Electrolysis bikini: beauty delicate places - Tips

January 15, 2013

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 electrolysis bikini tips

Tips for the electrolysis bikini

Electrolysis bikini allows for a long time to get rid of unwanted hair and make skin smooth and silky. However, the disadvantage of this procedure is that it can be quite painful, especially in the first few times or if you are trying to do hair removal at home and still not get the hand.

To reduce the pain, make sure that the hair had grown enough, or strongly pull the skin during epilation.

You can also use ice cubes, or the appliance with a cooling nozzle, or to do epilation Hair removal: perfect skin without hair  Hair removal: perfect skin without hair
   after a hot bath or shower (when the hair is softer and the hair follicles are more "open"). After the first hair removal sessions can speak a few drops of blood, if the bleeding increases and the pain becomes more tangible, epilation better stop. Already after the first hair removal hair will become softer, will grow more slowly and more easily removed. Please note that different nozzle can simultaneously remove different amounts of hair. Experimenting with attachments, you can significantly reduce the pain and find the optimal speed hair removal.

Do not forget to pull the skin a little bit of epilation. If the skin is not tight enough, it may not only complicate the process of epilation, but also lead to injuries of the skin, as it will fall between the discs. The tension of the skin and make the hair removal process is faster - the appliance is more efficient to capture hair and hair removal time will be reduced.

Some recommend before the first hair removal in the bikini area to remove a day or two hairs in this area with the help of electric shavers, as too long hair can not retire completely, and make the process more painful hair removal. To achieve maximum effect and reduce pain, make sure that the hair is not too long and not too short (otherwise the appliance does not capture all the hairs, and a few days later you will need one more hair removal).

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Solarium for face - home year-round sunshine - Procedure

December 29th, 2012

  • Solarium for face - home year-round sunshine
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 solarium facial treatment

The procedure

Every year millions of people flock to the beach to find the coveted golden tan. Tanned skin for several years, is the current trend, and not by accident - because it makes us beautiful, gives a healthy and vigorous appearance. For those of us who do not have time to sunbathe in the open air, there is a solarium Solarium: harm or benefit?  Solarium: harm or benefit?
 . Today, they are almost everywhere, are inexpensive and take up quite a bit of time. But in some cases it is difficult to find even for a half-hour hike in the solarium - and then you can come to the aid of a solarium for the face.


The fashion for a tan

Many people know that in the old days, tanned skin showed that its owners or were roguish lifestyle or frequent and long working outdoors. In any case, tanned people in those years clearly belonged to a lower social class, while the pale skin was a sign of aristocratic man. No wonder the great ladies of the nineteenth century, during the hot summer days never go outside without an umbrella, carefully protecting their skin from the sun's radiation. Since then much has changed, including the social attitude towards tanned people.

Today, pale skin is more frequently associated with human morbidity than with its "elite" origin. In addition, in contrast to the nineteenth century, that pale skin has become one of the criteria that are indirectly talking about human failure relax at the seaside. But the beautiful and even tan admire the views of others in the summer and is a certain envy of winter as brown skin in "inappropriate" for this autumn-winter season clearly demonstrates a person who has sufficient funds to afford to luxuriate in the cold for compatriots during the year on the beaches some foreign resort.

However, in recent years, "winter" tan became available not only wealthy people, but categories of people with average incomes. It was really like as a result of improved economic opportunities of our compatriots, and due to the emergence of a new medical-cosmetic equipment. One of them is the facial tanner.


The essence of the procedure

Facial tanner is smaller emitters, consisting of neon tubes that can easily be installed on a table .  These small devices emit radiation, which by its range of near ultraviolet .  Of course, everyone has heard about the dangers of ultraviolet radiation to the human body .  So why expose yourself to radiation by these deadly rays? The fact that not all the ultraviolet rays so dangerous .  All UV-spectrum (UV range), depending on the wavelength is conventionally divided into A-, B- and C-rays .  Tanning Face emit only the A- and B-radiation, which have erythematous ("zagarnym") and antiseptic (antimicrobial) actions .  With regard to the C-radiation, which is characteristic for the shortest of all ultraviolet light wavelength, the solarium face it does not generate .  In this respect, much more dangerous than our natural light - the sun, which would long ago have ruined their UV-C-radiation of all living things on Earth, if not for the ozone layer, a thin cloth "opelenavshy" the entire planet .



After learning about the basic biological actions solarium face radiation, it can be concluded that it is effective not only to maintain Sun autumn and even winter, but also to deal with some dermatological problems. The way it is. Solarium for a person for therapeutic purposes is used for removing acne, psoriasis Psoriasis - immune system alarm  Psoriasis - immune system alarm
 Eczema Eczema - is difficult to treat  Eczema - is difficult to treat
   and other skin problems of infectious and inflammatory disorders. Thus, intense blue light reduces the number of spots on the skin of half or even more. However, exposure for therapeutic purposes is recommended twice a week, in a specialized center, under the supervision of qualified professionals. Before the procedure, you must be sure to rinse off the face of the whole makeup, otherwise excluded photosensitizing reactions (such as allergies).

Modern industry offers a solarium and home. In the appeal they are comfortable and very simple. However, you should always remember that the exposure of the skin is not such a safe procedure, provided for in spite of the tanning timers and other precautions. So before you buy an expensive device, you should take a few sessions of phototherapy Phototherapy - restores vitality  Phototherapy - restores vitality
   in a cosmetic center. Only upon receipt of explicit positive results could be included in the means of their individual treatment program.

Zhiguli Andrew

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