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May 20, 2010

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My mother works as a school-Internet, where many children live there. My mother is a teacher, but still somehow caught scabies. He treated many drugs, but it has helped this ointment. Very good tool, and mange it disappeared pretty quickly, which could not please us, *** s family, as we were very much afraid of her to catch. But the only disadvantage of this ointment - it stinks terribly.
Oksik, listen, well, now there are many other good resources, why do we need to remember the last century? I think that if she went to the dermatologist and use medicines better, then it all would have passed quickly, and your family does not have to bleed from the stench, which publishes this daub. Why so mock himself and relatives, if there is a good alternative.
I would get used to this information, you may not have to buy pricey medicines for skin diseases. Our doctors prescribe the most expensive drugs, and yet, there are plenty of cheap analogues that everyone is long forgotten. I mean this cream did not even hear anyone used it to treat acne? If you leave it on all night, irritation would not be?
Julia, do not try to leave it on all night, be sure to get burned. I keep it until it starts a little pinch. I wash off first with warm, then cool water. But it does not help everyone. Tried it with my girlfriend, she constantly they jump, and I have rarely mainly in oily areas of the skin, forehead and nose. So that helped me a lot, but it is not. More well dries and tightens pores.
For me, the main thing in this ointment, it is completely harmless and does not get into the blood. As an antimicrobial ointment is often used, for example, I deprive them treated at one time. Not myself, the doctor prescribed. First, wipe with alcohol or vodka, and then apply a thin layer of it. During the week I get rid of. The smell is there, but not a piercing, you can tolerate. And the price - just a holiday, what convenient.
Leocadia, it is not as safe as you describe here. Sami said that the doctor has prescribed, and she knows how many who need it. You can hurt yourself, life is not correct. Though it is strange that it is now advised to probably you were in a normal state clinic. Usually clinics prescribed a bunch of expensive creams and ointments, the good of which is small.
Leocadia, I also treated a herpes ointment, but it is something slightly helped. Apparently, lichens are different. Masa-smeared her two weeks, and then spat, and went to a dermatologist. He prescribed Lamisil me and I quickly got rid of. The doctor was skeptical to how I self-medicate. She said that what older drugs used if there is a lot more modern and better.
The girls stop to smear the face with anything. It does not help this ointment for acne and other problems. But you can get rid of psoriasis. In any case, you need to properly treat, you can easily burn your skin, so read the instructions and do not overdo. Personally, I helped for a year no such troubles, which have been before. Yes, and this remedy is not expensive.
Milan, I fully support you dermatologist. I can not even imagine how many women and girls come here after such an initiative. By the way I want to warn that the sulfuric ointment can also cause allergies, so the test to start it as a hair dye. If you do not help then you need to donate blood, the cause may be hidden deeper and you need different treatment.
Olga, I just only wanted to describe your experience of using this tool, which brought me to an allergy to this seemingly secure ointment. I tried to treat dermatitis and smeared the face several times a day. After 3 days, I started terrible diarrhea, I started to choke and his face blushed. At first I did not understand what was happening, but then realized and drank antihistamine. Everything is good in moderation!
Has anyone tried to cure by such means burns and scars? It helps to heal? It just so happened that I had a huge burn was about a year ago. On the abdomen. I am now in a swimsuit shy, and topics can not wear. A second scar I had six months ago. Just had a very deep cut. He is very thin, but still would like to remove.
Julia, I tried to get rid of scars after the operation, since it was very fresh. Effect was zero, in principle, as by a special ointment. About burns do not know, but I think that this is also a dead issue. But psoriasis does help, but not all. Familiar example does not work, but because the causes are different, and the treatment should also be different.
I have long enjoyed this effective tool because I think its the best in the treatment of skin diseases such such as I have, I often but temporarily vylaziyut sores on the lips, and that would be all passed as quickly as possible and painless, I use this means to me yet grandmother advised as the best, it really helps me, and most importantly, everything happens in the shortest time.
Lisa Efanova, you basically do not recognize modern drugs or specially ignore them? Do not try to consult a dermatologist with their skin problems, and not to use outdated and smelly means. Maybe you normal medication treatment is indicated, and smeared some garbage, and even claims that this is just a wonderful tool!
Claudia, why spend money on expensive funds? Here she found his medicine and it helps her, and quickly. I think Lisa Efanova must continue to use it. Moreover, it is often necessary to get rid of the sores. And from the good deed goes unpunished. Where is the guarantee that the modern drugs better than this? Maybe they smell pleasant, but have a bunch of side effects.
I did not know that the use of funds from this element can be so helpful. I still used one such drug to treat dandruff. Good help. But the smell! Just a nightmare. I certainly smell them just awful. But most interesting is that this flavor is very like my husband. He has to be honest, even with the smell tight. But to me it really helps)
If anyone is interested whether shingles is treated with sulfuric ointment, the answer from my own experience: - Yes. But this ointment will help quickly if use it in combination with antibiotics. Dermatologist exactly appointed me. This ointment smeared week and everything went. But do not forget about running form, in this case one can not cope with ointment. Treatment should be started at the first manifestations.
Faith, and I believe that you write blatant nonsense and can not even imagine what psoriasis. It is better to have told us how washed sulfuric ointment that had scabies and infected almost the entire department, you enter here the people astray trying to comment on what you do not know. Taken seriously by the medical category, then you can not give advice to the ceiling.
dear to me 55 years 2years sick psoriasis and not simply sick and covered with psoriasis from head goldovy to toe and 28 March read in the newspaper that can be smeared with sulfur ointment, I mixed with salicylic ointment and very thinly smeared now I can say that I am 90% I cleared but if I throw it starts again smeared so can not help but everyone helped me and ointment on the body is not absorbed it immediately I am very Acknowledgements this man and my advice can someone help
Lera I have the same feel that psoriasis need something stronger for. One can not cope with this ointment. But sulfuric ointment baby is fine. I told her 10 years ago used, nor any diaper rash and dermatitis was not. Leather has always been clean. Now of course many different means, but it remains the most effective and inexpensive. And the most important time-tested.
smeared with zinc after 2 days everything started over again and again moved to the sulfuric acid with salicylic
The fact that it is effective for the treatment of acne, I was convinced from personal experience, but the "talker" which is made in pharmacies with its use, generally can work wonders. I myself do not believe that just a week of using my face could so clear. A friend uses sulfuric ointment newborn son, even if you suddenly come off a - a pimple.
Inexpensive and absolutely harmless tool that can be applied to pregnant women and children. In an unpleasant smell, as for me, but the effect is good. Clearly nervous as sulfuric ointment is applied it is not necessary, let alone about how to wash it, and even more so. It absorbs quickly, easily erased, even your clothes. Burns or irritation can not leave well. I remember her darling since childhood, I often plastered it lichens. Verdict - should be in every home where there are children.
Antonina, and that treats sulfuric ointment nuzheli impossible to replace analogue imported, so you do not have that disgusting smell. I'd rather buy another drug, after which on the contrary will smell like a flower of the field, and that all men begin to turn away from me and turn up your nose. This is the age when such use is normal, and the young girl is not suitable.
I do not know a coincidence or not, but the remnants of sulfur ointment for dandruff decided to defend with scabies, it helped me, here and decided to deal with this problem. Within a week completely lost any symptoms, cause I odorous agent after a bath at night. Male only grumbled and turned away, but I did not take offense to it, because I understand how it is unpleasant to smell.
Famously you come up with about the treatment of dandruff sulfuric ointment, I still wonder how your husband endured this, my sure would go to her parents live until I cease to use this tool smelly. I'll keep that in mind if you take advantage of that too. But of course there is no guarantee, because you could go in and of itself, and you think that it has helped you medicine.
This is a simple and available means. Time has not pushed it into the background. Despite the unpleasant smell I think of this ointment in the first place when pours cold sores. How this tool saves from scabies know many mothers and including myself. Sulfuric ointment for hair is a salvation, or rather for oily seborrhea. Here I agree with Alina. In a short time almost got rid of the fat content of the scalp.
As far as I could notice, there are a variety of properties of sulfur ointment. For example, I used it as a struggle with acne in adolescence. It dries the skin, prevents inflammation spread, respectively pimple dries up and disappears forever. And for the price, by the way, the ointment is not expensive, around 20 rubles worth. Here you have a cheap and "angry" remedy the problem.
I like that and I was lucky not picked up an infection at work, that's when the treatment of scabies sulfur ointment me handy. We have almost half of the team fell ill from one employee who has a child brought this plague of kindergarten. I recovered before anyone else, and the rest were treated by other means, they do not like the smell of the ointment, I was more of the same thing to go to work and I did not notice the smell.
Anastasia, I used to think that this disease can only be people who rarely bathe and do not observe good personal hygiene. But when she got sick of it, too, I had to learn how to treat scabies sulfur ointment. Patient with this unbearable smell of difficulty, but had nowhere to go, I wanted to quickly go to work and had to endure. Since the disease can overtake anyone, but there is nothing wrong with a good preparation.
At school, my arm came pryschichek I accidentally scratched. He began to fester and become a ekzemu..Vrach registered to me turned out to be a hormonal cream! But I enjoy it more because I do not want inflammation periodically appear again, but it does not help! I have been getting used to it! So I think maybe my sulfur-zinc ointment go? It seems a safe and positive reviews?
My neighbor recently told me that sulfuric ointment hemorrhoids it supposedly helps. As I recall this medicine cures scabies, but not from hemorrhoids. I tried to explain to her, but as a pre-set standing on his all. I would like to warn those that's smart, can not be without a prescription anywhere to smear this ointment, if desired, and stomatitis handle it, but then the poisoning was in the hospital.
Some people do not know whether to wash sulfuric ointment and leave it until the next application. Because of this, in my opinion, not only reduces the effectiveness of treatment, the patient himself begins to smell of the ointment, and it begins to stink bedding. Then ingrained smell is extremely difficult to remove. Therefore we can not treat so carelessly from the use of this ointment.
I have oily seborrhea. What kind of shampoo I just did not buy, but they are given only a cosmetic effect. Day two, again gryaznyuschie hair. And somewhere in a magazine I read sulfuric ointment is used for oily skin. Well, no harm in trying, I decided to try. Maza scalp before washing and leave for a couple of hours. After only 3 weeks of fat is much diminished.
It gives me an uncomfortable smell of sulfur ointment, which I was treated for scabies. The medicine is good, in my case coped with the disease without any problems, but the smell brought a lot of unpleasant moments. Like already and are living in the 21st century, it is time to change both the composition of the ointment that did not come from it is the stench. When the neighbor came to me, I was very uncomfortable and awkward.
In general, I do not buy it just because when a doctor prescribes it explains in detail how to use sulfuric ointment, how many times a day, and a thickness of a layer should be applied. there is also a guide, and you can check with the pharmacist. I never understood people who do not know how to take the medicine, although above I have listed several sources of information that are available to everyone.
My child a month ago sulfuric doctor prescribed ointment from depriving. They began to smear, and the child has a skin rash. It turns out he is allergic to some - the substance, which is part of ointments. Brought national method, burning newspaper leaf, and then smeared lishaynyh this spot where I am - a time deducted this way.
What do you mean, people! Smear their babies such ointment? This is not something that is past, and the century before last in pharmaceuticals! Medicinal properties of sulfur ointment may be good, but the side effects are much worse, God forbid, it will fall not on the sick, and healthy place or mucous eye. Here then you understand what was expected of her more: the benefit or harm!
During feeding a child, I experienced the effect of sulfur ointment on himself. At first began to crack nipples very, well for this purpose I bought purified sulfur powder, sprinkle on crack. And then I became a rash on his legs, pinned on the effects of antibiotics in the hospital, so the doctor advised me a cream that instantly helped. That evidence is not always necessary to buy expensive funds, the cheapest can be better!
I am familiar with this drug, as it had long since established itself, almost as a panacea for a number of diseases. Personally, I had to face him in a difficult situation. After delivery, I started having problems with a chair. Unable to withstand such torment, I had to see a doctor. Just he advised me to use sulfuric ointment for hemorrhoids, which should be rubbed into the sore spots before going to bed. As a result, I immediately felt relieved. And after just a week, and I did, ever forgot about your issue.
Antonina, thank you for your recommendation. I had no idea that when this issue can help sulfuric ointment. But to use it had. I appointed sulfuric ointment for scabies. Once a young man sick of this unpleasant disease. Maza from head to toe and had a feeling that I look like a sandwich. But the effect was positive. No dry skin I have not watched. Probably my skin is not receptive.
I do not even know what used sulfuric ointment is to solve some of my problems and you can use it. Just in time, I learned about this ointment did not even know that there is domestic ointment that can really help for various diseases. But many are buying imported substitutes are more expensive than tenfold.
I had severe rashes on the face, as fungal. Nothing helped. Then a familiar advised to use sulfuric ointment. He ordered at the pharmacy. The smell disgusting. But the action is good. Just three days the rash began to pass, and two weeks later I thought of them no longer remembered. The skin became clean.
About depriving I do not know about allergies and I can say - I pollinnoz and general allergies are all, and honey, and wool, and certain medications. I'm a heavy allergies. Sulfuric ointment treated, it does not cause allergies, can be assured. But the instructions also not pobochek, no contraindications are not listed.
And our school was once the quarantine scabies. But I was a child, so infected. A scabies always arises from unwashed hands. If several hours smoesh mite, it will penetrate into the skin. Children are not very responsible approach to this, it's understandable. But to catch the teacher ... Somehow even ashamed. Then the doctor, too, has appointed me sulfuric ointment.
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