Your skin is too little care? Or too much?

December 9, 2007

 your skin care
 For the majority of adult women wrinkles - is the same as that for teenagers acne - the personification of all skin problems The most common skin problems and their solutions  The most common skin problems and their solutions
   and the reason for the complexes. But, unfortunately, wrinkles - is not the only problem adulthood. To look younger, dermatologists advise to pay attention to the four main problems: wrinkles and laxity, discoloration and redness. The key to successfully combat these problems - in the assessment of his face as a whole. If you only fight wrinkles, it is unlikely someone will be able to tell you that you have beautiful skin. Does that skin care should be your main job? No. Do I need to regularly take care of your skin? Yes. After quite a bit of time at home or cosmetologist really matters. In this article, the best advice for all centenarians thirty abroad.

 Your skin is too little care? Or too much?


About gravity to forget, of course, not necessary, but it employs other mechanisms. Over time, the internal structure of the skin is destroyed, depriving the face of clear forms and youthful elasticity. And the surface of the skin can hardly save the situation: the cells in older age are updated more slowly than before. Because of this, the skin becomes loose and hang down. Genetic predisposition, weight fluctuations and sharp negative impact of sunlight accelerate this process. In addition, the aging, if stretched, the skin becomes noticeable pores.

  • What you can do at home: you will hardly find simple recipes: tightening saggy skin more complex than any other procedure. Temporary effect and slowing the destruction process provides good moisture, but too heavy cream can clog the already noticeable pores. The best solution is "active" care: tools for facial contour with vitamin A (retinol), vitamin C serum and alpha and betagidroksidnye acid. Such funds are used as a night and increase the elasticity of the skin due to its faster updates.
  • What can a doctor: Do not want to follow the example of the stars and do lift? It is natural - and quite reasonable: in the arsenal of cosmetologists are other effective treatments. For example, the impact of the laser stimulates collagen and gouged, making the connective tissue firmer and more elastic.

 Your skin is too little care? Or too much?

Uneven texture (and wrinkles)

Why is the ideal skin may be only in infants? The fact that with age, the body produces less sebum and, therefore, the upper layers of the skin becomes drier. Furthermore, the subcutaneous layer is updated more slowly and has time to recover properties such as elasticity, in full. As a result of these processes we find on the skin such unpleasant consequences as wrinkles, dryness and peeling, as well as long-term healing of scars and acne marks.

  • What can you do at home: Moisturizing helps, but it can hardly cope with all the problems. To fully restore the damaged skin structure and deal with dryness, so you need a strong active agent as your skin can tolerate. These products work more, and as chemical peels, speeding up the natural process of cell renewal.
  • Do not overdo it with the means and not paying one zone more attention than others. Strengthen action to help dermapiling funds, which can be done at home about once a month. As often as possible relax your face, not allowing himself to rub or stretch the skin, as well as to express negative emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
   using too active facial expressions.
  • What can the doctor: salon treatments such as a peeling, laser and botox, will significantly improve the appearance of your face. But to achieve and maintain results require a whole series of procedures that are regularly repeated. Unfortunately, such beauty products because of their high cost are not available to everyone.

 Your skin is too little care? Or too much?


Despite the fact that we hate the new wrinkles appearing on the face, the appearance of age spots and skin darkening often frustrate us more. One study, conducted by Procter & Gamble, has confirmed that a person can look older just because of skin tone. Problems with pigmentation often arise as a result of heredity or exposure to sunlight.

  • What can you do at home: First, examine your skin when it is cleared. If you notice some unevenness of color, you need a combination product with vitamins A and C. The result is a bright, radiant skin and make the already existing dark spots less noticeable. For best results, use a mild facial scrub once a week or less, depending on the condition of the skin. In order to prevent further violations of pigmentation, use sunscreen every day. Hide already appeared patches to help with the effect of tan powder.
  • What can a doctor: If you have only a few small spots, try a light chemical peel. If the problem is more serious, a series of procedures to help pulsed light (IPL). The improvement will be gradual, but eventually disappear, even the darkest spots.

 Your skin is too little care? Or too much?

Redness and hypersensitivity

Over time, the skin becomes thinner and requires more delicate handling. Performers are weakening and growing blood vessels that make up the age redness. If you blush easily, and in my youth, it is somewhat exacerbate the problem.

  • What can you do at home: active creams and serums, of course, help to preserve youthful skin, but not for the sensitive. If after cleansing or moisturizing appeared sensation of tightness, dryness, burning, you need other means. If you have already upgraded to retinoids, change them to lighter antioxidants Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits  Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits
   - Green tea, soy, or idebenone.
  • What can the doctor: Medicines that help with the sensitivity of the skin - is MetroGel (applied to the skin) and Oracea (in pill form). To reduce the redness and the laser is used to help improve the condition of the vessels. Pulsed laser Vbeam or V Star can be used even for the individual vessels, without leaving any swelling or bruising. The result is significant in two or three treatments, but it is useless if you do not use sunscreen.

 Your skin is too little care? Or too much?

Simple truths. Care for every day

Although individual skin care to achieve the result, each of us must comply with the general rules are simple. For example, you may even need to use active agents, but it is important to choose the brand and the product that will be optimal for you. If you do not take into account that, in retaliation, your skin turns red. If you have a natural tendency to redness and irritation, it is recommended to use active agents with great caution and under the supervision of a specialist.

Watch the reaction of the skin, adjusting to her use of the cream. Almost all women in the initial stage there is redness and / or discomfort, but do not despair. Use a portion of the cream the size of a pea first two or three times a week, and then every day. Process full habituation to the facility lasts approximately six to eight weeks.

  • Every morning: If your skin is dirty, use a mild detergent solution. If it is required, apply a daily moisturizer and sun protection (this may be just one way!).
  • Every evening: Take a soft make-up tool. To skin was as clean as possible, massage it a little more than a minute, then rinse agent. Lightly dab the face. Apply the first active cream (antioxidant sensitive skin Sensitive skin: causes and care  Sensitive skin: causes and care
 , Retinoid - for a more relaxed) and then inactive moisturizer. Moisturize in the evening is to prevent dryness and flaking, possibly after application of the active agent.

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