Bikini Hair Removal: surface against the deep

August 30, 2011

 Bikini Hair Removal
 Hair removal in the bikini area today holds the vast majority of women. They do it in many different ways, from the razor to remove wax sverhboleznennogo. Hair removal in the bikini area is traditionally divided into superficial and deep epilation.


What is superficial and deep hair removal in the bikini area

Surface hair removal in the bikini area hair removal is considered, which captures only the area beyond the Modern Open leotard. This hair removal done in beauty salons and at home, many women.

But deep epilation Hair removal: perfect skin without hair  Hair removal: perfect skin without hair
   with complete removal of hair from intimate places (pubis, labia majora) are solved yet do not all women. Firstly, it is painful, since in most cases Policy Pay using wax, and secondly, is somewhat unusual. Deep hair removal is called X-bikini.


How can we carry out hair removal in the bikini area

It is best to start with a consultation dermatologist-cosmetologist, better yet, if it is still trihologa profession (doctor of hair diseases). It triholog be able to give the necessary advice, what kind of hair removal suit a particular woman. He does this on the basis of a thorough examination of the woman, assess color, thickness and stiffness of the hair and detect all contraindications to the procedure of hair removal.

For hair removal bikini area can be used laser hair removal, electrolysis, photoepilation, bioepilyatsiyu. In some cases, appointed by the combined methods of hair removal such as bioepilyatsii with enzyme epilation or laser hair removal and electrolysis Electrolysis: a proven method of hair removal  Electrolysis: a proven method of hair removal


Bioepilation bikini

Bioepilation - a hair removal using wax or fitosmoly, the latter is less painful than hot wax. This method is more related to methods of depilation Waxing: the easy way to beauty  Waxing: the easy way to beauty
 Because the hair is removed superficially. However, its application at regular damage hair follicles still occurs over time and can be achieved less hair growth. If this method is carried out on their own, it is very painful, but many women find that the effect of such hair removal the most amazing skin is like silk. An example can be bioepilyatsii Brazilian waxing, which is in great demand among the women, in spite of their pain.

Hair before the procedure you need to shave for three days, their length should not be more than two to three millimeters. Before the procedure inside the woman usually takes a shower and then lies in a special chair, a piece of gum stuck on her small patch of skin, and then tear off along with the hair. This procedure must be repeated several times until all the hair cleansed from the surface. Soreness of procedure depends on the skill of an expert who conducts it. But many women find it very painful. After the procedure applied to the skin gel or cream, warning skin irritation and inhibits the growth of hair.


Enzymatic hair removal bikini

In order to make the procedure less traumatic bioepilyatsii, the combined hair removal is performed using a first enzyme, and then bioepilyatsii. Enzyme epilation - is to use to remove hair plant enzymes (enzymes, such as trypsin and chymotrypsin) similar human enzymes that help digest in the digestive tract of the protein.

These enzymes are applied to the skin, a special superimposed termobandazh top, and this is carried out heating the area of ​​skin. The heat activated enzymes disclosed mouth channels connecting hair bulb with the skin surface and penetrate the free enzymes. Inside the bulb enzymes break down the protein from which the hair is built, after which it will no longer grow. When the session ends, the reason regular bioepilyatsiya. But as the roots of the hair weakened the influence of enzymes, the procedure is almost painless. After the procedure is applied to the skin as a gel or cream, warning skin irritation and inhibits the growth of hair.


Other types of hair removal bikini

Bikini laser hair removal can be carried out, it is also in this zone is painful enough, but there is the prospect that after a few sessions, the number of hairs is significantly reduced.

The same can be said about hair removal. The procedure itself is not painful, but it may appear after the swelling and redness that intimate area can cause the most discomfort.

Electrolysis is not very desirable because that can produce complications such as infection joining in the form of small pustules. The bikini area is dangerous because the infection may move to the genitals.

But in principle depilating Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?  Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?
   in the bikini area can approach any of these methods, especially if the specialist who conducts it, well it holds.

Galina Romanenko

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Hair removal Foot: Beautiful female legs

October 7, 2011

 hair removal legs
 Removal of hair on the legs - it's probably the most demanded procedure of hair removal. Someone spends at home hair removal waxing or shaving, and someone goes to a beauty salon. The latter, of course, is preferable, because today there are ways of hair removal, which allow time to remove them permanently.

 Hair removal Foot: Beautiful female legs

Features of growth of hair is not the skin of the feet

The hair on the skin of the legs thinner than, for example, under the arms, or intimal area and much less dense. For example, if the average underarm area located about three hundred - four follicles per square centimeter, the area of ​​the skin of the feet less than sixty. Of all the bulbs in the growth stage of the hair are about twenty percent, and after any hair removal can affect the hair follicle only in the period of hair growth. Therefore, the course of procedures of epilation leg skin can be tightened.

For hair removal Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?  Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?
   on the skin of the legs used electrolysis Electrolysis: a proven method of hair removal  Electrolysis: a proven method of hair removal
 , Laser hair removal Hair removal: perfect skin without hair  Hair removal: perfect skin without hair
 , Photoepilation, the combination of enzyme and bioepilyatsii.

 Hair removal Foot: Beautiful female legs

Electrolysis Foot

This is quite an effective way of getting rid of the hair any color and hardness, but today it is considered obsolete, as it differs tenderness, quite a lot of complications and time-consuming. The method consists in the fact that for the destruction of the hair follicle needle - electrode to be inserted directly into the bulb. And when you consider that on one square centimeter of skin is about sixty feet bulbs, the process becomes very problematic - not everyone will sustain it. During one session, you can treat only a small area of ​​the skin, and then, after some time, most hair sprout again.

The length of the hair before the procedure should not be less than five millimeters. Immediately before the application anesthesia procedure is performed using a special cream or aerosol. Processing shin takes about four hours, just for a course is required to ten sessions at intervals of one - half months. Usually after each session, the amount of hair is reduced to a quarter or a third.

After electrolysis can be complications in the form of pustules on the skin and small scars or scars.

 Hair removal Foot: Beautiful female legs

Laser hair removal legs

Laser hair removal - is the effect on the hair follicles with a laser beam, which destroys it. Conductor laser energy is a pigment melanin contained in the hair and the skin. Therefore, laser hair removal is not carried out in the light or gray hair (melanin in the hair there, which is why the light is not carried out inside the bulb). Do not held this kind of hair removal and dark skin - when there is a lot of melanin, the burn.

In other cases, laser hair removal is effective enough and not too painful. You should not just wait for a miracle from it: a certain percentage of the hair grows after each procedure. But with time on their feet, you can achieve a good result. In the course of treatment requires four - five procedures. If necessary, the procedure is repeated at least germination of hair. After the procedure a few days is advisable to avoid sunlight thermal procedures.

 Hair removal Foot: Beautiful female legs

Laser hair removal legs

Laser hair removal - it is also the impact of light - pulsed light high power. Wherein the light guide is not only the pigment melanin, and hemoglobin, which is part of the blood. Under the influence of heat the small blood vessels that nourish the bulb, sealed, and the bulb without the power dies.

Photoepilation can be carried out on his feet for any hair color, it will be effective. This procedure is contraindicated swarthy and sunburned people as melanin skin will attract the rays and can cause burns. The result is visible at once: the effect of growing slowly. Permanently remove hair on the legs with the help of this technique is not easy, they are almost all the time will grow, but at a much smaller number of more subtle and inconspicuous.

Just as after the laser hair removal, hair removal after a few days should be wary of the sun and do not take heat water treatments (sauna bath). Some time after the procedure may remain on the skin redness and swelling, but they pass quickly.

 Hair removal Foot: Beautiful female legs

Enzymatic hair removal legs

This type of hair removal is ideal for feet. But enzymatic hair removal is rarely used alone, often in combination with wax bioepilyatsiey Bioepilation waxing when the hair extra  Bioepilation waxing when the hair extra

When the enzyme depilation skin first coated with a special gel, which contains plant enzymes (enzymes), similar to human enzymes digesting protein (trypsin and chymotrypsin). To enhance the effect produced as heat. After the procedure, damaged hair can be easily removed with the help of wax or fitosmoly.

This is probably the most viable option for hair removal legs. In order to permanently get rid of the hair take up to seven - eight procedures.

 Hair removal Foot: Beautiful female legs

Ultrasonic hair removal legs

Ultrasonic hair removal is also done not alone, and in combination with bioepilyatsiey. But in this case removed first hair wax, and then the skin is made ultrasonication, which slows down the growth of already damaged hair. But ultrasound can damage surrounding cells and tissues.

Epilation feet can lead in any accessible way, almost every one of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Galina Romanenko

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