Brown spots on the hands: the strategy of getting rid

December 16, 2014

 age spots on hands
 No wonder they say that the hand of a woman (and men, however) always give age. Secret becomes clear not only because of the wrinkles of the skin parched hands: spots on the hands as a sign of not a very young age. And get rid of these spots on the skin can be difficult - it requires a range of measures.


Causes of age spots on hands

The reasons for the appearance of age spots on the hands can be different, but most of these spots are a sign of age. For example, they may appear due to the fact that with age starting pigment unevenly distributed in the skin cells. Often the cause staining becomes hormonal failure. It is also possible occurrence of age spots, and at a young age, although this is relatively rare. In younger age spots on the hands can be associated with diseases of the internal organs (gastrointestinal tract, liver, gynecological disorders), or innate characteristics of the skin.

Less common causes of age spots include:

  • The use of poor-quality care products for skin;
  • Vitamin deficiencies, in particular, a lack of vitamin C;
  • The reaction to medications. Some medications increase the skin's sensitivity to UV light. If you do not use special protective equipment, the freckles appear on all exposed parts of the body, including the hands.

Spots are large or small, bright or pale, but in any case they did not decorate the skin. Freckled arms associated with age, and even if the owner of these hands look young and attractive, hands spoil all impression.

If freckles on the face can be masked by means of tonal resources, such masking stains on the hands is hardly possible. In cold weather outside, you can hide the hand under the gloves, but always go to the gloves fail. So, you must find a way to deal with this defect of the skin.


Home remedies

Before you begin to get rid of age spots on hands, you must find out the cause of their appearance. If freckles were due to some diseases, it is unlikely to be able to get rid of them yourself. And here stain "solar" origin can be if you do not withdraw completely, then at least make it less noticeable. Sometimes it is possible to bleach and age spots on the hands.

Independently get rid of age spots is possible with conventional bleaching agents - parsley Parsley Health and Beauty  Parsley Health and Beauty
 Lemon cucumber.

For example, will effectively mask chopped parsley in a blender, mixed with a small amount of burdock oil Burdock oil - helps damaged hair  Burdock oil - helps damaged hair
 . The mixture is applied to the hands for fifteen minutes, it is desirable to put on top of disposable gloves. Gloves should not be too hard encircle the arm, such as medical silicone, otherwise the mixture may be unevenly distributed. After the procedure, the mask is washed off with warm water and hand cream lubricated.

Very effective lemon mask for hands. Lemon juice can be applied to spots dotted, you can simply wipe their hands, you can add it to the fat cream. If the use of pure lemon juice causes tingling, then instead you can use lemon oil. It is well established lemon-protein mask protein, beat well with lemon juice (not replace oil, or protein is not vzobetsya in foam). Mask gently rubbed into the skin and leaves a quarter of an hour. To enhance the effect of the hand can cover with plastic wrap or use disposable gloves.

Good whitening mask of cucumber, grated on a fine grater and mixed with starch. It is advisable to use a cucumber with the skin. To enhance the effect, you can add to the weight of the cucumber or lemon parsley - these components can be mixed in any combination to achieve the desired effect. The mixture is thoroughly rubbed into skin and left for 15 minutes, then washed with water.

Please note that whitening mask Whitening Mask: effective recipes for skin lightening  Whitening Mask: effective recipes for skin lightening
   Hand dries the skin (this applies especially to lemon juice). Therefore, after the masks must-lubricated hand cream. To enhance the effect, it is desirable to use a cream with whitening effect, but will approach any other nutrient.

Home whitening treatments should be done regularly - every other day or even twice a week. About a month will see the first results. If home remedies proved ineffective, so we will have to try the salon procedure.


Cabin treatments

Before going to the beauty salon would be nice to be examined by doctors - many effective treatments are contra-indications. Depending on which method is chosen and remove pigment spots.

The laser can remove excess pigment from the skin. The procedure is completely painless, the laser affects only the skin imperfections without affecting areas with normal pigmentation.

Another way to improve the condition of hand skin - resurfacing Photorejuvenation - improving skin regeneration  Photorejuvenation - improving skin regeneration
 . The method consists in exposing the skin flashes of bright light (sometimes combined with exposure to heat). As a result, the skin is rejuvenated and becomes more elastic and dark spots fade or even disappear completely.

Peeling - a procedure in most cases quite painful but very effective. Brown spots simply removed together with the layer of the skin. Of course, the procedure is traumatic enough, but from ugly spots does not remain a trace. It is important, however, after peeling very carefully to protect your skin from the sun: the procedure increases the sensitivity to UV. In the salons usually offer chemical, laser ultrasonic peeling. All of them have certain contraindications.

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Advantan: Ointment - is used for skin diseases

July 15, 2012

 advantan ointment
 Ointment advantan is of two types, with a large and a smaller percentage of body fat. This allows you to apply advantan for different types of skin and different forms of skin diseases, which leads to more effective treatments drug advantan.

 Advantan: Ointment - is used for skin diseases

How to apply ointment and fatty ointment advantan advantan

The main active ingredient of ointments advantan is a synthetic glucocorticoid hormone methylprednisolone. An ointment is produced in two forms: Ointment for external use 0, 1% and ointment for topical fatty 0, 1%. Auxiliaries 0, 1% ointment is white wax, liquid paraffin, emulsifier E, white petrolatum, purified water. Auxiliaries 0, 1% fatty ointment is white soft paraffin, liquid paraffin, microcrystalline wax, hydrogenated castor oil.

Like the rest of Advantan formulations for external use ointment easily penetrates the skin cells and causes a rapid sharp narrowing of blood vessels. This leads to a momentary lifting of swelling, redness, itching and pain reduction in the inflammation.

0, 1% ointment - a dosage form Advantan with the right balance of fat and water. It is prescribed in the case when the inflammation begins to subside or proceeds not initially overreacted (subacute and chronic inflammatory processes of the skin) and skin is not getting wet. Ointment relieves inflammation, itching and pain increased eliminates dry skin and restores the protective fatty film on the skin.

The fatty ointment is no water, so it is used to treat long-occurring chronic inflammatory skin diseases in a very dry skin. Oily ointment creates a lesion on the surface of the protective film that lasts a long time and has a pronounced therapeutic effect even at very dry flaky skin thickened, characteristic of neurodermatitis.

 Advantan: Ointment - is used for skin diseases

With which diseases and how to apply ointment form Advantan

Ointment advantan approach in the treatment of different types of eczema (true, microbial, professional) after the most acute phase of the disease was over, and the skin is no longer getting wet. It helps ointment disgidroticheskoy well as dry eczema when the skin of the palms and soles appear bubbles coated with thick skin. You can also apply it in the contact dermatitis (allergic and simple) when the phenomenon will be sharp.

Oily ointment most suitable for the treatment of neurodermatitis with very dry skin. It quickly removes puffiness and dryness of the skin, under its influence, first reduce the number of elements itchy rash, then the skin is completely cleared.

Ointment or fatty ointment applied thinly to the affected skin once daily. The duration of treatment should not exceed three months.

 Advantan: Ointment - is used for skin diseases


Advantan ointment form can not be applied to the surface of the skin weeping. During acute inflammatory process with weeping better to put 0, 1% cream advantan.

Do not apply ointment to the skin advantan tuberculosis skin TB skin - a rare form of the disease  TB skin - a rare form of the disease
   or items in syphilis rash The rash of syphilis - as evidenced by this symptom  The rash of syphilis - as evidenced by this symptom
   - It will worsen the disease, as the lower the immunity of the skin. It is also impossible to apply ointment and fatty ointment advantan on the skin at all viral diseases: decreased immunity of the skin will lead to the rapid spread of viral diseases. It is dangerous to apply the ointment advantan chickenpox Chickenpox: painful, but not dangerous  Chickenpox: painful, but not dangerous
 , Shingles, herpes recurrent infection.

If inflammation of the skin caused by a bacterial or fungal infection cream applied advantan protected antibacterial and antifungal agents.

Advantan effort from ointments and all manifestations of rosacea - a disease associated with persistent dilation of blood vessels of the skin.

In addition, the ointment advantan not apply when a skin rash after vaccination, hypersensitivity to Advantanom of the patient, and children under the age of four months.

With extreme caution advantan ointment used during pregnancy and breast- Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice
   feeding. It is used only on prescription short courses, in order to avoid the total impact on the body. In breast ointment advantan not applied.

 Advantan: Ointment - is used for skin diseases

Side effect

Very rarely, when applying ointment and fatty ointment on the skin appears irritated, swelling, itching and flaking. Usually ointment form Advantan well tolerated. All the side effects of these drugs are shown at their long-term (more than three consecutive months) use.

In this case, it may appear on the skin spider veins, white spots, striae (stretch marks) and atrophy (decrease in volume) of the individual skin. If the ointment for a long time applied to the skin around the eyes, it may increase intraocular pressure.

Galina Romanenko

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