Endermologie - Apparatus massage against cellulite and obesity

July 5, 2009

  • Endermologie - Apparatus massage against cellulite and obesity
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   Endermologie - a non-invasive procedure for the treatment of cellulite and contour correction of face and body. Originally designed for the recovery of injured muscles, today Endermologie is used as a high-tech method of stimulation of the skin to eliminate cellulite.

Endormologichesky Lipomassage performed using special apparatus, which affects the deeper layers of connective tissue that are not available in traditional massage. Before the procedure the patient wear a special suit made of thin flexible material, thus avoiding unnecessary exposures and improves endermology. The session lasts about 35 minutes, during which the specialist affects different areas affected by cellulite. At the beginning of the course requires two sessions per week, with time, their frequency reduced to one session per week. Full course endermology may include 20-30 sessions (number of sessions depends on the degree of cellulite and arable areas). Feels like Endermologie massage, the patient feels comfortable and can relax completely, although the impact on the area expressed stale cellulite possible mild discomfort.

Studies have shown that Endermologie stimulates the metabolic activity and the processes of lipolysis in the tissues, which explains the significant reduction in the volume of the body. Changes occur in the tissues at the level of cellular metabolism, so the result of the course of treatment is maintained for a long time. In addition to eliminating cellulite, the benefits of endermology also include the reduction of tissue edema, destruction and removal of fat cells, detoxification and stimulation of collagen synthesis.

 Endermologie - Apparatus massage against cellulite and obesity

Procedure endermology

The effect of individual treatment, varies from patient to patient and will depend on such factors as the patient's age and lifestyle.

Application of the device for LPG endermology company provides a unique mechanical lipomassage with the additional effect lifting and stimulation of connective tissue beneath the skin's surface provides the following advantages:

  • movement of interstitial fluid: endermological massage stimulates the movement of interstitial fluid that helps to eliminate edema Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause  Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause
   tissue and eventually destroy fat.
  • reduction of scar tissue: during the procedure is the destruction of scar tissue, which like the trap contains liquid, forming a "fat pockets" - areas of localization of cellulite.
  • improving microcirculation: procedure promotes the exchange of liquids in the capillary network, which helps to improve the outflow of the fluid into the vascular and lymphatic system and as a consequence, increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and their detoxification.
  • stimulation of fibroblasts Fibroblasts: the mystery of the connective tissue  Fibroblasts: the mystery of the connective tissue
 : Fibroblasts - these are the basic "building materials" of connective tissue, which leads to the stimulation of collagen and elastin, necessary to reduce the signs of aging.
  • Lipolysis: removing fatty acids from the fat cells in the bloodstream for metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things

 Endermologie - Apparatus massage against cellulite and obesity

Results endermology

The average required six to eight treatments before results are noticeable endermology. Just as we do not notice the loss of one to two kilograms, it is difficult to notice the first improvement after endermological lipomassage. But as the number of sessions of changes for the better will become apparent.

To support the results endermology like any other procedure of aesthetic correction Correction figures: options to fight obesity  Correction figures: options to fight obesity
 Recommended diet and increase your intake of water to help eliminate toxins from the body, and do fitness. In particular, since the effect of stimulation of the lymphatic system is maintained for 3 hours after the treatment, and the effect of stimulation of the blood flow - 6 hours after the procedure, it is recommended to dedicate exercise at least twenty minutes to remove fat and excrete the toxins released during the procedure.

The effect of the rate endermology persists for many months, but the recommended monthly support sessions to maintain the high level of metabolic processes.

ELOS-rejuvenation - the right to the skin

November 11th, 2010

 IPL rejuvenation
 Elos rejuvenation - is the first and only anti-aging technology, which combines bipolar radiofrequency radiation and optical energy. Today Elos is considered one of the most effective and safe anti-aging treatments. This technology is used for wrinkles, lightening age spots, stimulate the metabolism and regeneration of skin cells. In addition, Elos rejuvenation improves the complexion, stimulates collagen synthesis, making the skin more elastic - its effect is comparable with the effect of a face-lift. Elos rejuvenation also helps to get rid of spider veins Spider veins - a sign of several diseases  Spider veins - a sign of several diseases
   and signs of rosacea. This technology is used to rejuvenate the face, neck, chest and hands.

The principal differences from the Elos rejuvenation, anti-aging treatments with laser and radio frequency radiation are as follows:

  • Radio frequency energy, well-controlled heat source is used in conjunction with optical energy that allows the use of light energy at a level that is safe for all skin types;
  • Practically there is no risk to the epidermis;
  • It allows you to more precisely target specific areas of the skin;
  • It permits penetration of the tissue and, consequently, better results.

 ELOS-rejuvenation - the right to the skin

Expected results

The result of each procedure Elos rejuvenation is a visible improvement in skin condition. Changes in skin texture occur only after a few sessions. Some of the expected results Elos rejuvenation:

  • After five treatments in people with the reddening of the skin (eg, rosacea) marked decrease redness by 60-70%;
  • Spider veins are reduced by 75%;
  • Areas hyperpigmentation including freckles are reduced by 80-90%;
  • Shallow wrinkles around the eyes and in the mouth becomes 40-60% less visible;
  • Deep wrinkles are reduced by 20-40%.

Course rejuvenation Elos technology typically consists of five steps. Client passes one procedure every two to four weeks.

 ELOS-rejuvenation - the right to the skin

Do I need training?

The client is not required in any way to prepare for the procedure Elos rejuvenation. During the procedure may feel a little uncomfortable and short. Most people tolerate the procedure without any local anesthetic, but particularly sensitive anesthesia may be recommended.

Within a very short time after the treatment, the skin looks unusual pink. Brown spots on the skin sometimes noticeably darken before becoming lighter. The client can almost immediately after the procedure to return to their daily activities.

 ELOS-rejuvenation - the right to the skin

Carrying out the procedure

To carry out IPL rejuvenation developed a special apparatus. During the session, the nozzle apparatus is installed perpendicular to the blood flow. This allows the flow of RF energy affects the upper layers of the skin and the laser penetrates deeper.

The equipment allows you to select and control the main parameters of the skin. The technology ELOS-rejuvenation helps protect the deeper tissues from the effects that prevents the occurrence of side effects. The phone also has a system of cooling of the surface layer of the skin - protection against possible burns. During the procedure, IPL rejuvenation patient feels warm and a slight tingle on the skin.

After the procedure, IPL-rejuvenation of the skin surface is a little red, which gradually disappear within hours, after which the facial skin becomes fresh, supple and taut. For two or three weeks before the procedure and after the conference for two weeks need to use sunscreen Sunscreen is not just for the beach  Sunscreen is not just for the beach
 To avoid any thermal treatments and skin irritations.

A few days after the procedure, there are pockets of increased pigmentation, skin with rosacea also darken, sometimes they formed a crust, as the impact in these areas is most intense. Three days later, the facial skin becomes lighter, improving its appearance, the swelling disappears. Brown spots and vascular defects are still visible, they begin to lighten a few weeks after the procedure.

Course Elos rejuvenation is not more than four treatments, which are conducted at intervals of one month. However, beneficial effects may be of a single procedure. After a course of treatment to maintain normal skin condition can be periodically single procedure ELOS-rejuvenation.

 ELOS-rejuvenation - the right to the skin

Indications and contraindications

Carrying ELOS-rejuvenation shown:

  • when dry, has lost elasticity of the skin with first wrinkles;
  • If "floated" oval face;
  • If sallow complexion;
  • for skin rejuvenation of hands, décolleté, abdomen and buttocks;
  • the presence on aging skin pigment spots and rosacea phenomena (surface capillaries);
  • in the presence of scars on the skin from a variety of injuries, illnesses and operations;
  • for the prevention of skin aging Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions  Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions
   after 30 years.

Contraindications for the procedure ELOS-rejuvenation:

  • taking medications that increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun (eg, some types of antibiotics);
  • receiving in the next six months, retinol (vitamin A);
  • allergic reactions to sunlight;
  • deep tan on the skin (possible burns);
  • severe diabetes Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease
  • pregnancy;
  • any acute illness, including infectious;
  • acute skin diseases and aggravation of chronic diseases of the skin;
  • any tumors;
  • the presence of a pacemaker.

ELOS-rejuvenation - is one of today's fairly effective methods of hardware cosmetology. But it should be applied only to a medical professional who have the necessary training in a specialized clinic.

Galina Romanenko

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