Emo hairstyles for short hair - the main styles

January 6, 2011

 Emo hairstyles for short hair
 Although Emo style of music - a very special direction in other areas in the emo style has had a significant influence of music of the eighties and early nineties: in particular, rock and punk style. Emo hairstyles are particularly popular among today's teenagers. Emo style trend in hairstyles is characterized, first of all, with black hair, "torn" haircuts and long, asymmetrical bangs covering her eyes.

Creating hairstyles emo style may require expert assistance and proper care of hair. The best option for those who appreciate the bright style of emo, but does not support the "emotional" focus mindset fans Emo movement - hairstyles emo style for short hair: although the hairstyle is not as extravagant as haircuts emo for long hair, they still look beautiful, stylish and, at least outside the box.

  • "Razor" style

One of the most popular hairstyles in the style of emo for short hair - a special hair styling so that they looked like spikes. It is best suited for this style of short hair. Hair combed up and secured with lacquer or hair gel. "Razor" style can be varied, depending only on individual taste: the spikes may be as "acute" or small, laid only on the back of the head.

  • "Iroquois"

Despite the apparent extravagance, "mohawk" - one of the easiest hairstyles for short hair in the style of emo. "Iroquois" requires a certain hairstyle, so to create a hairstyle is best to consult a professional hairdresser - there is nothing worse than a "mohawk" wrongly delivered too short or, conversely, too long hair. "Iroquois" - hair, in which the head is left in the middle of the flat strip of hair that is combed up and "placed" by the gel, and hair shaved at the sides or completely (typical for representatives of punk culture) or are cut short.

  • Straight bangs

Though bangs and short hair - two things seemingly incompatible, emo fans managed to combine them in a fairly stylish hairstyle. Emo hairstyle with bangs provides cropped hair on the sides and back, and long locks of hair in front of which the asymmetric cut out, the bed on the eye fringe. Short hair with bangs in Emo style is almost more popular than the "Mohawk" or spikes, and is considered one of the most trendy.

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Caring for Curly Hair: taming unruly springs

March 31, 2011

 care for curly hair
 Have you ever jealous of girls who do not have every time washing your head, spend a lot of time to straighten hair. Indeed, while on the catwalks reign straight, silky hair, the same shag wants to have a majority of women - regardless of genetic characteristics. How to properly care for curly hair?

 Caring for Curly Hair: taming unruly springs

Limit the use of hot styling

Curling irons and give a nice result, but with regular use greatly damage the hair. If possible, eliminate the use of the dryer - it desiccate hair, and they begin to curl even more.

 Caring for Curly Hair: taming unruly springs

Do not wash your hair every day

Water and shampoo (even the softest) to wash the hair's natural protective oils, is particularly necessary curly hair. They need a lot more moisture than straight hair, so wash your locks more than two or four times a week should not be. In addition, for more moisture to regularly use a variety of hair care products - air conditioners, masks, lotions.

 Caring for Curly Hair: taming unruly springs

Find the right you shampoo and conditioner

Try a few different lines of hair care and watch carefully how the different means of impact on the state of your hair. In addition, approximately once every three or four months, you need at least a few weeks to change your shampoo and conditioner - for the period of the hair and scalp is "accustomed" to the means of care, resulting in a reduced effect.

  • Each time a head wash, apply conditioner to the hair from root to tip. Keep your air conditioner on the hair one to three minutes; at this time comb the hair with your fingers, and then - a comb with a few teeth.
  • At least once a week to do a deep conditioning hair. To do this, apply a hair conditioner on all length and wrap head with a towel. Rinse conditioner half an hour. In addition, it is necessary to make regular hair mask - use for this, as they wish, commercial or home remedies.

 Caring for Curly Hair: taming unruly springs

Do not rub your hair with a towel

This can not be done with any hair, but with curly - especially. After a shower, just wrap the head with a towel and walk as five or ten minutes.

If you take your time and you need as soon as possible to dry hair, use a diffuser. Do not forget to apply moisturizing lotion to the hair.

 Caring for Curly Hair: taming unruly springs

Do not overuse hair styling products

How would you not want to become straighter hair, scalp to breathe and excessive load makeup, even the best of intentions, will affect the condition of your hair is not the best way.

Use special tools for curly hair Caring for curly hair - a remedy is right for you?  Caring for curly hair - a remedy is right for you?
   - Maybe they will not make your curls perfectly smooth, but give luster, strength, and will feed them throughout.

 Caring for Curly Hair: taming unruly springs

You love your curls

In fact, you are very lucky with the hair - believe me, many holders of perfectly straight hair envy you. Nature endowed you an additional opportunity to emphasize their individuality - use it.

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Exercises for lip augmentation: simple and effective

March 18, 2013

 exercises to increase lip
 Many women are willing to spend hours to improve its shape in the gym, and about exercises for facial muscles remember not all. Meanwhile exercises to increase the lips, for example, can be almost as effective as the expensive procedures in beauty parlor. What is important is to practice regularly and not to leave class if the result is not immediately noticeable too.

 Exercises for lip augmentation: simple and effective

Gymnastics for the person

As a rule, the person caring for women are limited to cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing. Undoubtedly, these procedures are very important, but we should not forget about the facial muscles - it was their tone provides face taut and youthful appearance. Over the years, under the influence of the law of gravity muscles and skin as it sags, a second chin, oval face becomes puffy vaguely, and to get rid of these unpleasant phenomena can only be with the help of a plastic surgeon. It is much better to do preventive exercises for the face.

Such exercises not only forms a clear oval face, but may be slightly adjusted his features, for example, drawing the lips. Of course, no exercise will not help a woman become a thin-lipped Angelina Jolie, but achieve better lip shape and volume is quite real. In addition, thanks to regular exercise will improve blood circulation, which in turn will help keep youth longer.

The first results of the attentive eye will notice a week after the start of classes - in a few weeks will be the effect of exercise is evident. In the first month, it is desirable to engage in every day, the best - twice a day. When the desired result is achieved, it will be enough to do the exercises two or three times a week to keep in shape.

 Exercises for lip augmentation: simple and effective

A set of exercises for the lips

Before starting the exercises, it is desirable to rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm, then cold water. On the lips can cause softening balm or simply lubricate them with Vaseline Vaseline: old friend  Vaseline: old friend
 . You start with ten repetitions and gradually brought the number of repetitions to twenty. Exercises can be done in any order, but to miss any of them is not desirable to uniformly trained muscles:

  • Firmly gripping jaw, lightly pull the lips forward and move them right and left. Then repeat the exercise, not pulling his lips;
  • Squeeze the jaw, lips pull ahead. "Draw" the lips in the air circles and eights clockwise or counterclockwise;
  • Strong pull forward the lips, mouth slightly open. Stay in this position for a few seconds, then closed lips and facial muscles to relax;
  • Slightly open mouth and stick his tongue as far as possible. Stay in this position for three seconds, then close your mouth and relax the muscles of the face;
  • Take a deep breath to inflate the cheeks. Pull his lips and let the air out of his mouth: first gradually, then - jerky;
  • Inflate cheeks and slowly let the air out of the lips, elongated tube. After this stretch lips in a smile, revealing teeth as much as possible and stay in this position for five seconds;
  • Dial in the mouth air and blow him sharply, as if blowing out a candle;
  • Enunciate turns all the vowels;
  • Whistling a favorite tune or whistling, imitating the singing birds;
  • Pursed lips, then stretch them into a smile without opening the teeth. Freeze in that position for five seconds, then relax the muscles of the face;
  • Pull the folded tube lips, try to reach them first to the tip of the nose, and then - to the chin;
  • Pull the lips forward, pausing for a few seconds, then wrapped her lips into his mouth, so that they could not be seen, and now stay in this position;
  • Lips are closed and relax. Place the index fingers of both hands on the upper lip, and the thumbs on the bottom. Delicately with your fingers gently pull the lips forward. This exercise can be repeated many times during the day, but should not be too much pressure on the lips.

Initially, not all exercises will be given easily, but eventually the elasticity and strength of the facial muscles will grow and perform the exercises will be very simple. After classes, it is desirable to lubricate the mouth hygienic lipstick or balm.

Maria Bykov

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