been more than a day, you must immediately change the patch and protect themselves for a further week.

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Pharmatex: Dosage and direction of action - Cautions

December 2, 2011

  • Pharmatex: Dosage and direction of action
  • Cautions


Efficiency of Farmateksa depends on strict adherence to the following rules:

  • the systematic use of the drug before each act of intercourse;
  • the drug should be administered in the supine position at the maximum possible depth;
  • you must wait for the complete dissolution of the drug into the vagina (not less than 10 minutes) to the active substance had released in full;
  • before each act of intercourse should be given a new (unused) tablet (dose creams, vaginal suppositories);
  • not recommended cleaning the genital soapy water for at least 2 hours before and 2 hours after sexual contact, since soap acts deleteriously to benzalkonium chloride;
  • immediately after sexual intercourse is permitted only outside cleaning the genitals with clean water that does not contain soap. Before vaginal irrigation is recommended to wait 4 hours after coitus;
  • as the active ingredient of the drug is benzalkonium chloride, it is advisable to abolish its use in the event of any intravaginal diseases;
  • if necessary, treatment of diseases of the vagina or the appointment of any other drug vaginally, it is recommended to wait for the full recovery before applying farmateks;
  • using tampons How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions  How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions
   farmateks can not take a bath, swim in the sea, swimming pools or other bodies of water;
  • Irrigation is possible only outside the genitals using a foaming agent farmateks not containing soap and relevant local contraceptives farmateks.

 Cautions | Pharmatex: Dosage and direction of action

Side effects

Pharmatex completely safe for the woman's body. It does not cause obesity, jumps temperament or any other discomfort. Besides its contraceptive effect, farmateks has the ability to protect against diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. To increase the contraceptive efficacy of the drug is allowed to be used in tandem with a barrier, it can also be used as an emergency method of protection against unwanted pregnancy.

However, some women may cause farmateks individual reactions. If you are prone to allergies or have very sensitive skin Sensitive skin: causes and care  Sensitive skin: causes and care
 For the first time to use the drug with caution. Carefully read the instructions to the drug, just follow all the instructions. Under no circumstances should you try to save a drug use as much as it should.

Here are the most common side effects Farmateksa:

  • itching and skin rashes;
  • redness;
  • color change of urine, blood in the urine Blood in the urine - a reason for serious concern  Blood in the urine - a reason for serious concern
  • frequent urination;
  • pain in the groin, and bladder Urinary bladder - structure and function  Urinary bladder - structure and function
  • pain with urination;
  • vaginal dryness;
  • unpleasant smell from the vagina;
  • irritation and burning genitals;
  • chills;
  • dizziness;
  • fever;
  • muscle pain;
  • redness of the nose, mouth, throat, vagina and the inside of the eyelids;
  • thick white cheesy discharge (using a vaginal diaphragm or spiral)

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