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April 8th, 2010

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 Spa treatments
 Spa treatments - are any procedures that are available in a specific spa, and they can be very different. One of the most popular spa treatments is a massage (then perhaps a huge number of types of massage - from anti-cellulite massage to Thai and stones). In addition, many spa offering a variety of facials and body treatments, manicures and pedicures, and so on. The following describes some of the popular spa treatments.


Swedish massage

Those who have not often been a client a massage therapist, it is best to start with a Swedish massage. This is one of the most popular spa treatments worldwide. Swedish massage relaxes the nervous system, improves blood and lymph circulation and helps cleanse the body Cleansing the body - comprehensive restoration  Cleansing the body - comprehensive restoration
   of toxins.


Doubles massage

This massage for two, not two therapists for one person. It's simple: two masseur doing massage for two people in one room. The procedure is especially popular among couples who do not want to leave, even for 30-60 minutes, during which time passes massage. In addition, such procedures are very closer. However, this massage does not have to wear a romantic tone. You can go for a massage with someone from friends or parents, or, for example, to work with a partner - perhaps it was there, in a relaxed atmosphere, you will be able to find a solution to the problems that are still not resolved.


Prenatal massage

Some spa treatments, including prenatal massage helps alleviate the discomfort associated with pregnancy. The atmosphere of the spa helps reduce stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 Which is often accompanied by pregnancy.

Prenatal massage eases back pain, improves sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   and mood; moreover, it can reduce the risk of complications during and after delivery.


Oxygen masks

Oxygen masks effectively fight visible signs of aging associated with the violation of the delivery of oxygen from subcutaneous capillaries in the superficial layers of the skin. During the procedure directly fall into the epidermis of the molecule with a high concentration of oxygen. After oxygen masks skin becomes smoother, looks youthful and radiant. Such masks perfectly clean pores and lightens hyper-pigmentation of the skin area.

After one oxygen mask effect lasts for about two days. To achieve a more stable result, experts recommend a six treatments for six weeks, and then oxygen masks do once a month.


Mud baths

Mud baths are also popular spa treatments. Today, they can be taken not only in certain parts of the planet (for example, the Dead Sea), and various spa centers located away from sources of healing mud. Mud baths nourish, cleanse and rejuvenate the skin and help fight certain diseases, such as arthritis.



Initially wraps used for weight loss in certain parts of the body, but now they have become popular spa treatments that are perfectly rejuvenate and nourish the skin. Typically used for wrapping algae, clay, lotions, oils, or creams. The mask of a substance applied to the body, then the body is wrapped in foil and covered with thermal blanket. Duration of treatment - 20 minutes to 1 5 hours, depending on the composition of the mask and the wishes of the client.

Wraps provide not only a cosmetic effect. They contribute to the detoxification of the body, stimulating metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 . Wraps with algae or lotions to moisturize the skin well.

The procedures for correction - how effective are they?

June 6, 2013

 procedures for correction
 Diet & Fitness - probably the best way to lose weight and lead the body in order for the beach season, but now to achieve these goals, there are other procedures for the correction. Non-invasive procedure in which fat is dissolved, and the skin becomes more elastic, look quite attractive compared to both the grueling diets and workouts, and with liposuction, which requires a long and sometimes painful recovery. Some of these treatments, such as mesotherapy include injections of various chemicals that dissolve fat, others suggest effects on the skin and fatty tissue radiofrequency radiation and ultrasound.


Magic Wands - only in fairy tales

In today's world of youth - it is almost synonymous with beauty and success, people are willing to pay big money for it to adjust its shape and rejuvenate the skin, and between a service provider there is fierce competition. As a result, advertising is becoming more and more promising - so much so that it is surprising, why in the world there are still rich people who suffer from excess weight and look more than 25 years.

The fact that so far no one has managed to create a wand of a wave which a body would become slim and fit. Today there are very powerful tools for achieving these goals, but one tool is not enough - not less important, in whose hands he would. If you are using one of those procedures and correction Correction figures: options to fight obesity  Correction figures: options to fight obesity
   I managed to get both really great and unsatisfactory results.

Particularly controversial procedure is mesotherapy, which recently advertised very active. Obviously, it works very well for some professionals, but do not know what drugs they use and what skills have - on this subject there is no qualitative research.

The problem is that today many people do mezoterapiju assistants, and they are used for a variety of drugs - with different results. Patients for whom the procedure is successful, usually continue to live peacefully next, enjoying their new, "correct" body. It is much more common to hear about those who mesotherapy cause complications, such as skin discoloration and infection. The doctor to whom patients treated with such complications, of course, do not recommend you to mesotherapy.

Currently, a committee to study the advantages and disadvantages of mesotherapy, but it is unclear when they will get a more or less certain results. Now it is clear only that the information about this procedure is extremely heterogeneous and contradictory. Not even general advice about what it is you want to use drugs for injection, where and in what quantity they enter. Obviously, mesotherapy is not a magic bullet for correction; but who she really is very helpful, it should still be treated with caution.


Melt the fat

Experts on the correction more optimistic speak of technology Liposoniks (LipoSonix), by means of which in the test managed to reduce the waist by 7 cm. This technology uses high-frequency sound waves, which penetrate about 2, 5 cm below the skin, and cleave fat cloth. It began testing in 2007, during the study, which involved both experimental animals - pigs, and 33 people.

Studies have shown that ultrasound does not cause burns or severe skin irritation, and effectively reduces the volume of fat without causing serious complications. Some experts suggest that in the near future Liposoniks procedure can replace liposuction. It has obvious advantages - the procedure is non-invasive, virtually painless, it does not require anesthesia or a long recovery period. For its implementation are used only local anesthetic. However, doctors warn against excessive optimism. You should not rely on the fact that ultrasound can help to create the body of a top model in a few hours. It's one thing - just reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat, and quite another - harmonically correct shape. It takes time.

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