Eye Makeup - expressiveness and modesty

July 1, 2007

 eye makeup
   Eye makeup - it is absolutely indispensable part of the image. Neckline, beautiful hair, sensual lips, slender legs - with all the advantages of these parts nothing can be more attractive than beautiful eyes, underlined literate makeup.

 Eye Makeup - expressiveness and modesty

Brown eyes

Owners brown eyes are lucky - their services for the wide range of colors. To emphasize brown eyes is not difficult - for this you can use any color from green, bronze and gold, to blue. The intensity of the color depends on the color. The lighter the skin, the less intense the color shade should be used.

Mascara is usually recommended to choose black. However, if the natural color of hair and eyelashes quite light, it is possible to give preference to brown mascara.

 Eye Makeup - expressiveness and modesty

Blue and gray eyes

For the blue and gray eyes perfect brown-orange color. Also suitable dark gray, gray, violet, purple, blue, silver. To emphasize the blue of the eye, use the brownish and pinkish shades. Warm colors contrast with the cold blue eyes, so the eyes stand out most clearly on his face. It is not recommended to use a sky-blue shade, as they will "compete" with the color of your eyes.

 Eye Makeup - expressiveness and modesty

Green eyes

If, in addition to green eyes, you are a winner of a very light skin and freckles, avoid shadows deep colors and brilliant shades. When olive skin should not use silver and blue shadows.

Almost all women with green eyes brown shade suitable range - from beige to chocolate shades. Purple and pink shade and complement green eyes. Light green shadows can successfully emphasize the eyes - if used skillfully and carefully.

 Eye Makeup - expressiveness and modesty

Eyes marsh color

These eye shadows fit a variety of colors - almost all of which are hazel and green eyes. However, one should avoid saturated blue hues - they may dampen the natural eye color.

It is better to give preference to a neutral beige or brown tint, as well as pink, gold, purple, green. Mauve shade will create a contrast with the color of the iris, which gives a very bright result. Pale pink shadows are perfect for creating a romantic image.

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Problem skin - Will kefir mask?

March 30, 2008

 problem skin
 Under the general concept of problem skin is usually understood a whole range of skin problems; among them - acne, excessive skin dryness, premature appearance of wrinkles, and so on. However, most often under the skin problems mean it is acne.

Problem skin gives young people a lot of trouble, but when the hormones returned to normal, the skin usually begins to look much better. However, problem skin in adults can be much more serious problem. For example, more women and, to a lesser extent, men who suffer from acne after puberty. If two major types of acne in adults:

  • Persistent acne, which begins in adolescence and lasts up to 30 years. As a rule, characterized by the appearance of acne and acne around the mouth, chin and along the jaw line. Unlike skin problems characteristic of adolescents with this acne on the skin formed large inflamed pimples and deeper painful cysts or even seals. They are very painful and often lead to scarring.
  • Later, acne can occur even in women who have passed adolescence without a pimple. Such acne develops after 30-40 years, and even after menopause. Some women have acne appear not only on the face, but also on the back and chest.

 Problem skin - Will kefir mask?

Reasons for problem skin

Regardless of age, the immediate cause of acne and pimples is that some pores accumulate sebum, dead skin cells, various dirt and bacteria. The reasons for which the pores are clogged, could be different.

 Problem skin - Will kefir mask?

Fluctuations in hormonal levels

Changes in hormone levels during puberty Transitional age - the period of emotional turmoil  Transitional age - the period of emotional turmoil
 , Menstruation, pregnancy and menopause can cause acne. For some women, this happens when they stop using combined hormonal contraceptives. The appearance of acne during periods of high stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
   due to the increased production of testosterone.

 Problem skin - Will kefir mask?


Combined contraceptives help control the condition of problematic skin, but the control, which include progesterone only Progesterone - norm and pathology  Progesterone - norm and pathology
   I, on the contrary, cause a skin rash. Other triggers of acne are corticosteroids, certain drugs for the treatment of epilepsy and depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood

 Problem skin - Will kefir mask?

Genetic predisposition

Studies have shown that 50% of people with skin problems have at least one close relative who also problematic skin.

 Problem skin - Will kefir mask?

Products for skin and hair

Fatty sunscreen lotions, hair conditioners, and various creams for the face and body can worsen the condition of problem skin. The inscription on the package cream "nekomedogenny" does not always guarantee that it will not provoke the appearance of acne.

 Problem skin - Will kefir mask?

Control over the state problematic skin

Probably the most important part of the control over the state problematic skin - regular and proper facial cleansing. The skin should be cleaned twice a day with a mild lotion or gel. No need to do it more often. Avoid aggressive components such as soap and alcohol. Use a scrub for problem skin can be no more than once a week. A more frequent use of it is likely to cause skin irritation.

Power, contrary to popular belief, has a minimal impact on oily skin. With the help of proper nutrition can improve skin tone, prevent wrinkles, but it is almost impossible to affect the skin, acne-prone. This, of course, but the cause of neglect proper nutrition.

Problem skin needs protection from the sun, not only because sunlight can worsen the condition of problematic skin, but also because they may trigger the development of cancer.

Makeup for oily skin should be selected based on age. If in 16 years will approach creams and gels, slightly dries the skin, then the B30 or 40 years are not recommended. Try tools for problem skin, which contain sodium sulfacetamide and sulfur, as well as point retinoids. If they do not help, you need to consult a dermatologist and the use of more powerful vehicles.

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