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June 2, 2013

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It does not in any case be pressure boils, they themselves should gradually mature and I helped only aloe, this plant treats and a runny nose and a sharp bronhit.Rezat not advise! Prekladyvala scarlet posstoyanno to boils and he began to mature faster and Vishnevsky ointment and levomekol very weak !!! And not to appear if ever, need to clean the blood with the help of sulfur (on the tip of a knife and drink water), sulfur is not the only matches and medetsinskogo! and you forget what boils forever! Good luck and good health!
I suffer with him for several years .  Remember: if you boil appeared on the face (especially if it is above the upper lip), then sit back and wait for a miracle is not necessary .  Drive immediately to a hospital, and you will cut it .  Otherwise, you will still end up in the hospital .  But it's been a long time .  If you see a body - smear levomekol, alcohol .  Sometimes he matures, and breaks all is well .  However, if you have a boil on the *** does not want to respond to treatment (not ripe, aura increases all the time, is still ill) - then immediately travel to the doctor .  Remember, if the time to go to the hospital, you will cut it either, or appoint an ointment .  If you tighten the hospital - where you are guaranteed to soak .  The choice is yours .  And most importantly - you boil morally tormented .  Especially if you are in a conspicuous place or uncomfortable .  Have pity on my nerves .  Is it better to suffer, not to find a place to think - when they host chiry, or once to go to the hospital, cut it out and sit to enjoy? Good luck to you! And health ;-)
There was a boil on borade went from doctors wanted to cure autopsy lkazalsya completely, frightened zarazhaniem brain, and so n. Drank beer yeast (advised the taxi driver which was getting to a hospital) to 4 times a day for 5 tablets, warmed when opened forced, imposed armband with water and soda, changed every hour made 5 -6 bandages. 3-4 days healed scars there.
was in the nose helps ... 100% (in cases not started): Vishnevsky ointment, ointment levomikol, poluspirtovye kompressy.vnutrimyshechno: oxacillin, vitamins B1, B6; IV: gemodez, glyukanat calcium But when it was a few years ago (even more did not know what it is), and came too late - ate pumped: Metrogil, ampicillin, gentamicin, Tsefataksim, Heparin, prednisolone, Nystatin, Analgin + mark all the above + surgery (all totzhe nose) passed all 10 dneyNIKOGDA THEM DO NOT OPEN! !! And just go to the doctor !!!
The same reason was, and my mother. I tried everything: Vishnevsky ointment, Ichthyol. Helps. Drains, but the root moves to another location and re ... Try to drink a course IMMUDOLA helps 100% !!! stand about 50 rubles, but for that kind of flour and more than you give!
At number 16 of 2008 on page 24 of the newspaper "Herald HLS" under the heading "Take a dip in the broth tansy" given this recipe: in a saucepan of boiling water put 10 liters of tansy enough to give a dark broth. Let it brew, wrapped. warm broth to wash the skin, where he settled stafillokokk. Decoctions do not regret and do as much as possible is now in full bloom chasche.Pizhma, collect as much as possible in the cottages away from dorog.zhelayu all health and a speedy recovery!
My husband and I have 3 years suffer from this disease. During this time reading a bunch materyala on this issue by talking with the doctors did for himself seq. conclusion. 1) If you see a small pimple on the body once it is necessary to burn iodine. 2) If you have time, start to drink antibiotiki since Blood stafilokok. 3) Diet, izbegkt acute and fat. If the outbreak of boils regular drink for a year antibiotic, posovetovshis naturally with your doctor. Good luck and health to all who at least once in his life faced with the horror!
It is necessary to smear black salidolom and everything goes!
take equal amounts of honey, soap and onion juice (you can puree) water bath is warmed up, so that all melted, then applied as a poultice on the boil. if it already was discovered - it goes pretty quickly. she tormented them. must still stabbing antibiotics: gentamicin, 2 times a day for 5-7 days.
On the buttocks climbed 2 boil two consecutive cut and do not want ... the doctors suspected cyst coccyx ... board - all this imbalance immuniteta.Raz quarter polioksidoniem have the therapy, bacteriophage inside and blow vitamin A and E. When many virus immunity all let the fight with him and forget about bacteria - they have no antibodies. Poet uglavnoe prevention and treatment of the day. Rubbing in the morning, frequent change of linen - rubbing problem areas silitsilovym alcohol 3 times a day, sports, weight reduction and less sweet and hot.
I advise when a boil not delay the visit to the doctor, do not self-medicate. Seize the time. I tried to treat yourself in the end still have to apply to the surgeon.
all very sorry about boils, I hurt them 5 years! during the last year than the one suffered by the deep wounds from 4 boils, over time, these wounds will integrate into one big 'dyrku'.eto awful! I visually saw the pus that was there but no one treatment did not help! but a very good woman, her long life, sulfuric advised to apply ointment, which is sold at any pharmacy! I started to put a miracle happened and I started to go green gusch, I want to see odorless! came out a very small amount, but I'm glad that at least it vyhodit.i at one point, I saw that the sores, one after another began to tighten! And I have another question: how to get rid of the scars that remain after boils ?? and because you want to be like a skirt and dress. (all legs of the scars)
In no case do not push. For opening the well to the imposition of a dense mixture of honey and flour in a cake. Changed twice a day. Flush with peroxide and miramistinom. Removes dead layers of the skin around, as they are a breeding ground for germs. When will heal the wound itself miramistina wash stream and the top cover with a sterile cloth miramistinom.
In mnya only appear on the face and neck. Twice was abscess on her cheek and on his finger, leading to surgical vmeshatelstvu. I thought this zhahnu surgeon when he cut and squeezed out the pus. atskaya such pain was! It's not about how to treat boils appeared, but as predatvratit their appearance, ie preventive lechenie.1. Vitaminy.2. Beer drozhdi.3. Personal hygiene, chistoplotnost.4. No Stresa and depresiy.5. Orange nastroenie.Druzya, favorite girl :-)
Friends!!! A lot of people suffer from this, it's all virus itself that I am suffering, but it is best helps ichthyol ointment, hydrogen peroxide and camphor oil! First you need to wipe the skin with peroxide, then camphor oil, well then apply ichthyol ointment, it is very well all vytyagivaet.Esli they just began to appear, it is enough to wipe camphor oil 3r.v day, and if everything is ripe, then apply an ointment ihteoluvuyu with vsremenim everything goes, and all sorts of antibiotics, all of this-nonsense !!!!
People! Thank you very much for a variety of treatments. After birth, 6 months, there was a second boil. Horror. Over the weekend, try traditional methods, and on Monday - to the doctor. Nobody heard about the treatment of this honey bee?
People! I was terribly tormented childhood boils, for several years. Did one folk remedy. It is necessary to gather up the seeds of burdock (burdock which is) more. And chew them half a teaspoon several times a day. Chew thoroughly, maslitse all suck and spit shkurochki. Then this tool repeatedly tested for relatives - has always been positive. To get rid of boils FOREVER.
Dear colleagues in misfortune! For two years I suffered from this disease gadsky. I just have not tried! but my relationship with the doctors did not exist, and therefore had to seek treatment on their own. any ointments - it's evil (physicians, by the way, they do not recommend it). last 3-5 boils (in different parts of the body, from face down to the buttocks) treated exclusively salicylic alcohol (cautery during min.2-3 1-2 times a day) and the rate (30days) of brewer's yeast. then only the skin is suffering from alcohol and nothing more. either you scars after surgery or self-extracting stem. Last boil (armpit) has resolved within a week. I wish you all health, and less problems with these diseases.
About 20 years ago, I suffered abrasions, which ended karbunkulom.Pomogli 1) Antistafilakokkovy gamma globulin (a day intramuscularly ml.- 5 vials of 3) .2) antibiotic ampicillin 0.5h4r - 5 days. 3) Sulfur-iodine - about 5 dney.Zabyla still boils
He was treated for 5 years - to no avail. Sugar is normal. Here are my observations: 1. Antiperspirants - evil, ispolzuyte.2. At the initial stage helps iodine or alcohol - just wipe. In no case do not rub out the water !!! 3. Avtogemoterapiya helps. It should be done if repeated boils least 2 raza.4. It makes sense to check your blood stafilokok (I had a negative result, but the doctors check and check) .5. Rarely mentioning, but the abrasions could be a sign of liver disease. So check the liver!
particularly dangerous boils on his face! There is a front thrombophlebitis. Then the facial sinus thrombosis. Meningitis or entsfalit. Then death. Do not Mess with boils!
Everyone needs to strengthen immunitet.I recall whether he had adenoids.
First boil jumped nose nazadpopal year the hospital was there two weeks vyrezali.vtoroy jumped on his cheek smeared levomekol - spravilsyapotom somehow jumped into the armpit - he was then jumped straight on the forehead between the eyebrows was in the hospital rezalidalee jump to another armpit - Now cut jumped into the other nostril started to drink beer yeast, and they saved me that is, he immediately emerged, prohditd two days jumps on his finger rubbed ihtiola but in my opinion it is less help than levomekol eventually coped with a doctor here now delayed, but now jumped to his neck. . I would like to hear the views of colleagues who finally izlechilisdumayu blood transfusion
PEOPLE! do not treat people's means and other types of onions! All will only worsen! It is an infection that must be treated the doctor! Herself suffered more than once ... Vitamins, drink, dress warmly
I was plagued by the exact same problem, the cause of Chiri I still unsettled. But I can advise a way to heal at an early stage, in one day. You have to buy at the pharmacy celandine extract (sold in small kapsulakh with stopper), and cauterize. True celandine does not penetrate through the skin (but it can be naprimar needle puncture above the center of the boil), if the extract is valid, you will feel a burning sensation. Usually one or two moxibustion for a day is enough. Thereafter, if esto desire can be something else to process and, for example, aloe bind.
People !!!!!!! do not be afraid to contact the surgeon !!!! this kaku ledokain cut away and almost painlessly removed !!! already in the morning you can sit (lie / stand, etc.) If the time to appeal - and the scar will remain. But if self-medicate, have the chance of unwanted effects. Including a purely aesthetic point.
Treatment with antibiotics is dangerous! consequently lowering of immunity and the appearance of the following boils. piobakteriofagi you must not get cold, follow the diet ..
There Azitral drug. This antibiotic. It is used orally. Destroys infection in the tissues it helps myahkih as from knyuktivita and bronchitis. 6 capsules - 260r. More ointment: Oksikord and belogent. It antibiotics they need to mix and add the cream piniment balsamic. Make it a bandage and fix plaster. Before that, he fupunkul better anoint FUKKORTSINOM a liquid similar to kostelyany and potassium permanganate. It allows lngche ointments to penetrate the skin. Maybe someone thinks this is too much, but I do without it does not pass.
I suffer from them about 3 years. Surgeons them opened, cleaned, and they reappear. It lasted until until the appointed autologous therapy with gentometsinom. I forgot about it for 4 years, but now again there was one. I went to the doctor appointed amoksiklav. Let's see how things will
helping antibiotic amoksiklaf.pri maturation must be done compression soaked furatsilinom.smazat around linimentomsentimitsina or levomekolyu.takzhe warming.
all this as the consequences of a weak Immunity. Try to be tested imunogramu. would not wish anyone but after a boil revealed that I have HIV, and of all the consequences of this. I had only 200 cells Immunity not remember the name. Be checked does not become worse. Be healthy never get sick and take care of yourself
These boils are afraid of a ointment - Levosin. You make her bandage change. All neatly. And little by little over 6 days everything goes.
All of this dirt and careless attitude. Young is now normal to sleep together in one bed, one wearing clothes, etc., and then treated for life and beget their own kind stafilakkokami infected. Follow him: dress warmly, not chill feet, strictly observe good personal, personal hygiene and it is not to eat horrible. All diseases of dirt, both external and internal.
People! I have several years furunkuly.Neskolko just opened surgically, but without rezultatno.Prohodyat, then again on the skin are poyavlyayutsya.A rubtsy.Ya sredstva.Pila tried many antibiotics and more dr.Tolko this sense malo.Mne helped only one Referring only to the boil notice, I smear his balm rescuers, he is not expensive and is sold in aptekah.Mne always helps!
Soap grate and add the protein, the resulting paste is applied to the boil, everything will pass. And pull the head, and if you have not yet matured will resolve all
Three years ago, in the armpit I jumped a little painful pimple that 2 days later turned into a huge and sooo painful boil that erupted, and the same day they appear more pieces .. 6 month tormented home, applying different compression and then all the same He showed up at the hospital. Treated month do UHF and MSS, opened, blood transfusions, mixed with penicillin. So the moral: go straight to the doctor !! but then so close to blood poisoning.
Lord, if there is blood in your podugi useless ... lechichenie complex is UV krovi.preparay dezintaksikatsionogo ryada.imunostimulyatory and vitamin ... the exception of alcohol and sweets!
I have the pope appeared a little sore, I thought proydet.proshel nonsense, but then they started popping up one by one drugim.poka not had the surgery, did not stop vyskakivait.No now they are popping up under the armpits, the doctor said that under the arms for ball dezodarantov.DEVChENKI , MILYE.NE use ballpoint DEZODARANTAMI !!!
People, and I furunculosis from Reksony, anointed them with the inner surface of the legs, not to rastirat.Zakrylis pores and now one by one go boils, and then the sea, summer! have tried everything on their own, the way is now one-kozhvendispanser!
This is the third year I can not cure boils on the forehead and chin. Double surgically dissected the pus formation, but they appear again and snova.Ne know how to get rid of this neprikraschayuschegosya protsessa.Primochki not pomagajut, vnutrinney bodies healthy. Sweetness excluded from the diet ... I do not know what sin ...
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