Facial gymnastics and its beneficial effects

April 15, 2014

 facial gymnastics
 Facial exercises helps to strengthen the facial muscles, which need constant training and exercises. Over time, the facial tissues lose their elasticity and the first wrinkles appear, the skin becomes dull. Aging - a natural and irreversible process. We can not stop it, but we can slow it down. To do this, every day to do simple exercises that do not require a lot of time.

Providing effect on facial muscles, exercises to avoid sagging tissues. Wrinkles are smoothed, the skin becomes more elastic.


Exercises for the muscles of the face

  • The first exercise strengthens the facial contour and helps to fight against the appearance of double chin. Open your mouth, prop up his chin with his fist. Crush chin on his fist, stay in this position for 5 seconds. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  • The second exercise helps to stimulate the blood pressure and the production of collagen at the level of the lips, enhancing their contour. Pull the lips forward for a kiss. Keep them in suspense for 5 seconds, then relax. So 10 times.
  • To tone the muscles of the wings of the nose and around the nose closer to the mouth, we offer the following exercise. Drag to the bottom of the upper lip, straining nostrils. Stay in this position for 5 seconds, then relax. Repeat 10 times.
  • To combat drooping eyelids offer the following exercise. Eyes wide, as if you want to reach the upper eyelid eyebrow. The head is stationary. Try as much as possible to remain in this position.
  • Get rid of the wrinkles on the forehead, we offer the following. Stand in front of a mirror, his head motionless, shoulders relaxed. Raise the eyebrows up. If done correctly, this exercise, you will feel that your ears move. Repeat 10 times.
  • The following exercise strengthens the facial contour of the lips and reduces fine wrinkles around the mouth. Squeeze the lips, pressing them firmly against the gums for about 5 seconds. Do not squeeze with the jaws and teeth. And so 10 times in a row.
  • Now exercise for muscle cheekbone. Standing in front of a mirror, wrinkled his nose. Open your mouth slightly and his eyes slightly open. You feel a strong tension in the cheeks, near the nose. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  • To relax the forehead and the area between the eyes, wrinkles between the eyebrows, perform the following exercise in the mirror. Place your index finger between the eyebrows. Move your eyebrows up, frowning. Repeat this movement quickly, 10 times in a row.

Thus, we can conclude that facial exercises are so effective that does not take advantage of it is simply impossible.

But to achieve the desired results it is necessary diligence and stimulus.

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How to rejuvenate aging skin - exit strategy

July 16, 2013

 How to rejuvenate aging skin
 Despite the fact that aging is influenced by hormones is inevitable, there are many tools that can make dry, itchy and thin skin smooth, fresh and healthy. Since the onset of menopause reduces the production of collagen, primarily to be used for skin care substances that can slow down this process and rejuvenate aging skin.

Studies have shown that retinoids, in particular - retinol, not only have the ability to increase the synthesis of collagen, but also to control skin pigmentation. Vitamin C also promotes the synthesis of collagen, and, moreover, gives the skin a healthy glow, and improves its tone.

Such peptides as palmitol tripeptide-38 and palmitol pentapeptide helps the body produce collagen and elastin, and make aging skin more elastic and smooth. To cope with the symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes and reddening of the skin, it is recommended to use cosmetics, which consists of anti-inflammatory substances, such as bisabolol and extract of chamomile pharmacy. In some types of modern anti-aging cosmetics also provides peptides that control neurogenic inflammation - it greatly facilitates the above symptoms.

Dehydrated outer barrier of the epidermis is very beneficial essential fatty acids, phytosterols and ceramides. Directly during hot flashes can be used ointments, narrowing capillaries (they must be prescribed by a doctor), and avoid triggers such as alcohol, spicy foods and prolonged exposure to the sun.

 How to rejuvenate aging skin - exit strategy

Caring for aging skin

A strong anti-aging effect have these antioxidants Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits  Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits
 As superoxide dismutase, gingko biloba, and extracts of white and green tea. They also protect the skin from free radical damage in the future.

When choosing the right strategy for aging skin care must take into account a decrease in hormone levels, because without this, any measures will be ineffective care. Women after menopause should drink plenty of water - it is necessary for the process of collagen and to prevent drying of the skin. In addition to the above ingredients, it is recommended to use oils that contribute to hydration, nutrition and skin regeneration. For example, essential oil Essential oils and conception: can help the roses?  Essential oils and conception: can help the roses?
   rosewood and jasmine Jasmine aromatherapy Royal fragrance mood, health, beauty  Jasmine aromatherapy Royal fragrance mood, health, beauty
   It provides intense hydration and carrot seed oil and rosehip, argan oil and have antioxidant properties that make the skin more supple and restoring the external lipid barrier. In addition, essential oils just help relieve stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 That also promotes skin rejuvenation.

Exfoliate - one of the most important steps to rejuvenate the skin, especially for postmenopausal women, when cell renewal slows down considerably. Every few months, you can make a professional peeling at the cosmetician - it not only helps to remove more dead skin cells than is possible in the home, but also to stimulate the formation of collagen fibers.

To care for aging skin should choose the most intense moisturizers; an excellent choice to be fat creams, which are usually in their youth should be avoided. Despite the fact that men age hormonal changes occur more slowly and with less severe symptoms than women, men over 35-40 years is also recommended to start regularly moisturize the skin. Proper care can help you keep your skin young and beautiful for years to come. Moreover - the earlier you start to care for the skin, the better the result. In addition to cosmetics, a very effective tool's Skin is your diet. Be sure to include any healthy fats, such as omega-3, which are contained in the meat of salmon and nuts; They nourish the skin from within and contribute to its deep moisturizing.

Finally, it is necessary to protect the skin from external factors that contribute to aging. Regular use of sunscreens and avoiding harmful habits - perhaps the most effective measures to rejuvenate the skin.

 How to rejuvenate aging skin - exit strategy

Weaken the influence of hormones

Maybe it's time to get rid of the negative connotations associated with hormones, menopause, and their impact on your skin .  Hormones - this is indeed a very powerful substances that play a role in virtually all biological processes, and influencing human behavior .  And sooner or later lead to skin aging, but how do you treat this depends on you .  Menopause can be a difficult period in his life, maybe only a stage of transition, which has its pros and cons .  In the first case, you have to deal with the psychological consequences of this period, and it is often more difficult than the wrinkles and get rid of age spots .  In the second case, you will be much easier to go through this stage, and you wonder how your inner state will affect the appearance .  Never forget that menopause and aging - is not a disease, but only the result of natural changes; you can not turn back the clock, these processes, but to do so they did not affect the quality of your life and the attitude to itself - it is in your power .

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