Permanent hair straightening: another step towards the ideal image

October 7, 2010

 permanent hair straightening
 It seems, does not matter what, what hair we are born. After all, regardless of hair type, many of us spend a lot of time to change it. Those who by nature curly, wavy or just unruly hair, dreaming of glittering, perfectly straight hair, but to achieve this, it takes a lot of time and effort.

Yes, hair straightening iron is - an effective tool, but daily hair straightening time-consuming, and if the hair is thick, then a hands ache with fatigue. It is no wonder that many of us are looking for ways to straighten the hair for a longer period than one day. Another problem is that the constant exposure to chemical compounds adversely affects the health of the hair. So many people want to try a promising method of permanent transformation unruly head of hair in a perfectly smooth curls. But as the work methods of permanent hair straightening, and which method is the best?

 Permanent hair straightening: another step towards the ideal image

How does a chemical hair straightening

There are different methods of permanent hair straightening, but in all of them, as a rule, uses the same chemical compounds that alter the structure of the hair. First is applied to the hair an alkaline solution which breaks the disulfide bonds, making the hair wavy or curly. After straightened wave, is applied to the hair a neutralizing solution to restore the normal pH value and form new bonds within each hair, securing it and making new structure permanent straightening effect.

 Permanent hair straightening: another step towards the ideal image

Used straightening chemicals

Although the method of preparing the alkaline solution each company has its own, there are three main types of agents working in a similar way:

  • The most aggressive and long straighteners are the means used by sodium hydroxide (or strong alkaline solution). They can cause severe damage to the skin or hair. Their use should be avoided. But they work wonders when it comes to very naughty and very curly hair.
  • Straighteners based guanidingidroksida do not contain alkali, and are considered to be more forgiving than the sodium hydroxide solution, even though they can cause skin irritation.
  • In the third, most commonly used type of straighteners as an active ingredient used ammonium thioglycolate. Straighteners containing sulfur, have the most gentle effect of all chemicals used and very popular as an effective means of straightening hair with minimal risk of damage. This type of straightener is used in the Japanese hair straightening method.

Various straightens substances are not always compatible with each other, so those who are already permanently straightened hair or working on the hair with the help of chemicals, it is necessary to know what substances are used for this purpose. For example, if applied to hair previously treated with a solution of sodium hydroxide, sulfa drugs, the hair is completely posekutsya. Therefore, there needs to be careful.

 Permanent hair straightening: another step towards the ideal image

What is the difference between the basic methods of permanent hair straightening

Now used as methods of permanent hair straightening, to choose which one works best for you, and what is the difference between them, it is no easy task. Among these methods, you can not specify one the best, as the choice of method depends on the type of hair and the expected results. Here's a brief description of the main methods, with their pros and cons.

 Permanent hair straightening: another step towards the ideal image

The traditional method of hair straightening

This method of straightening hair has been used for many years and involves the use of the aforementioned chemical composition, and straightens out the wave curls (marked alkaline solution and then neutralizing solution, fixing the hair in this condition).


  • With one of the more potent straighteners can straighten very steep curls and even rude African curls.
  • You can control the degree of straightening hair. You can just turn curls into waves, without fully straightening, that is, this method allows you to vary the result.


  • With this method, you can straighten your hair, but you can not make them perfectly smooth. Therefore, those who want perfectly straight hair, this method is not suitable.
  • As is the case with any procedure during which the chemicals are used, there is a risk of hair damage.

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Hair Loss: Can medication help?

March 2, 2014

 hair loss
 Many women hair loss occurs in large quantities. The reason for that could be genetics, illness, stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
   and even what you eat. The first step is to work with your doctor to find out what is causing the problem. There are treatments that can help restore your hair.


Minoxidil: A doctor's prescription is not needed

Advantages: Minoxidil (Rogaine, Ronoxidil) can stop the thinning and loss of hair. It may also help some women to grow hair on the top of the head, according to experts. Very thorough studies show that the drug is effective and strengthens hair roots.

Minoxidil is considered safe for most women, and you can buy it without a prescription. This is the only method of hair loss treatment for women, approved by the Office of FDA Food and Drug Administration. You apply it to the scalp twice a day. A three-month supply costs about $ 50.

Disadvantages: The drug does not work for everyone. About half of the people who use it, see the improvement and growth of new hair. Another 40% or so there has been no change, they do not grow new hair, but does not drop them again. And about 10% believe that the remedy does not help at all.

Hair regrowth may take some time. This may be twelve weeks or longer before a new hair begins to grow, according to experts. They suggest using minoxidil for six months and see what happens.

The most common side effect is stimulation of the scalp. Some women may have unwanted hair growth on his forehead or on his face. Another drawback: you must continue to use it or your hair will start to fall again.


Other features

Two drugs are not approved for the treatment of female hair loss, but doctors sometimes prescribe them. Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar) is an oral drug approved for hair loss in men but not in women. Because it affects the hormone testosterone Five myths about testosterone  Five myths about testosterone

If a woman during his application becomes pregnant, it can cause birth defects in baby boys. The risk is so high that women of childbearing age should not even think of taking the drug. But some doctors prescribe it to women when minoxidil does not work or when they menopause.

Spironolactone (Aldactone) is used to treat high blood pressure, and some women use it to treat hair loss. This can lead to high levels of potassium in the body, so it is not the first device that the doctor will use hair loss Hair loss - the distress signal  Hair loss - the distress signal

Like Propecia, Spironolactone can cause birth defects in male children. Women of childbearing age should not take any of his or should use contraceptives.


Does Latis (Latisse)

Women who want long, thick eyelashes can get a prescription for Latisse, a drug that is approved by the Office of FDA Food and Drug Administration for this purpose. Researchers are studying whether it can help grow hair on his head. Studies have not yet been completed, but some doctors already prescribe Latisse for women with thinning hair.


Information about vitamins

Although your mother may tell you otherwise, but experts say there is no evidence that a daily intake of multivitamins Multivitamins - how dangerous overdose?  Multivitamins - how dangerous overdose?
   improves hair growth. But do not get enough of certain vitamins, the hair can fall out, however, so there is a healthy, balanced diet is still necessary.


Avoid snake oil

Look for products that claim to regrow hair, especially expensive, available in salons. On the Internet and in hairdressing sold a lot of snake oil, distracts people from the media, that really work. Until now, the only product for women with proven capabilities hair re-growth is Minoxidil. Some of the above-mentioned products contain Minoxidil, but for the price they are much more expensive than that sold in the pharmacy.

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