Dry hair: how to restore hair vitality?

October 3, 2011

 dry hair
 Regular hair coloring Hair coloring - Beauty lossless  Hair coloring - Beauty lossless
   resistant paints, frequent shampooing, permanent use the hair dryer for drying hair - all this destroys the structure of the hair, deprives them of the necessary moisture and vitality. As a result, not only the hair becomes dull and lifeless, but also suffer from dry, brittle, split ends. However, in most cases, any damage to the hair - a problem that can be solved quite easily: dry hair needs special care, but, in the end, even damaged hair can regain the beauty and luster.

 Dry hair: how to restore hair vitality?

How to care for dry hair?

One of the main rules of care for dry hair - the correct selection and use shampoo for hair: first, the shampoo should be designed specifically for dry, damaged hair and maintain appropriate moisturizing ingredients, and secondly, abuse washing the head in no case be because it deprives the hair of necessary moisture. It is best suited for dry hair shampoo with a pH value of four and a half to six and a half - but the alkaline shampoo with a pH greater than six and a half should be abandoned because they can aggravate dry hair How to prevent and eliminate dry hair - a few simple tips  How to prevent and eliminate dry hair - a few simple tips
 . Each washing procedure is necessary to complete the application of hair balm or mask - they are the main helpers in the treatment of dry, damaged hair.

Further, if the hair suffering from dryness and brittleness, it is better to give up the use of the dryer - or to use minimal settings to avoid aggravating the damage dry hair with hot air. The same goes for styling tools - dry hair is better not to straighten the hair iron hot and hot curling irons to curl.

Another secret of care for dry hair - can not comb wet hair: in this condition the most fragile hair and scratching can exacerbate damage to the already affected hair. Going to the pool, the hair must be protected from chlorine and other chemicals in the water, the protective rubber cap, and, going to the beach - to protect the hair from the scorching sun hat.

 Dry hair: how to restore hair vitality?

Balm and mask - the best medicine for dry hair

Chief Assistant in the treatment of dry hair - is, of course, balsam hair conditioner. Although modern cosmetic brands produce many different means of hair care products of all types, it is very important when choosing the appropriate hair conditioner, pay attention to its composition. Not all ingredients included in the formula means for hair care are really useful for dry and damaged hair. Among the most common ingredients hair balm Balsam hair - part of the care program  Balsam hair - part of the care program

  • Oxidants - remove the fat, make the surface smooth the hair shaft, making hair become silky and shiny. The most common oxidizer - citric acid.
  • Antistatic - reduce static electricity, which is especially useful for dry hair.
  • Fatty acids, which are the source of natural oils help to make dry and damaged hair softer and obedient. In addition, the fatty acid composition of funds for hair compensate for the loss of the sebum during shampooing.
  • Dimethicone and cyclomethicone - reflecting light chemical substances which, being attached to the surface of the hair shaft, make hair more shiny.
  • Sequestrants - ingredients that enhance the effectiveness of the air conditioner in hard water.
  • Lubricants - for example, fatty alcohols, panthenol, dimethicone - substances that prevent hair from tangling.

Another way to recover the lost hair dry moisture and vitality - a hair mask, you can even cook in the home of the cheapest ingredients. With the objective of returning to hair beauty, strength and shine handle products that can be found in any refrigerator - such as milk, eggs, butter, mayonnaise or even normal. Milk and eggs contain protein necessary for healthy hair growth: Protein helps the hair shaft quickly recover from damage. Compensate for the lost moisture dry hair help natural moisturizers - such as olive oil, honey, glycerin Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair  Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair
 . A citrus - such as lemon or orange - provide shine.

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Clean skin: the beauty of the need to fight

August 31, 2011

 clear skin
 Clean skin - it is always attractive. Even if a woman is not too regular features, but clean beautiful skin Beautiful skin - achieving  Beautiful skin - achieving
 It may well be considered a beauty. Conversely, a person with the correct proportional features can not be considered beautiful, if not in the order of the skin.

 Clean skin: the beauty of the need to fight

Why are there problems with the skin

These skin problems like black spots (blackheads), pimples (acne), dull complexion with a greasy luster or, conversely, dry scaly skin, creating a young age a lot of problems, including psychological.

This happens in violation of hormonal, when the blood of a teenager there are too many male hormones. It occurs in both boys and girls. Male sex hormones alter the chemical composition and the viscosity of sebum, which leads to changes in the skin, a physiological condition may take up to thirty years. Naturally, this causes the young man a state of chronic stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 , Which further exacerbates the over all skin diseases, as under the influence of the central nervous system in the skin are released neurotransmitters (substances that transmit nerve impulses), which activates the sebaceous glands.

In addition, the condition of the skin affected by environmental factors such as dust, dirt, sun rays, wind. Therefore, for problem skin requires special care.

 Clean skin: the beauty of the need to fight

How to treat skin problems

Better to start with a consultation dermatologist-cosmetologist who will give individual recommendations for the care of your skin is, because each person has some problems.

If the facial skin is oily (and at a young age it happens often), you need to wash twice a day, preferably with a special foam for oily skin, it cleans, but does not dry the skin. At night, applied to the skin night cream for oily skin during the day, under makeup - day (also for oily skin).

There are also special therapeutic external agents for the skin regeneration. For example, skinoren (thins the skin, which makes it easier to clean it), baziron (dissolve dead skin cells, helps clean the pores.

 Clean skin: the beauty of the need to fight

Therapeutic and prophylactic agents for a problem youthful skin

As always, ahead of France in the field of cosmetology. Treatment and prevention line "Normaderm" company Vichy includes creams, lotions and other cosmetic products to restore the normal condition of the skin.

In addition, the companies L'Oreal and Nestle was jointly established a biologically active food supplement "Inna Clean skin D-Tox." Since both companies have a good reputation in the market as a supplier of quality products (L'Oreal - cosmetic, Nestle - food), then this should look at Badu. Designed BAA "Inna Clean skin D-tox" laboratory Inneov (France).

According to the producers of this concentrated supplements should regulate metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 , Improve skin from the inside, saving her from blackheads, acne and dull complexion, as it contains the perfect combination of well-absorbed by the body components acting in combination:

  • ascorbic acid - an excellent antioxidant, strengthens the walls of blood vessels in the skin;
  • Grape seed polyphenols white - antioxidants that improve blood circulation in small blood vessels of the skin; together with ascorbic acid, polyphenols promote skin regeneration.
  • tomato extract (lycopene) - antioxidant Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits  Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits
 It protects the skin from damaging its free radicals produced as a result of oxidation-reduction reactions; as this process increases during stress under the influence of adrenaline, lycopene eliminate the effects of stress;
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) - the most important bio-energy, supports the nervous and immune system, improves metabolic processes in the skin;
  • Magnesium - regulate cellular metabolism, improves immunity; It goes well and acts in the same direction with vitamin B6.

 Clean skin: the beauty of the need to fight

How to take dietary supplements "Innova Pure Leather D-tox"

BAA "Innova Pure Leather D-Tox" is recommended to take two capsules once a day with meals for two - three months. The dose is not recommended to exceed. It is believed that taking this BUD twice yearly rates significantly improve skin condition. You can take it and unplanned, high physical and mental stress, the menstrual cycle, with an adverse effect on the skin.

But we must remember that it is, nevertheless, a biologically active food supplement, not a drug, so it acts slowly and wait for the effect immediately is not necessary. In addition, manufacturers recommend combining reception "Innova Pure Leather D-tox" with application to the skin cosmetics line "Normoderm" (Vichy).

In order to achieve the effect of clear skin, you need a long and hard to deal with them.

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