Cleansing for different skin types: Given the nuances

November 23, 2011

 Cleansing for different skin types
 Our skin needs daily cleansing. In dry, oily, combination and normal skin, these requirements are not equivalent. Determine your skin type and follow the advice for individual cleansing that exist for each type.

 Cleansing for different skin types: Given the nuances

Cleansing Oily Skin - carefully and accurately

Do not think that if the skin is oily, it will endure even aggressive style of purification. Oily skin produces sebum necessary for a person to maintain the luster and elasticity. To purify it, Wash twice a day (morning and fan) by using customized cosmetics. In the evening, they must be used after make-up remover (it just washes away makeup). Do not use lotions Sears - they only aggravate the skin problem, which will produce more fat.

Like all other types of oily skin Oily skin: Natural and artificial care  Oily skin: Natural and artificial care
   It needs regular moisture, which must follow immediately after cleansing. Use a mild detergent soap and without alcohol, and after washing, apply a light moisturizer. Do not neglect the second necessary step in your daily skin care - do not leave without humidification even oily skin.

 Cleansing for different skin types: Given the nuances

Combination skin - selective focus

If you have combination skin, oily in the T-zone and dry on the cheeks, you must acquire products for oily skin. It would be strange to expect that the owners of this type of skin How to determine your skin type  How to determine your skin type
   wash two different means according to the objectives of each.

You can not rub too hard code scrubs and other cleansers. After washing, gently soak through the face with a towel - do not rub, irritating the skin.

Twice a week, use a gentle scrub exfoliation to cleanse the skin deeply, eliminating black glasses, dead skin particles, which are often formed on the surface of the combined skin, clogging pores. Combination skin is often prone to acne Acne: facial trouble  Acne: facial trouble
 Because of which it was inclined to call a problem. You should not be treated independently, it is better to consult a dermatologist who will recommend a professional facial, picking up individual means and methods of treatment. Do not touch or squeeze pimples yourself - you get an additional infection.

 Cleansing for different skin types: Given the nuances

Dry skin - soft decision

If your skin is dry and very dry, you need a very careful care, and means for cleaning should be as soft. If after each washing the feeling of tightness, it is possible that the means by which you use, you do not fit, and should choose something more gentle. Dry and very dry skin Dry skin: care and treatment  Dry skin: care and treatment
   deliver a lot of problems in the care, but in any case always be very careful - no hard assets, no rough mechanical impact, including towel.

 Cleansing for different skin types: Given the nuances

Cleansing mature skin - dryness war

The main advice that can be given to all women of mature age skin the appropriate type - do not forget that a person loses moisture and needs extra hydration. Cleansing cosmetics should be very soft, but enough to wash once a day - in the evening after cleansing. In the morning, before applying a moisturizer, a person need not wash with makeup - you can spray on your face with mineral water, then apply moisturizer.

 Cleansing for different skin types: Given the nuances

Purification of normal skin - almost ideal data

Normal skin is not too dry, not greasy, but it needs careful regard. For normal skin may be suitable cleansing milk or gel cream texture, a fresh, degreasing. But whatever you use, do not forget about the subsequent moistening.

All funds must be selected strictly for normal skin - it should not be overdry or additionally oversaturate as needed other types. Once a week use a scrub, not too zealous, because there is always a risk to traumatize the skin.

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Folk remedies for hair loss - are they effective?

March 21, 2010

  • Folk remedies for hair loss - are they effective?
  • With regard to the type of skin

 Folk remedies for hair loss
 Folk remedies for hair loss should be used with great caution. No, they can not bear very much harm. But when you are faced with a very serious health problem, no masks, no herbal teas will help. So you run the risk of losing time and just make the problem worse. Now, however, many experts in the field of beauty recommend their patients to the traditional anti-hair loss as an aid. After all, these recipes that are going on for centuries, reflect the tremendous wisdom and experience of our ancestors. There are many recipes of folk remedies for hair loss.

 Folk remedies for hair loss - are they effective?

Simple tricks and beauty recipes

If the hair is loose and fall out, they should be treated very carefully: to abandon the pilings, blow-drying, rarely wash them, and very carefully comb. It is good practice massage at least two or three times a week.

The well-known folk remedy for hair loss - a burdock Burdock oil - helps damaged hair  Burdock oil - helps damaged hair
 . But do not forget about the other vegetable oils, which are also very beneficial for the hair. If you are also going to combine it with a massage to improve the flow of oil to the hair roots, the effect will be even more noticeable. In particular, very effective mask with essential oils of rosemary, sweet, tea tree, mint Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness  Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness

The Indians have a recipe for hair loss - a colorless or red henna. It perfectly nourishes and strengthens hair roots. Some people who experience severe hair loss, refer to this recipe.

Many traditional recipes from hair loss are using rinse hair infusions of herbs: nettle, burdock, lime flowers, birch leaves, chamomile, plantain, oregano, sage Sage - cvyaschennaya grass  Sage - cvyaschennaya grass
 , Nasturtium, calendula, hops, oak and others. The best way to do this rinsing night to longer nutrients could influence the skin and hair. Traditional medicine is very rich in a variety of recipes for concoctions used for hair loss. Remember that it is best not to pour boiling herbs or too hot water, as in boiling water, many beneficial components simply die. It is better to pour the grass is not very hot water and infuse for this useful cocktail longer. When the infusion has cooled, gently rub it into the scalp, and rinse their hair after shampooing.

Before using herbal infusions as a remedy for hair loss, be sure to check all of the properties of this plant. For example, oak bark can make hair color a bit darker. Chamomile, on the contrary, for people with blond hair, because it has a slight bleaching effect. Henna and calendula gives the hair a reddish tint.

Herbal tea is not strong remedy for hair loss, although the beneficial properties of the above plants are not subject to doubt. Stronger folk remedy for hair loss is a tincture or oil slurry of herbs that can be prepared on the basis of the henna. You can take the henna powder and mix it with other herbs such as chamomile, apply on the scalp and leave it for a long time. Most importantly, the grass should be well crushed.

In the arsenal of popular recipes from hair loss there are many ingredients: onion and lemon juice, glycerin, brandy, egg yolk, honey, aloe vera, and even mayonnaise. Not everyone likes to use these recipes because of their smell and consistency. But this does not mean that these recipes are ineffective. You just need to find the most suitable folk remedy for hair loss.

If the hair began to fall out, it is necessary, without delay, start to use the funds against their loss as to stop the process of hair loss is much easier than to stimulate the growth of new hair.

Folk remedies for hair loss - a mask, as well as liqueurs, that need to be rubbed into the scalp.

Good folk remedy against hair loss is the onion juice with cognac and broth burdock root. It should be rubbed into the scalp. On one part of brandy take four pieces of onion juice and six parts of the decoction of burdock root.

To stop hair loss, it is necessary once a week wash your hair with warm water, rubbing the scalp with a handful of salt for 15 minutes. Then rinse the head of the same warm water.

Well strengthens hair roots 5-10 percent tincture Sophora japonica vodka. Sophora japonica can be bought in pharmacies, while in the south, it grows by itself. Insist Sophora japonica in a dark place for 21 days. 100 g of grass take 500 ml of good vodka.

Ancient remedy for hair loss - a tincture of fungus, which is rubbed into the hair and scalp. Now on sale there is a ready solution called Befungin, which can also be used at home against hair loss.

 Folk remedies for hair loss - are they effective?

Pets mask hair loss

One glass collection, consisting of equal parts of oak bark and peel onions pour one liter of boiling water and infuse for an hour. Strain the broth and add the crust of bread that turned mush. Get excellent home mask against hair loss. Warm mask to rub into the scalp, put on top plastic cap or bag. Keep one or two hours, then rinse with warm water and dry the hair naturally. This tool quickly stops hair loss. This is a folk remedy to be applied once a week.

To stop hair loss and enhance their growth in home conditions, you can use a mask of aloe leaves, prepared by the method "Biological stimulation." This means being prepared as follows: you have to cut the lower and middle leaves of aloe, washed with boiled water, dried, wrapped in paper and put in the refrigerator for 12 days. Then, healthy leaves (those leaves that are dark, you need to throw away) chop, squeeze the juice through cheesecloth and rub it once or twice a week in the scalp.

Very simple mask to prevent hair loss - a porridge of onion and garlic Garlic health: almost a panacea  Garlic health: almost a panacea
 . It needs to be carefully rubbed into the scalp one hour before washing your hair. For the same purpose can often rub into my head chopped onion - the simplest remedy for hair loss.

Using this mask, you get rid of hair loss problem.