Puncture the nose: possible complications

December 12, 2010

  • Puncture the nose: possible complications
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 nose piercing
 People began to pierce his nose in ancient times - then piercing any part of the body is usually attached sacred significance. Today earring in his nose - a very common attribute virtually no surprise. In some regions of the nose piercing is traditionally done, for example, brides or people undergoing the rite of initiation.

 Puncture the nose: possible complications

Puncture nostrils

It is the most common form of nose piercing. Puncture do very quickly, and a person experiences with only mild pain. During the first six weeks after it was made a puncture, it is recommended to wear a nose in the same decoration. The puncture site should be cleaned regularly. If signs of infection, such as suppuration, as soon as possible to see a doctor.

Although nose piercing is a fairly simple and safe procedure, it is strongly recommended to do it in a specialized salon, and not their own.

 Puncture the nose: possible complications


Septum - a puncture of the nasal septum. As a rule, do not puncture the cartilage, and skin underneath. In this part of the nose has many nerve endings, and the procedure can be quite painful. This piercing nose is healing from 1.5 to 3 months. If necessary, you can extend the puncture - no more than one millimeter at a time, and between such procedures should take place at least one month. The diameter of the puncture in the end can be up to 8 mm; openings in the front partition of a larger diameter tend to cause significant discomfort.

 Puncture the nose: possible complications

Puncture the nose

In this embodiment, the nose piercing pierce the skin on the nose. Of this piercing jewelry for the best fit of the bar; much less use different ring. Because of the high rate of rejection reactions of this type of nose piercing is the least common.

It is best suited for nose gold jewelry of high standard - they are rarely rejected. Besides, now on sale have ornaments of various alloys that do not cause an allergic reaction Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat  Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat
 . To select a suitable decoration, ask for advice from a specialist who makes your piercing.

 Puncture the nose: possible complications

Possible problems

Before doing a puncture of the nose, it is necessary to think about the problems that this can cause - and it's not about infections and festering. If you work in an organization with a strict dress code may ban certain modifications appearance Set your employment contract. However, people working in a free environment, should think in advance the reaction of the employer to an earring in his ear (it may be wise to ask him or her about it personally). In addition, the earring in the ear is unlikely to help you when applying for a job. Your potential boss, maybe not against the piercing, but he thinks first of all of their customers and partners that make up the impression of the company, including, and appearance of employees. However, if you - a man of creative profession or simply invaluable expert, can easily pierce the nose - it is unlikely to harm you.

Sergei in the ear may not be the way, for example, in situations such as a visit to grandparents, relatives or acquaintance with a loved one.

Finally, puncture the nose, you have to be very careful, remove clothes (especially through the head), wiping his face with a towel, and so on. If you are in contact sports, then at the time of exercise is better to remove the earring

Rejuvenation of hands: women do not ask about age

August 3, 2011

 Hand Rejuvenation
 They say nothing is more treacherous does not issue the woman's age, as a condition of her hands and neck. And if you care for the neck of the fair half at least from time to time pay attention to, and, in extreme cases, it can be artfully disguise the clothes and accessories, the hands are always visible and are not protected from the corrosive environment. This service, as the rejuvenation of hands, have many beauty salons and clinics. You can also try to return the arms beauty and youth with the help of folk remedies.

Hands are usually rapidly aging due to the fact that the skin on them has a special structure: it is very thin and almost devoid of sebaceous glands. This explains the absence of a protective film that helps hold layers of skin reviver. Most women would not appear the need for emergency rejuvenation of hands, if they are when working at home to follow a simple rule: before the harvest, for example, use a protective cream, put on rubber gloves, and upon its completion washed his hands, treated their moisturizing means for lubricated and their nutritive preparations in a special cream or home-cooked cosmetic mixture.

Hand skin drying and aging is not only due to the fact that the daily exposed to various chemicals. One of the most serious of its enemies - the solar ultraviolet. It destroys the collagen and promotes the formation of free radicals, which lead to the formation of wrinkles. In addition, many women between the ages of thirty and older under the influence of UV radiation your skin is covered with unsightly dark spots. Procedures for rejuvenating the hands able to negate and this trouble.

 Rejuvenation of hands: women do not ask about age

Peeling for hands

Peeling for hands is of two types: mechanical and chemical. The first of these methods your skin is exposed to microdermabrasion, which is carried out using magnesium oxide crystals. Removal of superficial epidermal layers leads to improved microcirculation in this zone and, accordingly, tissue nutrition. Mechanical peeling hands inherently similar to microdermabrasion - familiar to many women facial rejuvenation procedure.

Chemical peels already gained certain popularity. In beauty salons to clients, whose age is less than thirty-five years, it is made mostly on the basis of glycolic acid or retinoids - synthetic compounds with a high content of vitamin A Vitamin A: An important element of the health and beauty  Vitamin A: An important element of the health and beauty
 . Ladies more solid age recommended to rejuvenate hands with chemical peeling TCA, the concentration of which may reach fifty percent. It affects the skin aggressively: in a few days after the peeling of the hands will look like burnt. Then treat TCA skin will begin to flake and peel, but instead grow new, more gentle and supple.

 Rejuvenation of hands: women do not ask about age


One of the most benign methods of rejuvenation of hands is considered biorevitalization - injection under the skin of natural hyaluronic acid. It fills all the irregularities of the epidermis, smooths roughness and wrinkles, restores skin's moisture balance and skin tone. But such a stunning effect is the use of a clean, absolute and chemically modified hyaluronic acid. Injections, where it is present in a diluted or mixed with other components of the form are treated as non-professional approach.

Already after the first session biorevitalisation hands become more well-groomed and attractive appearance. But to secure the outcome is desirable to repeat the procedure at least two or three times. Specificity of course biorevitalisation defines cosmetologist in the condition of the skin of hands of the client.

 Rejuvenation of hands: women do not ask about age


Cosmetic defects on their hands and decided to adjust the method of lipofilling. It is based on the transplantation of patient's own adipose tissue from one area of ​​the body to another. In the case of hands it can look like this: the required amount of fat doctor takes from the lower back or buttocks, making a pre-anesthesia. His thoroughly cleaned, removing all foreign education, and then injected into the skin of the hand using fine needles.

If lipofilinga of certain areas of the face such as the lips or nasolabial folds There are a number of restrictions, then do it on the hands can fearlessly almost everyone. But a few years later introduced the fat can disappear, and have to repeat the procedure again.

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