Silver belly button piercing - an alternative to gold

July 31, 2013

 Silver navel piercing
 In the world of fashion silver has always been more affordable alternative to gold. Such it is to this day, and those who can not afford earrings and other ornaments, of "solar" metal purchase silver accessories that have a lot of advantages and possible combinations with stones and other items of clothing. When girls do navel piercing, silver is often not even considered as a basis for decoration. On the one hand, it prejudices the other - the lack of knowledge about all the benefits. Silver belly button piercing - it's a great opportunity to decorate their body inexpensively.


Piercing navel and silver - the controversial Union

Any master who makes your navel piercings, silver reject categorically. But when it comes to decorating right after the puncture. All known negative properties of this metal, which is prone to oxidation. This chemical reaction even when wearing silver rings on his fingers, causing irritation, burning sensation, leaving ugly gray-green marks on the skin. On the skin with a fresh puncture Ranko silver can not be worn strictly, otherwise there is a risk of a strong irritation and even infection.

For the initial piercing, especially for sensitive skin Sensitive skin: causes and care  Sensitive skin: causes and care
 , You need to choose accessories from the medical (surgical) steel, minimalist design without annoying any chemical or on a mechanical level. Once the wound is delayed by a puncture, you can freely choose for navel piercing Navel piercing - only for the most distinguished  Navel piercing - only for the most distinguished
   silver jewelry. But before that you have to make sure you are not allergic to the metal, that silver is quality.


Piercing navel silver - rich choice

Many women do not rush to buy silverware navel even despite their availability. On this score is really a lot of prejudice, which relate to alleged low diversity of designs and the inability of silver accessories look as majestic as is the case with earrings of gold and platinum. But the scarcity of silver jewelry for the navel - a myth that is slowly destroying modern jewelry manufacturers.

Despite the fact that this metal is not such a variety of species, some can boast gold, and that differences Mezhuyev different types often visible only at the level of composition, silver jewelry should be selected for no less carefully. There are sterling, niello, filigree, table, coin, colloidal and matte silver, which have different features and serve different purposes. Conscientious manufacturers of products for body piercing are taking sterling silver, has an excellent aesthetic characteristics and low allergenicity.

Choosing navel piercing of silver 925, you get a decoration of high strength, which in appearance can compete with white gold, platinum and rhodium. This silver has a beautiful metallic shine and the ability to be combined with transparent stones, creating a magnificent examples of the jeweler's art. Sterling silver is composed of 92.5% pure silver and some copper. Distributed combined version of ornaments which serves as a basis for earrings titanium or surgical steel, and silver is a separate element, or as a spray. Such decisions in the field of jewelry are needed to reduce the cost of the finished product and the opportunity to get an allergic reaction Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat  Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat
 Especially in fresh piercings.


Stones and Silver navel piercing

Silver, which is known for its cold radiance and distinctive hue, combines well with a certain, fairly narrow group of stones. The ideal combination for silver are transparent, pale blue, pale purple stones. Richer, red, emerald green, dark blue, combined with blackened silver, which is not used for piercing. Universal stone foundations silver products for navel - the black stone, such as agate or onyx. Interesting contrasting decorations are obtained by combining the warm glow of silver and gold and stone in a golden hue. But if you decide to choose an accessory for navel piercing with silver and gold, make sure that the latest to present the minimum in the form of small inclusions, contour finishing, which will emphasize the luxury of silver without overshadowing it.

For a navel piercing, you can choose silver jewelry without stones or transparent crystals (diamond). It is best earrings in silver look with a scattering of small and delicate inlaid than with massive monolithic stones, which are more suitable for vintage jewelry on the hands and neck.

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Myostimulation - for the restoration of internal organs

June 14th, 2009

  • Myostimulation - for the restoration of internal organs
  • Physical exercise
  • Fighting obesity

 Now in practice widely applied electrical stimulation of muscle tissue or myostimulation for the treatment and rehabilitation of muscles. When a low-frequency electric current to the affected area myostimulation relieves pain and helps to regenerate muscle tissue. Myostimulation also used for therapeutic purposes for the resumption of the functioning of the paralyzed areas and to prevent atrophy.

During myostimulation formed special equipment electrical impulses are delivered to the muscle tissue electrodes placed on the skin. The pulses cause muscles to contract as if they fed the signal from the brain and central nervous system. Stronger muscles contract stronger signal, as with exercise Myths about exercise: do not believe  Myths about exercise: do not believe
 . When the pulses are terminated - the muscles relax. The frequency and duration of the signal depends on the treatment conditions and the location of the electrodes.

 Myostimulation - for the restoration of internal organs

Advantages myostimulation

Myostimulation designed to alleviate muscle spasms, prevent atrophy, improve blood circulation, muscle recovery and ease of movement. Technology neuromuscular stimulation is used to "restore the purposeful movement of muscles damaged by spinal cord injuries," according to data published by the American scientists, previously the former secret. There is a special bike, with nearly horizontal landing, which stimulates the recovery of paralyzed leg muscles by pedaling. For people with paralysis of the lower and lower and upper limbs of such unit trains the cardiovascular system and reduces the risk of secondary manifestation signs of paralysis.

 Myostimulation - for the restoration of internal organs


Apparatus for myostimulation had once wrongly advertised as a device suitable for mass use, and enable healthy people to increase muscle mass, reduce weight and remove the excess fat, to provide strength and muscle tone. Studies have shown that the current level of exposure to the muscles is much lower than necessary to ensure the increase in muscle strength in healthy people.

 Myostimulation - for the restoration of internal organs

Types myostimulation

Each patient responds differently to electrical stimulation of muscles, depending on the thickness of the skin, skin conductance and relaxation. Very important is the patient's response to the impact of electrical stimulators. Depending on the treatment conditions, the sensitivity of the patient, and his patience, the intensity can vary from mild tingling to the subtle movements of the muscles, from weak to strong contractions.

 Myostimulation - for the restoration of internal organs


Patients with pacemakers may not be used myostimulation also caution it should be used for people with heart disease Heart disease: prevention and prevention  Heart disease: prevention and prevention
   and epilepsy Epilepsy - a sacred disease  Epilepsy - a sacred disease
 . Pregnant women should also abandon electromyostimulation. The frequency and location of the electrodes should be determined by an experienced doctor. Perhaps the appearance of skin irritations and allergies. Unknown effects from long use electrostimulation.