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January 6, 2011

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Causes and types of erythema nodosum

Nodes (nodular) Erythema belongs to the deep skin vasculitis. Vasculitis - an inflammation of blood vessel walls. With deep vasculitis affects blood vessels of medium caliber placed in sufficiently deep layers of the skin (on the border of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, as well as in most subcutaneous tissue).

This disease may occur against various infections is usually sluggish flowing (e.g., chronic tonsillitis inflammation of ovaries Inflammation of the ovaries - the invisible disease  Inflammation of the ovaries - the invisible disease
 , Various infectious lesions, etc.), as well as long proceeding intoxications. But it may also occur after an acute infection. It has meaning and intolerance of certain drugs.

Contributing factors may include exposure to cold, increased ionization of air stagnation in the lower limbs, hypertension Hypertensive heart disease - the prognosis is poor  Hypertensive heart disease - the prognosis is poor
   and so on.

For nodular erythema and swelling characteristic changes of the inner layer of the walls of the blood vessels quickly arises necrosis (tissue death) of their walls, vessel luminal narrowing due to proliferation of the inner layer of the walls. Around the affected blood vessels are formed seal tissue (infiltration) of leukocytes and liquid propotevayuschey changed through the vascular wall (tissue swelling).

Erythema nodosum occurs in two forms: acute and chronic.

 Signs | erythema nodosum: vasculitis Skin

Signs of acute erythema nodosum

As with any acute disease, nodular erythema begins with general malaise, weakness, signs of toxicity (pain in the muscles and joints), sometimes with the small temperature rises. After some time on the skin, the outer surface of the anterior shins, thighs and forearms sometimes appears large, towering rash, sometimes the size of a pigeon's egg. Elements of the rash have fuzzy outlines tend to merge together into large conglomerates and are initially marked red. Then, in the process of resolution of the rash of its elements begin to change color. And as the basis for the rash is damage blood vessels in and out of the damaged blood vessels, the elements of an eruption, "bloom" on the type of bruise, first turn blue, then green, and yellow. After the disappearance of the rash for some time keeps skin pigmentation, peeling may occur.

Acute nodular erythema occurs within about four weeks. But in some cases after the first wave of rash begins the second and duration of the disease doubles. Often acute nodular erythema occurs in girls and young women after acute disease (eg, angina), and almost never the same. If symptoms of erythema nodosum diagnosed in younger children, it often speaks of primary tuberculous intoxication.

 Signs | erythema nodosum: vasculitis Skin

Symptoms of chronic erythema nodosum

Chronic erythema nodosum also occurs more often in women, but in old age. This form of erythema nodosum has a long persistent course with frequent exacerbations. Acute disease mainly for colds, so relapses occur most frequently in the off-season - spring and autumn. Sometimes it can be a clear connection with the aggravation of a chronic disease (eg, chronic tonsillitis Chronic tonsillitis - inflammation of the tonsils  Chronic tonsillitis - inflammation of the tonsils
 , Gastritis, cholecystitis, etc.).

Aggravation of chronic erythema nodosum seen the emergence of a small number of inflammatory disease is moderately dense nodes are not red as in the acute process, and paler, with a bluish tint nodes, the average size of a walnut. The nodes are located mainly on the front surface of the tibia. Sometimes they occur on the thighs and forearms. Often nodal erythema occurs against a background of stagnation of blood or lymph in the lower extremities, swelling, in such cases, nodes may ulcerate and acquire for trophic (exchange) ulcers.

 Signs | erythema nodosum: vasculitis Skin

How to distinguish erythema nodosum from other diseases

An experienced doctor (internist, rheumatologist or dermatologist) in appearance is always suspect erythema nodosum. If the rash does not have a pronounced characteristics, the diagnosis can be clarified by taking a piece of tissue from the research areas of destruction. In the study of this tissue under a microscope (histological examination) will be visible manifestations of deep vasculitis characteristic: the proliferation of vascular endothelial tissue (the inner lining), accumulation of white blood cells around the blood vessels and tissue swelling. If erythema nodosum diagnosed in adults who are looking for a source of intoxication in small children - TB Tuberculosis - a full recovery is not guaranteed  Tuberculosis - a full recovery is not guaranteed
 . This fully examine the patient.

 Signs | erythema nodosum: vasculitis Skin

Treatment of erythema nodosum

In acute nodular erythema or exacerbation of chronic recommended bed rest. Thus prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs which reduce inflammation and pain.

Locally appointed warming treatments (wraps, dry heat), with a solution Dimexidum lotions, ointments containing anti-inflammatory drugs and corticosteroids (which in extreme cases, when a lot of rashes and painful it is).

Prevention of erythema nodosum - timely treatment of chronic infections and intoxications.

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December 25th, 2013

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I thought that the problem with this disease have long solved, it is not until the end. Very bad. What do scientists and doctors? After all, they must ensure that the nation's health, and if necessary, create new drugs and treat us. Hopefully soon, this problem is completely resolved. I imagine how hard it is necessary to tolerate hours in uncomfortable disease.
It's great that there were drugs capable of at least a little to facilitate the lives of people suffering from this disease. I imagine how difficult to live with this all the time to heal yourself and heal the wounds. I think it is not only physically. but also mentally tough. I think over time, scientists will find a formula as to completely cure the disease and many people get rid of it.
Your words to God's ears, it's really suffering, this disease kills not much physically as mentally ... With this very hard to live
Sasha, nothing pleases. For most people, after the application of these drugs, the disease is even more acute. Moreover, it fails completely, but only muted for the time of application. Herself faced with and that just not tried, to no avail. I'll be glad when Iskrin invent a drug that can completely and without help tilt.
How do I feel sorry for the people caught this sore. My close friend a couple of years he could not get rid of it, appears and disappears .. And during his frequent affected scalp. These days he is even ashamed to go to work or on the street, because the tufts fray dandruff. As he told me that psoriasis steadily growing after strong stress. One doctor advised him how to make sure that the disease has receded in the year: it is necessary to travel to the Dead Sea; but not everyone has the money for a vacation, he found on the way out at the pharmacy - the dirt and salt from the Dead Sea .. make a mask for the skin of the head and he really has become easier! The disease comes back, but as the doctors say - once a year, instead of once a month as it was before.
Kate, what a wonderful example. I've also heard a lot about the Dead Sea. But the funds to go there is not present. And he was there through Israel or Jordan? Just excuse me, I wanted to know how cheaply. Although perhaps through Jordan for the girl, though not one is not very safe. Especially if I'm going to swim it. Okay, I'll collect the money.
If you would have invented a drug that would cure this disease, the inventor would receive the Nobel Prize;)) Every person who lives with her, - in my opinion, he knows more about it than the doctor. Anyway, I do a new medical luminary, to which I made an appointment, do not tell them. Therefore, only in advanced cases need real help in the hospital, blood transfusions, etc.
Quite often hear people using folk remedies get rid of this scourge, but the official medicine is powerless to heal completely. A propolis, infused with alcohol or vodka - it's a great thing. Use it in any pain, I never drink painkillers such as dipyrone or Pentalgin. Why poison yourself if there is a good natural analgesics.
Larissa, well, folk remedies also do not help everyone. I've tried a dozen of the most common (for example, egg yolks vyzharennye resin from burnt paper ash, sea buckthorn oil, and so on), but somehow it did not help. But special means to me really helped. Although I will tell you they are not cheap, and I occasionally try something from the people.
Larissa, a folk remedies need to be careful. It all depends on what a person is sick. When cold, the tea with raspberries, if not help, not hurt for sure. But if you start to burn the wound with alcohol and propolis or anything to invent, then we can greatly spoil yourself health. Before any experiments think well, or better yet, consult a doctor.
Faced with this sore in childhood. It all started with her knees, thinking rubbed boots, and then sores began to spread more. Doctors, for some reason could not or what to do, or not correctly diagnosed, or not prescribed. Then, for my grandfather I took treatment. He kept bees in his home medicine cabinet always been home remedies based on bee products. So, he told me to make lotions from propolis tincture, and then priporoshit affected areas pollen. I was treated so long, maybe six months, but the result exceeded all expectations. From sores was gone.
Olga, thank you for the advice, apparently home, handy tools help you better than the pharmacy. We must try, because all that I have not tried to apply myself, on the advice of doctors, I did not help, or it helps, but for a short period. I sincerely believe that I still have not so far started and propolis tincture with pollen will help me in my recovery. All health!
it is good that you helped propolis, Olga! I, unfortunately, terrible allergic to all bee products, once I'm in the bath rubbed with honey, as well as other women, so after 3 minutes, all covered with huge blisters. The same thing happens when I drink milk with honey from the cold! So before you use this recipe, I advise you check for allergies.
As far as I know, this disease can not be cured completely. My grandmother was treated for life from her, she happened sometimes is retreating, and at times worsen. Period aggravation began when she was nervous and very worried. So in order to facilitate disease first need peace, and of course the internal cleansing of the body and strengthen the immune system.
Mom treated trentalom long time, constantly buying vitamins, but visible improvements as there was no and no. The only advantage of it, it reduces the pressure. But on the main purpose for which it is, in principle, to buy. no. To at least reduce dryness and flakes do not fall, hydrocortisone cream smears. But I am afraid that hormonal too long can not.
My wife helps to relieve itching one gel, I think it is called balsam Psilo or something like that. It is the way even removes discomfort from insect bites and sold freely at any pharmacy. In moments of itching we smear them sores and itching do not want so much. try, maybe someone will help. Price at it too small, just 200 rubles.
Venus, maybe it means and acts well, just nothing you write the ones about him on the Internet. That someone will try and this ointment will cause him terrible allergies and you're to blame. What is important is that when using any medicines you need to see a doctor - he knows better than to smear one or the other. Especially as insect bites and itching, it's a bit not what we are discussing here.
Venus, what have insect bites to the disease? There's all completely different. No, I basically agree, that you can try, but before that it is necessary to look more closely contraindications and ask a doctor after all, as I know from personal experience that you can make some good to worse. So I came to a bloody irritation.
I want to share as this, to say the disease is not very pleasant, I fought my father in law. Working in a village tractor, and being not very well-read, but obedient, he performed all the prescribing physician. What medications are not only drinking and not smeared ointment, improvement comes time. So he suffered for 15 years until one beggar is not advised to lubricate the grease sores. He certainly did not waste time on trifles and spread them on the soul and held all summer. In the evening, wash in the morning smazhet tractor himself, and at the helm. In the beginning he hoped not, but by the fall of the sores have disappeared forever. Here you have the charlatans. So to an ointment-based grease, in my opinion, it is worth a closer look.
It is a normal board. Recipe Rybakova (ointment-based grease) for many decades, it is quite a working (though not all) option. Now ointments grease in bulk, at least 10 species.
Internal and neurological diseases respond to the skin, here's the reason. And yet there are cases where in the body the worms live. It is necessary to get rid of them, and this disease is gone. Just something to eat spicy, fragrant and bitter. Wormwood tincture clean from this muck is very good. But in pharmacies lot of worms, you can keep an eye on, who does not like handy tools.
The first time I heard! What does the worms? You what? This disease is quite another sphere, do not confuse all together. This is necessary - now someone will read this and think that he has on the skin of live worms, a person will be shocked! But I am sure someone will, and there and believe in this nonsense. What is writing? You are a doctor and are confident in their judgments?
Nelly, agreed that a skin condition can affect all of the reasons you. But the fact that everyone should be treated by virtual of worms, it is certainly too much. To get rid of the parasites is only necessary if their presence in the organism is well established. Otherwise, you can simply cause irreparable damage to health by eating toxic drugs to get rid of worms.
A very long time used for the treatment of this disease hormonal who appointed himself unknowingly. I read on the Internet that seems to be how to help. Indeed inflammation and peeling began to disappear, but it began to work immediately after the abolition of these ointments. you and provide hard! Never prescribe yourself!
Elijah, why are you at the time did not apply to a specialist. You should have understood that the disease is not easy, and you are unlikely to recover on their own. It's good that you do not blame the doctors that you have launched the disease and recognize their mistakes and try to prevent others from similar steps regarding their health. It's a bold move.
Has anyone tried birch tar smeared on the skin? My grandmother used to do. The smell disgusting, but little by little portions smeared on his hands, bandaged and so went. You know, the diagnosis is something she set, and treatment as such, except for prednisolone, not appointed. I had to experience for yourself. For a long time, but gradually became clear skin, but the color is slightly different, where the spots were.
Birch and coal tar - a means of conventional (official) medicine, known 100 years, is part of psoriasis, who drugs and cosmetics with tar to help good enough. There are some concerns about carcinogenic plan, but at normal doses there is no danger.
The cure for this sore does not exist in principle! There is only a long-term remission, with proper diet and avoiding harmful habits. It is also very useful to the sun, but early, before 9am. Skin tans, plaque and practically disappear. But if you burn in the sun, it is a very strong aggravation. Therefore, the sun baths should be approached with caution!
I have been in remission lasts for 7 years, I even think that I have recovered from the disease. It shows, of course, time. But I live all the time in tension, a strict diet constantly drink a variety of grass, because I believe that each herb is useful for the body, doing feasible exercise. Well, in general, I live and many are not aware that there was a time when my whole body was covered with scabs.
And how do you do it?
Tanya correctly all say it is so. To begin, any treatment must be from within, ie, with the diet and cleansing the body of toxic products. And it is then necessary to use external tools or tablet formulations, while not forgetting about the state of the liver and keeping it, in fact it displays the metabolites from the body. If its function is impaired, it can only be worse.
I think this disease for a girl just a tragedy, not only that a terrible feel uncomfortable, so more normally open things not dress. I helped the sea, the truth had to persuade her friend to go on a wild beach. The truth is, I almost do not light up a little bit so obsohnu all. But a lot of bathing. a week later began to notice improvement. And when they came home at all from him there was nothing left.
Faina, which you - the exception to the rule, as any doctor will tell you that the sun in this disease is not something that is unacceptable, and protivopakazano, it provokes an even greater surge of symptom. And if you were at sea, though write that little sunbathing anyway because in the sun than usual. Poprobute better to be treated with the help of apple cider vinegar, wipe their skin in a ratio of 1 to 3. It became a little easier on him.
Brad. About vinegar. Double raving about ultraviolet radiation. In psoriasis shows ultraviolet light, but without fanaticism, of course. It is better if it is not the sun, while UVB NB specialized feeds, this spectrum is much more effective.
Tatiana, some apple cider vinegar as you! As can be applied to the affected skin as aggressive substance. I would dare to e. Even healthy skin can suffer serious burns, though the vinegar and weaker than usual, not to mention such a disease. There are plenty of modern and efficient tools that really help people, not harm when this skin.
In fact of the matter is that until the end of his vozniknoveiya reasons are not clear, there are only certain assumptions and are osnovynany all motody treatment, which bring only temporary relief. I still categorically refuse to accept the hormonal methods, but do not know how much I've had enough, folk remedies do not bring much relief to my sufferings.
From all the above harmful believe everything that hormones. The doctors that they prescribe everything, and maybe help me guess. Eat these pills and magic ointment smear sores and puhnesh by leaps and bounds. And you do not know to use it again or harm. Complex diseases, do not argue. But learn from what exactly it occurred, it is paramount. Only then do no harm.
Sasha, you're right, that the treatment of hormonal agents harmful, but sometimes they just can not do, because they are well eliminate vospalenie.A then go to them very carefully, so as not to get "withdrawal" that is worsening the condition. Therefore we can not so adamantly criticize these funds correctly, and you just need to use them wisely.
My husband is severely affected by the disease. Where we just were not, at what only doctors and traditional healers were not treated. Even persuaded him to start drinking urine by the method of Gennady Malakhov. But this is nonsense. It does not help anything at all. I can not look at his suffering. Especially hard it all takes place in the summer. I hope very much for your help, I want to find a grandmother who speaks ailments.
Svetlana perfectly understand you. This disease is and my aunt. It has a fan for a long time and to be honest even no means has not helped enough to completely forget about this disease. Only periods are remission when little rash, but no more, as a woman in this respect is heavier, because did not really wear, all you need to hide.
Svetlana, you I just killed my request! What Malakhov, what my grandmother ?! You generally clueless! Treatment should appoint only competent expert, not charlatans, you just ruin health of her husband, using these techniques! I actually shocked that there are still people who believe in all this nonsense, in the twenty-first century!
Svetlana, Well firstly it is necessary to correctly call the treatments offered by Gennady Malakhov, it sounds as follows- Urinotherapy. Henceforth, in public places I recommend using that word. The hope for doctors and traditional healers is better, if you can move to live closer to the sea, find out about the experience of those who have already done so, and ask whether it gave results.
Catherine, instead of what would correct people would give good advice. Moved to live to the sea that would cure this disease stupid. Perhaps the reason lies elsewhere. And what about Malakhov, I advise to try again. Only success depends on how you are doing everything exactly. Small inaccuracies can not give a result. And of course let protects nerves.
Milan, as you may advise treatment methods n this quack, deceiver, fake doctor! Have you ever use it often cures? How can you admit that he was told about the treatments for the central television channel? I do not understand people who follow his advice, you're all in your mind? Heal yourself and advise others not!
In fact, everything is elementary, hand over all the necessary tests, if they do not cause serious complaints, so the case of the nerves. If you go the right course, the sores will be fast enough. But the doctor told me that my cure is not possible, you can simply extinguish. He also becomes greater when the hot weather, so I go into the shower as often as possible.
Vitaly, if the doctor says so, then it is not a fact that actually all this is the.
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