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August 19, 2013

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 causes of hair loss

Causes of hair loss - a consequence of an illness or cosmetic problems

Every healthy person is a natural hair loss, while it should not exceed more than 100 hairs daily. Noteworthy is a situation where the process gets accelerated pace, which in some cases can lead to baldness. Causes of hair loss have a close relationship with the state of health of the person, so it is crucial to be screened to prevent disease progression.

 Causes | Hair loss - the distress signal

The investigation of hormonal imbalance

Hormonal disorders, women face are systemic in nature displays. This is reflected in the condition of functional systems of the body, including the state of the skin and its appendages. In the case of enhanced hair loss is necessary to hormonal examination with obligatory determination of testosterone in the blood.

Hormonal problems may be associated with thyroid cancer. One of the clinical manifestations of dysfunction is the loss of hair and a violation of the state of mucous membranes, skin. Consultation endocrinologist should be carried out without fail. To determine the functional status of the thyroid gland by using the ultrasound technique, and based on the results of hormones. Not all clinical cases associated with thyroid disorders have pronounced symptoms, so the results of the survey will be fundamental hormone for the diagnosis and identify the causes of hair loss.

To increased hair loss can also cause diseases associated with metabolic disorders. Of the group of endocrine diseases often this is the cause of diabetes. When diabetes against developing glucose metabolic disorders, leading to changes in the skin and its appendages. In the process of examination of the patient is necessary to check the performance of glucose Glucose: The energy source  Glucose: The energy source
   blood, to be able to assess the functional activity of the pancreas.

 Causes | Hair loss - the distress signal

Effect of vitamins and minerals

The condition of the whole organism greatly influence the balance of vitamins and minerals. Most of these nutrients a person gets from food, but this is not always sufficient to maintain the activity of organs and systems.

If there is a shortage of the trace elements, which are responsible for skin, hair, this can be the direct cause of hair loss.

In this connection, it is recommended to take a balanced mix of prevention to the content of important minerals and vitamins. These systems take into account the individual characteristics of the female and male body, so are available in separate packages for women and men.

The greatest influence on the condition of the hair has a micronutrient deficiency of iron. Lack of iron content in the body is the cause of anemia, which can be manifested by the following symptoms:

  • pale skin and mucous membranes
  • dry, brittle hair and nails
  • hair loss
  • changing tastes
  • general weakness, dizziness,

Should conduct a survey of the patient with the appearance of this kind of complaint, a blood test. In women, excessive blood loss can occur in the next few days in the case of heavy menstrual bleeding Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology  Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology
   from the genital tract. Controlling the level of hemoglobin will allow time to appoint antianemic therapy to prevent the development of more severe anemia. Anemia develops as a result of diseases of the digestive tract, it occurs when the body's assimilation of iron. Pathological conditions that occur with impaired absorption, require medical correction (for example, substitution therapy with enzymes).

Of great importance is the state of immunity, which largely determines the state of health in general. Hair loss can be observed after a serious illness, or a volume of surgical intervention (during the rehabilitation period), during pregnancy or after birth during breastfeeding Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!  Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!
 . Should pay due attention to strengthening the organism, its defense forces to be able to prevent the development of disease. Beneficial will affect any recreational activities, sports or exercise Myths about exercise: do not believe  Myths about exercise: do not believe
 , Respect for rational mode of the day, a good rest. To prevent hair loss is possible if there are no pathological conditions related to changes in the state of immunity. The immune system includes not only the general reactivity of the organism, as well as local processes that operate in a single interconnection, which protects the whole organism.

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Face Cream - what suits you

October 12, 2008

 Face Cream - what suits you
 Selecting face creams today is almost unlimited. Day and night creams, cleansers and moisturizers, anti-aging and sun - this is an incomplete list of varieties of creams that we see on the shelves of pharmacies and shops; With such a variety to choose the right face cream can be difficult.

 Face Cream - what suits you

Cold cream

Cold cream - this is the first of all the face creams; It was invented by Galen, a Greek physician who lived in the years 129-200 AD. It emulsified mixture of oil, wax, water and flavoring agents, to yield the cold cream. Currently, cold cream is used to cleanse and moisturize the skin. It got its name for the sensation of coolness, which leaves cold cream on the skin.

This cream is very useful for the purification of dry and normal skin. It removes makeup, oil, dirt and skin secreted, while not making the skin dry. A small amount of cold cream applied to the skin, and for some time it gently massaging in circular motions. It was then washed with water or removed by a tissue or a cotton disc - depending on the instructions of the manufacturer. For oily and problem skin cold cream, as a rule, it is not suitable.

 Face Cream - what suits you

Moisturizing cream

Moisturizing Cream restores the lipid layer that covers the skin, thereby making it soft and smooth. To get the maximum effect, Cream of this type should be used on a daily basis; it is ideal for those who have dry and normal skin. Some manufacturers offer two types of moisturizers for the face in one line: night and day. As a general rule, night cream fatter, day - light, and is suitable for use as a moisturizing makeup base.

 Face Cream - what suits you

Barrier creams

The composition of sunscreens for the face contain substances that protect the skin from UV rays. Strong and frequent exposure to UV rays can lead to premature wrinkles, age spots, burns; in the worst cases, it causes skin cancer Skin cancer - a full recovery possible  Skin cancer - a full recovery possible
 . Regular use of face creams that contain sunscreens can prevent a variety of skin damage associated with sun exposure.

 Face Cream - what suits you

Anti-aging creams

Anti-aging or anti-aging creams contain active ingredients such as alpha-lipoic acid Lipoic acid - regulates metabolic processes  Lipoic acid - regulates metabolic processes
 Alpha-hydroxy acids, amino acids, retinol (vitamin A derivatives), vitamins C and E, peptides Peptides: The new panacea?  Peptides: The new panacea?
   and peptidnyk complexes kinetin. Creams stimulate this type of skin cell renewal, and gradually reduce the signs of aging such as age spots and wrinkles. Before using a wrinkle cream, it is strongly recommended to consult your doctor; some people these creams cause skin irritation, burning, and even blistering; It may also appear on the skin diskoloratsii area from which escape is almost impossible.

 Face Cream - what suits you

Creams acne

Acne creams that are designed specifically for the care of problem skin, usually contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or a natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agents such as tea tree oil Tea tree oil  Tea tree oil
 , Green tea extract, chamomile pharmacy, and so on. Some of these creams can be very dry skin, it is recommended the simultaneous use of moisturizers that do not contain fat.

There are also face creams designed to solve various problems. For example, creams for the treatment of acne scars, reducing pores; lightening creams for those with uneven skin color and so on.

Before you use any cream for the face, apply a small amount of cream in the crook of the elbow and 24-48 chesov watch the reaction. If there is no change can use the cream; if there are signs of skin irritation, it is strongly recommended to try a different cream.

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