Non-surgical liposuction - painless fat removal

August 25, 2011

 Non-invasive liposuction
 Today the excess fat accumulated in any particular place, you can remove, without resorting to surgery, ie without incisions in the skin. This manipulation allows modern equipment, which has appeared in recent years. Manipulations are carried out safely and do not require anesthesia.


What is a non-invasive liposuction

Liposuction - is pumping oil. Typically, liposuction is operational, during which the fat is pumped in different ways through small incisions in the skin. Non-surgical liposuction involves the destruction of adipose tissue, with subsequent removal of the natural ways. The bulk of adipose tissue destruction (emulsion) is delivered to the liver with the blood and lymph vessels, and after expansion in the liver to metabolites individual (metabolic products) excreted in the bile from the gastrointestinal tract. Some metabolites eliminated via the kidneys.

The basis is non-surgical liposuction cavitation effect - the formation of gas bubbles in a liquid in which the adipose tissue is destroyed. With cavitation fat tissue is loosened, it becomes less dense, and the fat cells are broken down and then eliminated from the body naturally.

The effect of the cavitation generated by special ultrasound equipment. When this effect occurs at the skin surface, avoiding exposure to ultrasonic waves is a bone and cartilage. The ultrasound into the tissue to a depth of 10 cm, thus destroying about 10 cubic centimeters of fat.

Of course, immediately remove as much fat as possible to remove while operating liposuction, does not, therefore, non-surgical liposuction is performed as a course of treatment.


Equipment for non-surgical liposuction

For non-surgical liposuction issued special equipment. Examples of such devices may be device RAH-MediCell (AWB Italy) and the domestic unit Circuit-1 (NGOs "Energy").

This equipment uses modern digital technology, which makes it possible to carry out non-surgical liposuction sessions in the pre-chosen physician automatic mode. The optimum frequency of the ultrasonic waves in most devices is also set automatically. This instrument allows to dose the power and the resonant frequency of the magnetic amplifier, which helps to achieve optimal results.

Many devices of this type are available in two forms - a portable (it can be moved from place to place) and floor (for permanent use at a single location).


Indications and contraindications for the procedure

Indications for the conduct of non-surgical liposuction are small accumulations of fat that can not be removed by means of physical exercises. Too much body fat is best removed with liposuction operating.

Non-surgical liposuction is contraindicated in hepatic dysfunction (fat emulsion is decomposed in the liver, which creates an increased workload for this body) and kidneys (part metabolites eliminated via the kidneys). It is impossible to do it in the abdominal hernia and rectus abdominis divergence, skin lesions and skin diseases Skin diseases - what to do when violated the basic functions of the skin  Skin diseases - what to do when violated the basic functions of the skin
   in the affected area, scarring from previous surgery or trauma at the site of exposure.

Contraindicated for non-invasive liposuction with the increased fragility of blood vessels and a tendency to bleeding, a variety of blood diseases Diseases of the blood - always seriously  Diseases of the blood - always seriously
 As well as the presence in the body of metal structures, such as pacemaker (ultrasonic waves can disrupt its operation), prosthetic joints. Of course, such a procedure can not be done and during pregnancy.


How is non-invasive liposuction

Non-surgical liposuction procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, without anesthesia (it is painless, the patient feels only a slight warmth in the affected area) and lasts from half an hour to one and a half hours, depending on the size of the problem area. Damaging only the adipose tissue, the remaining tissue (blood vessels, blood, lymph, skin and nerve cells) remain intact.

The number of procedures is prescribed individually, for example, to remove most of the fat fold in the abdomen, it takes about seven sessions (two per week). That is all the treatment will take about a month.


After non-surgical liposuction

After the non-surgical liposuction effect is visible after the first procedure, and remains for life. This means that even if a person put on weight, fat will be deposited in any other places, but not in the place where the liposuction was performed. It threatens to distort contours of the figures, so after liposuction is recommended to abide by the rules of a balanced diet, maintain a mobile lifestyle and not gain weight.

Non-surgical liposuction - it is certainly a new word in cosmetology.

Galina Romanenko

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Acupuncture facelift - how painful this procedure?

July 8, 2007

 acupuncture facelift
 Acupuncture or acupuncture - a separate area of ​​alternative medicine, the history of which goes back to ancient Chinese medicine. In ancient China, with the help of acupuncture, or acupuncture treat a variety of diseases. Today it is known that acupuncture may be applied not only to relieve pain or relieve symptoms of diseases, but also for cosmetic purposes - in particular, for the removal or compensation of certain age-related skin changes. A separate "branch" in cosmetic acupuncture called the acupuncture facelift.

 Acupuncture facelift - how painful this procedure?

What is acupuncture facelift

Acupuncture facelift - a procedure in which basis are still a key principles of acupuncture Acupuncture - the ancient traditions in the service of modern science  Acupuncture - the ancient traditions in the service of modern science
   in general, but aimed at the correction of age-related skin changes. The first acupuncture facelift for facial rejuvenation: fine needles, the main instrument of acupuncture, are located in areas of vascular lymphatic accumulations under the skin and have a comprehensive anti-aging effect on the skin. Perhaps the greatest anti-aging effect of acupuncture facelift - a stimulation of the natural process of the formation of collagen, the fibers of which form a natural elastic "skeleton", responsible for elasticity, firmness and, ultimately, youthful skin. In addition, the technique of acupuncture facelift can speed up the exchange of body fluids - like blood circulation and outflow of excess liquid with decay products from the body. Finally, the specific effect of thin needles stimulates the activity of facial muscles.

Methods of acupuncture facelift involve a complex effect on the skin and, as a result, the composite result: by this procedure can be made less visible, smooth fine facial lines and wrinkles, eliminate fine "mesh" of the blood vessels on the face, make the contour of the face, "deliquescent" over time, more precise, and the skin - more elastic. Finally, due to the normalization of blood and lymph circulation and elimination of fluid retention and toxins can improve the color of the skin, get rid of the constant swelling of the eyelids and dark bags under the eyes.

 Acupuncture facelift - how painful this procedure?

How do I

At first glance, the acupuncture facelift procedure itself seems very simple and does not differ from other procedures, acupuncture - except, of course, the location of the needle .  However, to perform acupuncture facelift can only pro: For this procedure, specific knowledge of anatomy and reflexology .  The slightest inaccuracy in the placement of needles can lead to very unpleasant side effects, since a facial focused a lot of nerves and small blood vessels .  Finer needles are inserted under the skin at different depths and in different areas for some time .  In general, the duration of one session of acupuncture facelift is about half an hour .  And for best results - as is the case with many other beauty treatments - take a few sessions of acupuncture facelift .  The required number of treatments depends on many factors - it is a skin condition and age of the person and the objectives pursued .  The number of sessions of acupuncture facelift, you need to complete the correction of age changes of skin can vary from five to ten and more .

One of the major advantages of acupuncture facelift is a procedure that is not accompanied by any painful or unpleasant sensations: in fact, only a few seconds of discomfort experienced by the patient, refer to the beginning of the procedure - that is to direct the process of inserting needles into the skin. In the future, there is only a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

 Acupuncture facelift - how painful this procedure?

The effectiveness of the procedure

Acupuncture facelift is not a panacea, a complete "cure for old age": it is a very soft, gentle in terms of the effects on the skin procedure, which is rather slow the natural aging process of the skin Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions  Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions
 Instead radically eliminates the effects of such a process. Therefore, the duration depends on the results of the acupuncture facelift, first of all, only on the usefulness of skin care after completion of procedures.

Tatiana Smirnova

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