Waxing intimate areas: the naked truth

July 20, 2011

 depilation intimate places
 Waxing intimate areas is relatively new, for a little more than twenty years. This is due to the fact that in vogue open swimwear that can not hide the vegetation in this area. Over time, the women are accustomed to this procedure, and executes it, typically regularly.


The methods of depilation, used for intimate places

Removal of hair anywhere on the body - rather troublesome task, and the removal of hair in intimate places - work doubly troublesome. Most women do this procedure at home, using for this purpose the razor, but every growing number of those who prefer to remove hair in intimate places in the beauty salon. But all these methods have a right to exist - each woman chooses that it is more suitable.

Of course, the absence of hair in the intimate zone facilitates great care of it. Many women like this procedure so that they are prepared to tolerate any sort of pain, if only to experience the extraordinary feeling of lightness and purity, which appears after depilation.

Today, women have a choice to make depilation (hair removal surface without affecting the roots) at home or in the cabin and in what way: by means of shaving, chemicals, wax or specially prepared sugar solutions.


How to make depilation intimate places in the home

The most affordable way to hair removal Hair removal: perfect skin without hair  Hair removal: perfect skin without hair
   intimate places in the home - a shave. But this simple method has a number of disadvantages about which we should not forget. First of all, it is a danger to place aftershave infection in minor injuries to the skin, resulting in small pustules appear. From these pustules, at first, not so easy to get rid of, and secondly, they can become the focus of infection, which can spread to the vulva. After shaving often occurs irritation and itching of the skin, which can also deliver many unpleasant minutes. Finally, after, as the hair will grow slightly, they often grow properly and grow the skin, causing a not very pleasant sensation.

But if you remember all these "pitfalls" of shaving, it is possible to avoid them. In order not to introduce an infection into the skin, should be thoroughly washed and disinfected and the skin before shaving.

In order not to irritate the skin should use special creams for shaving and aftershave, quality razors and shave only in the course of their growth.

And in order to hair after shaving does not grow into the skin, it is necessary to make them thinner and softer - this is achieved by means of special funds intended to be used after depilation, to such means include, for example, gel Folisan.

Another means of home hair removal intimate places are various chemicals - their popularity is gradually growing. Such tools are simply applied to the skin in accordance with the instructions (instructions in the store to be requested must!), And then appended to the facility spatula clean hair. It is very convenient, even tools available that can be used in the shower. Creams and gels for intimate places depilation release many cosmetic companies. But be careful not allergies, so before application to the skin for the first time an unknown means first make a probe or as described in the instructions, or simply put a tool in a small area of ​​skin on the inner surface of the forearm. If a severe swelling and redness, then it means it is better not to use.

You can also use a special wax or sugar-based, but do it at home is much more difficult, but rather a means to beauty salons.


How do depilation intimate places in beauty salons

Depilation bikini wax (waxing) or sugar (shugaring) recently often called bioepilyatsiey Bioepilation time tested  Bioepilation time tested
 Since during this process the hair roots are destroyed immediately, but gradually, after a few treatments. In order to obtain the effect of epilation (removal of hair root) need to do a lot of procedures for several years.

In the beauty salon can offer two options bioepilyatsii - only bikini (in this case, you can be free to wear any swimsuit), this procedure is brief and not very painful and Brazilian bioepilyatsiyu - waxing of hair in intimate places (in the pubic area, labia and inner thighs). This procedure is very long and that would say there is not advertising, it is very painful. However, it is gaining more fans, as the systematic thorough hair removal can be very suspend their growth after a few treatments. The skin in the intimate area after Brazilian bioepilyatsii becomes smooth and tender.

It is popular and shugaring - hair removal Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?  Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?
   using sugar. In beauty salons for hair removal sugar used special cosmetics developed on its basis. Some women prefer to spend depilation Waxing: the easy way to beauty  Waxing: the easy way to beauty
   intimate places, with the help of sugar, as it is more environmentally friendly and does not cause allergies.

Waxing intimate areas - a mandatory procedure for the modern woman.

Galina Romanenko

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Gold piercing for stomach - stomach decoration

August 31, 2013

 Gold piercing for stomach
 Gold is many thousands of years ago, it won the status of the main precious metal. At various times it was the personification of luxury, wealth, power, and then became the subject of a particularly hot lust. But times have changed, now buy gold jewelry is easy, although gold is still not lost its title of the noble metal. A variety of types and combinations of features makes it the most popular metal for accessories that adorn the body. For example, Gold piercing for stomach - it's simple, beautiful and affordable.


Piercing navel gold

Pierce different parts of the body men began centuries ago, and the gold was the metal that has been used as a status, but not the only possible one. Over the centuries piercing significantly altered traits and found not only the banal massive "embellishment", characteristic of primitive cultures, or the sign of the power of community leaders. In today's world of body piercing with its decoration accessories made of gold, are fundamentally different from those shapeless and often gaudy by today's standards and canons of fashion. That wide range of jewelry for the navel of gold species diversity born of gold, which, in turn, allows manufacturers and craftsmen jewelers to create an even greater selection of ready-made earrings made of yellow, white and rose gold.


Navel piercing yellow gold - in the tradition of modernity

Yellow gold jewelery some time ago it was only possible to create jewelry. Later, white and rose gold has gained in popularity, but it continues to be yellow among the most favorite precious metal. Deciding to get pierced navel, many girls choose gold, which attracts its sunshine and obvious beauty catchy. Yellow gold navel goes well with clothing of bright colors, emphasizing the beauty of tanned skin. Earrings in yellow gold complement fashion gold sandals, bracelets and rings on his hands, print on top. To him fit Stones classic transparent and rich colors, such as bright green, sky blue, deep red.


Piercing navel White Gold - elegant chic

White gold jewelry gives a special charm that is dictated by his laconic chic, elegant radiance and ability to do the simplest forms of feminine and desirable. Choosing for navel piercing Navel piercing - only for the most distinguished  Navel piercing - only for the most distinguished
   white gold, do you prefer the beautiful expensive accessories, as well as doing a kind of investment in your image. You can stay at a tiny earring bar with transparent crystals or diamonds on the ends, earrings, pendants with fancy figures in the form of flowers, exotic animals, choose plain and simple shapes, such as stars, hearts, drops, lightning. Many girls prefer to contrast the piercing navel, white gold which is not effectively combined with invisible shining diamonds and black precious and semiprecious stones. For navel piercing white gold combined with yellow, so that the product gets the original effect degrade.


Red and pink gold for piercing - a new trend

Pink and red gold for making jewelry for the navel piercing is used with no less success than the traditional yellow and white chic. New shades of precious metals give rise to the possibility of new combinations. For example, these colors perfectly combined with transparent stones and harmonious for their pale pink quartz, cubic zirconia, sapphire bright, exotic pezzottaitom, kuntsitom and with smoky quartz and pearl shining pearls.


Gold for initial piercing

Most of the artists performing navel piercing, gold would not immediately recommend. This is dictated by the acute sensitivity and susceptibility of the treated area immediately after the puncture, and especially metal. It can also have an allergic reaction Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat  Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat
 So piercing navel gold any kind should be postponed until better times, that is, until the full tightening wounds. If there are no contraindications, you do not treat hypersensitivity type, and you can try to use primary navel piercing jewelry made of gold.

Preferably choose the form of earrings with smooth stem and lack of sharp and irritating details, earring-Rod would be the ideal option. During the healing of the puncture you will have some time to wipe this place a disinfectant solution, so jewelery should not interfere with the processing of high-quality, and you should not be afraid to damage the earring. That is why it is recommended to stay on the smooth forms of earrings and a sleek design that remains of cotton pad or swab How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions  How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions
   They must not be blocked by stones and carving.

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